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  1. Poundland sells engagement rings ! 20,000 of them, in fact ! They're plastic, so at least it won't hurt so much when she throws it back in your face........ https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/feb/06/poundland-aims-to-win-hearts-with-1-engagement-ring
  2. I got busted by a mobile camera, doing 41 in a 30 a few years ago, on a road I know very well - lapse of concentration. It's a pi55er, but you just have to bite the bullet and learn your lesson !
  3. What sort of animal has a kidney on the back of it's head ?
  4. Any right minded person would think that, if an animal must be killed, for whatever reason, it should be done decently and humanely ? I don't see it as a matter of culture or religion, or anything else really.............though some seem to be blinded by that particular smoke screen !
  5. Blackbriar


    Why does this kind of thing always happen to church-going pillars of the community, who've never done a thing wrong in their lives ? I blame the racist, patriarchal society, that doesn't understand the diverse talents that fine young chaps like this can contribute, and will never accept that they can hold a valued place in their communities ! Either that, or he's a wrong 'un, who got involved in 5hit he couldn't handle...........innit !
  6. Dogs way their tails in different ways and for many reasons - it's their primary communication !
  7. I hope that a whole bunch of people vote him out !
  8. The only Bbit of that show I remember is his commanding officer asking him "Is it true you headbutted a senior officer on Marlborough Road ?" Spencer says "No.........it was Marlborough Street !"
  9. He could have picked them up online quite cheaply........as you could nearly all the items Walshie mentioned !
  10. Items J & Q perfectly describe implements carried by every police officer ?
  11. My mate tells me that, before he left Hungary, he'd only ever seen white people - and back there, they're doing their best to keep it that way !
  12. He has ! There's a surprise ! He plays a morally upright, gun toting avenger..........as usual !
  13. Don't mock, D ! The good Lady BB has 2 Chihuahuas and a Chihuahua X JRT. She treats them as a dog should be - they're very loyal and great little guard dogs. You'd never sneak past those radar ears !
  14. Suppose a constabulary decides to stop and search every random 5th person that walks past them (or 2nd or 10th, whatever). If the police did that where I live, it would be exclusively white people.........no ethnics round here. If they conduct a similar operation in parts of London or Birmingham, for instance, there will be more black people stopped than white. That's not racism - it's basic mathematics !
  15. He's from Northern Ireland.
  16. I wouldn't know -i haven't seen it for years ! I tell the wife that nowt grows in the shade........
  17. I hope he finds himself in the same world of 5hit that we would be in for those offences !
  18. I never trust a man who wears coloured trousers..........pink ones, yellow ones - what the feck is that all about ? Or canvas shoes and no socks. Or untucked shirts. And jeans and blazer is enough to have you locked up, as far as I'm concerned !
  19. I went into the chemists and said to the assistant "Can I have a packet of condoms, please ?" She said "Would you like a bag ?" I said "No thanks - I'll just switch the light off !"
  20. "Could you put on clean gardening gloves, when you wave to the vicar, Richard ?" He played his best known part beautifully !
  21. All his happens at around the same time you start having to sitdown to put your trousers on ! When you look at a pair of elasticated trousers and think "Ooh, they look comfy". But, of course, you need a baggy old cardie to complete the ensemble !
  22. An inch or so on the ground when I got up this morning, but it's pretty much gone now. Our small pond has a thick layer of ice on it, though.
  23. It's not just the House of Commons, though, is it......? The Northern Ireland assembly hasn't sat in two years - on full salary and expenses ! Millions of pounds, for doing most ! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-44709996
  24. She's been suspended from the Labour party, but she can't be sacked as an MP, unless 10% of her constituents petition for a by-election - she omly won her seat by 600-odd votes ! If the sentence had been 12 months or more, she would have automatically lost her seat. The fact that she refuses to step down shows that she hasn't the slightest scrap of honour or decency about her ! (Her brother got 12 months for his part, but I would have banged him up just for being called Festus !)
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