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  1. There's a channel on you tube called mossy bottom he's bought a derelict place over there, he's doing it up and living off the land it might be worth a look
  2. I bought that after seeing your post and really enjoyed it thanks
  3. Dazmac

    RIP the bandit

    Just heard this what a shame for those of us of a certain age he was a big star RIP Burt
  4. It's on channel 47 tonight at 9pm if you missed it
  5. His wife is expecting their 2nd baby as well really is sad news my thoughts are with his family and friends
  6. On Talking Pictures ch81 an old short (15 min) Film called Mine's a Terrier,it's from 1945 so could be a load of rubbish but some of you might like it
  7. Dazmac

    BBC 1 now

    You can catch up with bbc I player it was on Inside Out East Midlands
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