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  1. My hob roscoe is the main man not that big bit smaller than a standard Jill he’s a pure ratting machine he’s never seen a live rabbit as there isn’t any good rabbit ferreting around me . He doesn’t eat the rats , if they don’t bolt he kills them in the hole drags them back out and goes back for more and I swear he finds the rats like a hound he just lives to work and has a pure hatred for rats he can be abit nippy but never locked he’s just abit wild when he’s working with the terrier it’s game over for any rat in the area
  2. Sory mate I tried to send a few pics but I can’t figure it out and there abit much for public
  3. @king alright mate dog spot on enjoying his time off we had a cracking season out 3 nights a week his toes are starting to go he’s nocked a couple but dosnt affect him how’s old Rex doing now I’ll mail you a couple of pics
  4. I forgot to add there not standard size Jills. there not micro but not far off. I just thought the vet may have given abit to much for there size and there hormones or what ever have gone wild I duno my head all over the place trying to figure it out.
  5. She’s just died absolutely gutted I can’t believe it she just shut down I take pride in how my animals are kept always clean fed right i just can’t get my head round it I’ll take her to the vets to see if they can find the problem
  6. Cheers mate i just don’t understand what happened . it’s a real shit one I’m gutted. The vets around my way are clueless about ferrets to be honest there shit with any animal for that matter but ye I’ll take her 1st thing
  7. Can the Jill jab kill a ferret? It’s the only thing I can think of and it the only thing that’s changed it’s really gutted me loosing a team member and now another is not looking good... iv had both my albino jills one is 3yr the other just turned 1yr the vet jabbed them about 3weeks ago and both where fine came out of season no problems but one died on Monday. She wouldn’t eat was very slow and week and very clumsy will pale eyes and died within a few hours??? now iv come home from work and my other Jill Has the same symptoms she was fine when I left this morning my
  8. Is anyone thinking of breeding there ratting ferrets this year? Iv got a quality ratting hob and my jill she’s just abit small but would love to add a new member for to the team
  9. MY old staffy had a small growth on his neck at about 8yr old. the vets told us 1000+ for test and op etc and it’s might not 100% fix it . so we thought fk it if he’s not in pain let him carry on if any changes then game Over . he lived full healthy till 14 the lump was golf ball size by the end but never bothered him. Same with my childhood springer I remember she had a tennis ball size growth on her side that she got young lived till 14/15 my mother’s terrier had 3 tits removed because of cancer at 9 she still going strong at 12 grumpy nipper but still going it might not
  10. Angora ferret | Nottingham, Nottinghamshire | Pets4Homes WWW.PETS4HOMES.CO.UK We have made a very hard decision to put Nile up for rehoming we was only going to keep one of elvis... 400 corona tax
  11. I’m looking for a Jill ferret kit when people are breeding for rats and squirrels there isn’t great rabbit ferreting in my area iv got a Jill and a hob off wilbs off here last year brother and sister I think. they are both cracking animals straight to the point no messing but I’d love to add a new member to the team so if anyone is breeding anything this summer that is worked on rats squirrels etc please let me know they will be looked after properly fed right and out playing with me of the misses and I can send pics and videos of my set up if you wanted. I can pay and travel
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