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  1. No mate. Have a look at the rabbit snaring articles pinned at the top or try YouTube.
  2. If the bitch does what you want why not put a similarly bred dog over her? If she's lacking in something then put that something over her.
  3. There could have been a genuine reason for it.
  4. Have you seen one guy one jar? I wish I hadn't
  5. My brother had one of them rift things and it made me feel ill, the roller coaster wasn't good either for someone who doesn't like heights
  6. Have you tried a couple of drontals?
  7. 7 month old collie bull grey X Wheaton bull grey For Sale in Liverpool, Merseyside | Preloved WWW.PRELOVED.CO.UK 7 month old lurcher looking for his forever home can be viewed with mum and dad, Of working parents, he’s had... Nothing to do with me just thought I'd share it as its local to you.
  8. Charging themselves up for a nocturnal sing song
  9. How long has it been empty for to get like that?
  10. A fun filled hour of my normal day
  11. I was thinking of the series not the film version. I saw a trailer a while back that seemed decent but it could have been one of them where its only them clips which are decent and the rest is shite.
  12. Is there anywhere online you can watch wolf creek?
  13. You would think the parents would be a bit wary wouldn't you
  14. This young bird has caught me a couple of ferals now and they are meant to be even harder to catch this time of year so I'm hoping he gets better come spring. That's if we can let them out again by then.
  15. You'd need some ferrets to feed all them buggers to
  16. The problem round here is all land is part of shoots which 99% of the time have a keeper who's a jumped up little helmet who don't actually control vermin.
  17. I'm in one of the last places we have reds and I hope it wipes out every grey in the country and gives the reds a chance.
  18. Having to go downstairs at night is bad enough feck going outside
  19. I didn't think you could register pups from a full sibling mating? Looks a nice bitch anyway good luck with her.
  20. Them crickets will drive you mad now
  21. Its always a fecking male that escapes chirping all over the bloody house too
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