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  1. There is a big shop by us called Asda .
  2. Aah ,now I get you ,sorry there was a semantic mix up on my part ,..when I said "call them out " I really meant whine about them on here .
  3. , "Active members " and an awful lot of readers ....but it's a moot point anyway ,I'm pretty sure there are very few paki child groomers on here ,but we call them out .
  4. I didn't catch the thread you are referring to ,so the title caught me a bit off guard ,but calling out halfwits who act like that is never wrong .
  5. You would if he played for liverpool
  6. Astanley


    Thank you chaps ,the thing is I have beautiful feet ,flawless ,like alabaster inlaid with perfectly placed pearls for toenails and I would like to keep them that way .
  7. Astanley


    No not the Angel of death ,...I am getting loads of adverts for Nordic socks on here ,so I'm presuming someone has bought some (does it work like that ? )...are they any good ,warmth and comfort being my main need .
  8. Nobody fancies fatties before 10:55 when all the fit slags have moved on to a club .
  9. I often wonder where the money goes ,over the last half century there has been enough money ,aid and technological assistance given to rebuild the entire continent ,yet poor Suki still has to walk five miles to a well that cows piss in . I have a heart and feel for people but I won't be made to feel guilty because of corruption ,incompetence and indifference of African governments for African people .
  10. If they don't get Bruce as interim manager ,it would be worthwhile getting him in to replace Maguire.
  11. It would be funny if they blocked the road when Tommo was on his way to Greggs !...multiple fatalities .
  12. Since I was a kid ,troops from the Empire have been mentioned and acknowledged ,Gurkas , et al ,in my memory have always had a slice of thanks from all quarters ,. The thing is we have been saturated with virtue signalling ,lefty numbskulls who have pushed their agendas so much in recent years ,we are constantly on the look out for it ,,,sometimes it's not there ,,sometime it's just a fair view of what has passed . I don't know how many served or what they did ,but I'm grateful they did ,and it seems wrong to me to begrudge them honourable mentions .
  13. The time ,(just before 11am) and the location make my stomach turn ,I know two women in that hospital at the moment .
  14. Astanley


    That's one mystery solved ...is there a God Grebby ?
  15. I am the only person in Britain who he hasn't approached to be in one his books ....the man's a c**t
  16. Just found out two interesting facts about Yule Brynner ...he was a lifelong Liverpool fan ,and he never wore aftershave .. That's right ,Yule never wore cologne
  17. I can always rely on you and TB25 to cheer me up ,two rays of sunshine on an otherwise miserable forum .
  18. Looks like gnasher and socks will have trouble counting past 16 between them .
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