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  1. birchmoor


    Just offer it to the next high bidder, or relist the reel
  2. Singer Johnny Nash dead
  3. i thought his daughter Sally had taken over the sales and running the place
  4. That painting is so good, has she been professionally trained
  5. Running in pairs, the same as greyhounds, just not as much law given, some were very efficient hare catchers
  6. Seen plenty of hares caught by whippets coursing pre ban, given law under whippet coursing club rules
  7. Its obvious to me that this is an EU plot to make the Russians the baddies in this, they will retaliate and make the situation worse, expel people etc, everyone will get worried and the EU will come to the rescue with negotiations, therefore proving that Brexit is a bad move and we need the protection of an EU army, job done
  8. Hello mate, have you still got the whippet dog, where are you
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