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  1. who's this too G? You've lost me matesorry wasn't too you, prob looks like I've lost it but haven't yet..
  2. who's this too G? You've lost me mate
  3. A good mate of mines mum and dad bred sonny. Same man 'T' who owns him now collected him from them as a pup. His sire is defiantly fairboy. They did use him on two bitches fairly close together though. Shooting Kim being the first. Then afterwards pantscythan fychan aka sally. I'm sure sonny is from the sally litter. D & R who bred the litter have the brother and sister to sonny a dog called Jack (Jackson berak) and a bitch called mika (shining light) . A lad I know had a real good lurcher bitch out of jack Hope this helps
  4. got my first job with a timber merchant when I was 15. My first wage was 150 quid. Was bloody near enough slave labour for that in 2010
  5. Not sure how old he is. He's bred... Buddy (Charlie x foxey) x lucky (joe x susie)
  6. I think the one called jade, belonged to S? I think the dam to Kim was called trixy now I think about it mate
  7. Agree mate Don't really tend to see it in any other saluki x lines other than stuff bred down from Seagull though? Snowey.. Nipper, sam... benji,Barney, Peggy, Ozzie, fettle etc all direct children or grandchildren to seagull
  8. There could be Norfolk blood in Barney but it would be a long way back.. 'Barney' gets his rough jacket from his sire 'nipper'. 'NIPPER' Who in turn got his rough jacket from his mother the 'seagull' 'SEAGULL' Nippers sire 'Joe' was a broken coated dog 'JOE' Nippers sire 'joe' was bred off 'merlin' x eves sister 'lilly' Nippers dam 'seagull' was bred off 'fred' x 'eve' 'Eve' and 'lilly' were both bred off the pure saluki 'prince' x a lurcher bitch gypsy ('blue' x 'dawn') who was mainly a mix of saluki grey beddy and collie. Back to 'barney
  9. I've got Luke & joey... plus a batty brindle lurcher, named after that batty singer from the X factor HONEY G
  10. I'm with the majority on this one... I bring pups in & would never move them on unless I was physically unable to take care of them.. which so far has never happened, touch wood. If the dog isn't up to a certain job I would never sell them on because of this. I keep them and use them to there strengths. I openly admit to being a big softy when it comes to the dogs I kennel, I'd never forgive myself if I sold a dog and it ended up on the merry go round, going from home to home. As DB said this is no life for any animal. Once here there here for life good or bad...
  11. Yes she was one of the angels of the north. The other 2 bitches people recognise with the angels of the north were blondie, the winner of the Millenium forley & her niece a bitch called Annie, out of blondies brother dusty. Fettle wasn't out of reefer or Shearer. She was however similar bred to reefer. Her sire was out of reefers brother Sam & her dam bred from reefers brother nipper, so the story goes
  12. Hello mate, Fettle had x2 litters to smokey, 1 or 2 litters to oscar, 1 litter to the bill dog, a litter to splodge possibly two? I think there may have been another litter but I'm not 100%... there are some members on here that kept pups from the smokey & splodge litters. She was a joint winner of the forley cup in 2001 with lucky the dark destroyer. I believe they both done 6 from 6 to draw, from a strong field that year. Fettle matched her uncle kiefer in the knockouts leading up to the forley & lost. Kiefer was suppose to run in the completion but was injured a short
  13. As has been said thanks for the heads up. Sad times...rip Bella
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