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  1. Marshsider born and bred me. I bet it was like rural Ireland round here when my grandma was a little girl.
  2. Its like listening to Father Jack
  3. Versele laga cleaned wheat is only a couple of quid dearer.
  4. Can you lock a pair in the box? You won't be able to easily rear youngsters with the adults on rations and you won't get the others back in if you feed a lot. I've found dogs like pigeon eggs too
  5. I would, stick them on half rations for a couple of days first too so that they are watching the feeder like a hawk and whistle or call however you like at feeding time until they respond to it.
  6. Get em on wheat mate, maybe pigeon mix on a weekend or something. When they are on wheat they will fly slower and kit better. The cleaned wheat from the shops is only a tad dearer than dusty farm wheat.
  7. Has the dog not are into the box yet What are you feeding them on Dido?
  8. gnipper

    Grass Snake

    I had garter snakes as a kid and get tempted to get another for my daughter now, albino checkered garter. O
  9. gnipper

    Grass Snake

    Always wanted one since I was a kid, we haven't got them round here or I would have had them.
  10. I've just had to sit through that neal and it was made in Australia where people already know what they are I'd say.
  11. Its not like riding a bike and I am very very rusty but it's done and the fun prevention officer says it looks ok so I'm not getting moaned at for it.
  12. Bloody hell he looks like you mate
  13. You'll be better off looking for half micros or just smaller ferrets rather than micros for working mate.
  14. The smallest mesh you can get is the best to keep vermin out but the normal inch by half inch stuff does the job.
  15. I'm still out here under a brolly sponging it up
  16. You know when you wish you hadn't started something
  17. If you look at a place called Lancashire timber not far from mine they have pretty decent prices.
  18. Prairie dog Phil? I think you mention them in one if your books?
  19. I think it would be better with a silenced pcp rather than a springer due the boing as they're fired possibly. Overcast nights are meant to be decent too as it's easier to see them in the scope
  20. Apparently they don't run often from headshots and if they do the dog nails em.
  21. Will she stand her ground to a rat though or come away?
  22. .22 pellet guns the best for the job. Apparently
  23. I've seen someone selling biothane collars in ferret size which might be a better option than putting a leather one back in it.
  24. What are chapattis like? I remember getting some grub of the Indian lads at the Waterloo cup and it was nothing like I've ever had from an Indian and those lads sid they wouldn't eat most of the stuff from an Indian restaurant There's an Indian just up the road from me, literally less than a minute walk which always smells good but I'm always unsure what to order, I go for massala, passanda or balti.
  25. Come on Ken we want to see a hotdog in the bbq with a fingernail on it
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