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  1. Anyone know- can you buy an on/off tail switch In this country? Regards Grebb
  2. grebb

    Badgers only eat worms don’t they .

    Why all the poor hedgehog is on way out
  3. grebb

    The Gamefair

    Personally thought it was only average was expecting a grand show but not could look round whole thing in 4 hrs glad was free to get in an bacon roll was on £6
  4. grebb

    World Cup disaster

    Another World Cup so near so far an a penalty miss just to rub the salt in for feck sake
  5. grebb


    That’s the word was looking for garbshlte
  6. grebb


    Must be an age Thing stormzy Last night the main act what the feck was that all about Managed 7 mins of it
  7. Well done jiggy and l hope you don’t knock your sights to often or you will be out regularly resetting them
  8. Just spotted it in the garden had just taken a baby blue tit from nest send that twat packham round - pissed off now
  9. So what’s the up Date. Cos in 1 ear I’m getting carry on as normal an other don’t do this don’t do that
  10. What the hell is happening to this country we let a few take over the masses will all cats have to be destroyed as they kill more birds than anything Although Dick packham doesn’t like songbirds only buzzards and badgers ,crows an magpies
  11. grebb

    General license

    Who said that
  12. Yep filled it in asking how they could come up with such a radical ridiculous decision an be influenced by A (Dick) without consulting those whose livelihoods depend on it !
  13. grebb

    Ban on shooting

    Who the Feck does Chris packham think he is all he wants to see is badgers, buzzards an magpies The Tosser
  14. grebb

    Pigeon rotary

    Old friend of mine makes them £55 had mine 10years now