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  1. Dave74

    Show Us Ya Gundogs

    That's some real nice dogs
  2. Dave74

    Putange mole trapping

    I really never knew what I was getting into with this simple thread, just thought it was all about fellow outdoors men speaking about our passions in the field, it's went over my innocent head now, what's next!! Flat earth?
  3. Dave74

    Putange mole trapping

    Thanks for the thanks lads it means alot, I've learned so much on thl so much so I don't set in the feeding ground no more and can find most runs a fair bit away were the putange is lethal, seems to me they don't question there run for food and that's were you get them when there in a hurry to get there
  4. Dave74

    Last doe of season

    She was number 18 for me in doe season,which was good with all the other shooting days during shotgun season
  5. Dave74

    Putange mole trapping

    I have learned here you've to watch what you say or your picked up on it, but with the learning on a few videos the stainless are best for a cleared ground and you use them in the main runs for back up for longer periods of time so they don't erode on you, but still need regular checking when customer reports hill activity, the steel ones are great for active land
  6. Dave74

    Putange mole trapping

    It's a great thread like
  7. Dave74

    Putange mole trapping

    I like winter too but it's not even summer yet which I also enjoy
  8. Last doe of the season for me yesterday a nice yearling for butchering,wasn't too long on the high seat when she appeared at 120yds job done and home earlier than expected.
  9. Dave74

    Putange mole trapping

    Thanks for the heads up, there is a lot of the strippey headed buggers on the ground, theres one ran over at the gates I used to see the job, I've never had 1 nick a trap before but haven't been doing so much before as I am now out on big parks
  10. Dave74

    Putange mole trapping

    I've just ordered some if the flat pack traps to try out, I think I read on here somewhere these are a good quality barrel trap?
  11. Dave74

    Putange mole trapping

    Yes they are very good in runs, may I ask your trap of choice thanks. I also use the talpex type trap supplied by the same putage supplier they are very powerful
  12. Dave74

    Putange mole trapping

    Alot of moles on the go,so just bought some more putanges and orange markers for a new job,they really do the job well,I've got so much confidence in them
  13. Dave74


    Nicely done
  14. Dave74

    Altering my mole spade & probe

    Nice alteration job,you sure you never just got mad and smashed it over that GARDEN wall when your mower woudnt start
  15. The for sharing,very informative