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  1. There actually is one called tree fellas round merseyside area.
  2. I was looking for Marsh Daisies back when I kept chickens as we originated from the same village but never ended up getting any. The ones I was offered were of questionable pedigree or very expensive hatching eggs off ebay. You would think rare breed owners would want to spread the bloodlines far and wide wouldn't you but most are greedy feckers who charge top dollar because they're rare.
  3. gnipper

    Bare feet

    Anyone tried the cheap barefoot shoes off ebay etc? Thinking about trying a pair for round the house and stuff as I have to wear steelies all day and I don't find most trainers comfortable as they're too narrow for me.
  4. Most of the ones bred over here are off show stuff too mate.
  5. There's a few like that where the whole town knows what their up to but weirdly they never get nicked or just taken in for "questioning"
  6. And they are a bunch of lazy bellends.
  7. A tad delicate this morning but not as bad as the missus so me and my youngest went and got a butty from the van and had a picnic at my work and walked the dog while the missus slept it off a bit more, better than presents for me that
  8. Slowly getting there but still infuriating at times.
  9. I've seen a few huntaways over the years on tv and online, would you say people still keep them because they are more useful for certain jobs than a more common herding type or is it just to preserve the breed?
  10. You've blooming ruined it with ketchup
  11. Been a while since I bred any linnet mules, hopefully they're all male for you
  12. Looks like its still perfectly usable to me
  13. Look like bogs in car garages them, waiting around to pick something up and ask to use the throne and then encounter one of them beasts
  14. Couple of screenshots from a video I filmed this morning at work stood in my hiviz jacket as it walked along towards me and basically across my feet.
  15. Numb nuts just goes through them
  16. Knocked up some potato cakes this morning and made pizza dough ready for tonight's tea.
  17. They'll probably end up looking like a munsterlander?
  18. Looks like there's a serval and ostrich near me but nowt else interesting
  19. Retrieves to the airgun so might get out a bit more roosting this year.
  20. I recently moved to a gundog from terriers and lurchers and I'm enjoying getting out and about for a mooch with the pup but the way they work is completely different to what I'm used to, spaniels seem to run around for the sake of it where my borders could kind of head straight for the scent. I was trying to decide for ages wether to go for a lab, gwp or spaniel and ended up with a mental cocker that was a lovely chilled pup at first so he duped me. This was my first family dog so that swayed us towards the cocker and I probably should have got something calmer although the rest are all
  21. My godsons mum has it and it isn't just telling people to F off and it's really hard on her physically when she's having tics and getting by in day to day life with twats judging her and being rude.
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