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  1. What the hell is happening to this country we let a few take over the masses will all cats have to be destroyed as they kill more birds than anything Although Dick packham doesn’t like songbirds only buzzards and badgers ,crows an magpies
  2. grebb

    General license

    Who said that
  3. Yep filled it in asking how they could come up with such a radical ridiculous decision an be influenced by A (Dick) without consulting those whose livelihoods depend on it !
  4. grebb

    Ban on shooting

    Who the Feck does Chris packham think he is all he wants to see is badgers, buzzards an magpies The Tosser
  5. grebb

    Pigeon rotary

    Old friend of mine makes them £55 had mine 10years now
  6. Hi does anyone here own a shotkam and have had to send back for new battery just wondering if it’s much hassle ? Grebb
  7. grebb

    Skint Britain, channel 4

    Government never given me feck all. I’ve paid them plenty over the years ,,!
  8. grebb

    New FF6

    So do the ff5 owners get a discount on the 6 .?
  9. grebb

    Fury v stokes 🤥

    Harry ? No
  10. grebb

    New FF6

    Had lot of trouble with my ff5 so hope it’s better ! Grebb
  11. grebb

    Fury v stokes 🤥

    If l have punch up tmrw’nite it’s cos I’m defending someone I’ve never met — not cos I’m pissed an wanting it !!!
  12. grebb

    Fury v stokes 🤥

    Well fury was robbed an drew his fight , stokes knocked 2 out in the street an won ,, defending himself so who had the wrong judge for fek sake ,,!! Geebb
  13. Hi am on a shoot soon and the cartridges need to be steel fibre/felt wads around 36g 3-4-5 ? Not having any luck finding any any ideas / thanks grebb
  14. grebb

    OUT with new gun

    So are you saying 21g 6S wd have been a better choice on pigeons ? Grebb
  15. grebb

    Hand turn grinder

    Exactly what the idea is