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  1. green dragon

    1st time ferrets

    Brilliant mate just want I needed cheers
  2. green dragon

    1st time ferrets

    Cheers mate I freeze everything before anyway and my dogs stedy as they come there won’t be any problems
  3. green dragon

    1st time ferrets

    I’m not arsed mate iv been on the group before I know Everyone has to start somewhere so what’s a few daft questions on a internet form if I get no advice so what I’ll learn as I go along
  4. green dragon

    1st time ferrets

    Alright lads and lady’s After a terrible year things are finally looking up for me and hopefully in 3weeks time I’m getting my first two ferrets kits . .two small hobs can’t wait. I was just looking for abit of advice, on stuff like bedding/feeding times and how much food. Exercise and any tips and tricks to keep my ferrets in top condition iv built a decent hutch for them with plenty of tubes sticks toys balls ect They will be out for a few hours a day too .I’m in no rush to start working them yet months before that but how would get them fit for work is just general play enough or do you have a little work out for them like you do for you dogs . i know there’s loads of info online but I just want to hear it from people doing it
  5. green dragon

    Couple trips on the moors

    Looks like a cracking day. You are lucky man. would love to run that type of land
  6. green dragon

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    Only 4 mate , one like Rex and a black , white and blue and a blueish brindle
  7. green dragon

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    Ye my dog seems to loved barded wire , iv seen a few pics of bitches and the looked nice
  8. green dragon

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    Alright mate ,ye dogs spot on we've had a decent season bar a few cuts and he hit a ditch put him out for a few weeks but ye he don't miss much. How's you Rex
  9. green dragon

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    I like spaghetti hoops
  10. green dragon

    Longest living lurcher

    Ah beans the magical fruit
  11. green dragon


    Nail on the head there mate
  12. green dragon


    My. Dad was killed in on his motobike three months ago coz some c**t didn't see him and just drove into him. I'm well up for the ban
  13. green dragon

    1St time trout fishing tips

    Iv got some power bait on the way haha I'll have them flying out
  14. green dragon

    1St time trout fishing tips

    Ye tasted spot on mate. I just thort it's to hot in the open and I couldn't see anything moving so fished between maby 2-7 footish off the bank. the lake is about an acre . I tryed a few baits Maggot,corn,redrobin pellet , but only the worm seemed to work I'll be heading back next week. good luck mate
  15. green dragon

    1St time trout fishing tips

    It's fishery about an hour from me they have a carp lake, fly lake and a bait and fly lake just no spinning . Had a cracking day it was abit hot for the trout so fished the shaded areas and undersome over hanging branches we stayed for about 3 hours and headed home to watch the footy and bbq some trout we ended the day on 5 I had 3 the missus had 2. Going for some carp tomorrow on a local lake