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  1. grebb

    England cricket

    Unless you watch it you can’t appreciate how shit we are at the moment , playing test cricket like it’s a 1 dayer pathetic no wonder they are struggling to sell tickets - grebb
  2. grebb

    EPIC Day on barley

    Cheers an thanks have never had anything close to this before
  3. grebb

    EPIC Day on barley

    We spent 2 1/2hrs picking up an looking for them in barley like looking for a needle in barley
  4. grebb

    EPIC Day on barley

    Local butcher 25p each
  5. grebb

    EPIC Day on barley

    Not all in pic was over 100 that were lost in barley an deep ditch
  6. grebb

    EPIC Day on barley

    Yea 1st hr we had 100
  7. grebb

    EPIC Day on barley

    Young chap who shot with me luckily had 2 slabs in his truck or we would have been in trouble - have pics on my iPhone just got to find out how to get them on here *
  8. grebb

    EPIC Day on barley

    Make that laid barley
  9. Have just had the best most epic day on layed barley ever 2 of us sharing a hide started 11am this morning finishing 6’30 tonight with a total of 529 pigeons Well happy grebb
  10. grebb

    VHD what are the signs?

    Bloody sad news all round can’t believe there aren’t the people around to do the job Will be the end of Ferrets as well who will want them ,,!
  11. grebb

    VHD what are the signs?

    Definitely man-made the scumbags
  12. grebb

    Failed vasectomy?

    4 years ago l paid £100 for vasectomy it failed vet said she had cut nearly 10mm away but he managed to get 6 of my Jill’s up the duff 44 kits that season