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  1. green dragon

    Longest living lurcher

    Ah beans the magical fruit
  2. green dragon


    Nail on the head there mate
  3. green dragon


    My. Dad was killed in on his motobike three months ago coz some c**t didn't see him and just drove into him. I'm well up for the ban
  4. green dragon

    1St time trout fishing tips

    Iv got some power bait on the way haha I'll have them flying out
  5. green dragon

    1St time trout fishing tips

    Ye tasted spot on mate. I just thort it's to hot in the open and I couldn't see anything moving so fished between maby 2-7 footish off the bank. the lake is about an acre . I tryed a few baits Maggot,corn,redrobin pellet , but only the worm seemed to work I'll be heading back next week. good luck mate
  6. green dragon

    1St time trout fishing tips

    It's fishery about an hour from me they have a carp lake, fly lake and a bait and fly lake just no spinning . Had a cracking day it was abit hot for the trout so fished the shaded areas and undersome over hanging branches we stayed for about 3 hours and headed home to watch the footy and bbq some trout we ended the day on 5 I had 3 the missus had 2. Going for some carp tomorrow on a local lake
  7. Alright lads,I'm going to trout fishery tomorrow, iv done bit of carp and pike fishing but never fished for trout. I'm hiring all the gear and bait from them I will be useing Maggot and worm as bait or anything you lot can suggest any tips would be much appreciated
  8. green dragon


    My dog hit a stone wall last week playing with another lurcher cost me 500quid in stitches and xray and meds it's going to take a few weeks to get him running again the vets just filled him full of smack he 25 in 26/27kg if he was a smaller dog I don't know if he would be running again or even survived it
  9. green dragon

    What's it worth

    Ai mate it looks fecked lol
  10. green dragon

    Show us your Bull x

    Just gone 3 around 25inch he's a 5/8 3/8 with a bit of collie from somewhere. Brother to Kings dog off here
  11. green dragon

    What's it worth

    Ai mate the 9.9 push her along fine.i bet a 20hp fly. The one iv got is a 10ft it seems small but we had 3 of us in it and it was fine.ye I bet the bench is uncomfortable lol the boat has the original cautions it's only abit of foam but it's better than wood
  12. green dragon

    What's it worth

    Cheers mate really appreciate that
  13. green dragon

    What's it worth

    Iv just seen that one on Gumtree now and it looks the same condition as mine just the engine looks newer
  14. green dragon

    What's it worth

  15. green dragon

    What's it worth

    It's got a GPS radio caller thing I can't think what there called at the mo and just no fish finder tho