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  1. That new disease has hit them hard all over the country it seems very sad
  2. Anyone know if you can still buy these cartridges 24g 6 or 7s cheers grebb
  3. Bloody sad but doubt we will ever see big numbers around like there was 20 years ago = not in our lifetimes greb
  4. Jills and hobs ready to go View Advert I have 5 of each 8 weeks old And ready for new homes only £10 each bury st Ed’s area cheers grebb Advertiser grebb Date 22/08/21 Price Category Working Dogs and Livestock  

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    I have 5 of each 8 weeks old And ready for new homes only £10 each bury st Ed’s area cheers grebb


  6. Just tell him there’s 2 reasons why you won’t be a reference for him And he’s both of them ?
  7. Some good response bloody sad reading some - grebb no1 ?
  8. Make me wonder at times if any shooting organisations really have are backs when it comes to sticking up for all that’s changing and new laws being in forced upon us Wether it be trying to ban snaring using lead can’t shoot that bird ban grouse what ever it may be we seem to roll over and “they win” isn’t it time we make a stand an say enough is enough or shooting will soon be a distant memory ( ps . Don’t forget only a year an game dealers can’t take your meat unless shot with gold fillings) ???
  9. Evening can anyone in lighten me on this with either a pic or clear drawing have seen an old pic but doesn’t show clearly how it’s set thanks - Grebb
  10. Thumb up here very good for the money ?
  11. The season for farm work is coming up and I’ve heard they will be short staffed by 80-90 thousand and want government to fly people in to help - Why with 100s thousands of us sitting at home not getting a penny can’t they let us work Anything’s better than nothing . Grebb
  12. Are you still going out to protect the newly drilled crops nice an isolated miles from anyone .. Grebb
  13. Anyone know roughly what it would cost to have a 2000lt plastic oil tank removed from garden there’s about £300 with still in it .? cheers grebb
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