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  1. Spot on lads. My other jill just dosnt care she’s dieing to get away from her kits at any chance she can get ?
  2. Ideal mate thanks . that’s what I thought was the case ?
  3. Iv just bred my jill for the 1st time. normally she’s the softest nicest chilled ferret you’ve ever seen . but her kits are 3 weeks old now and she’s just Not the same ferret .normally loves being handled and played with but now she seams skittish and abit nervous and has started biteing. In my mind she’s just being protective of her kits and probably still abit hormonal etc. Is this normal ? I’m just worried that she’s going to be a bitch from now on ? she’s was always handled daily and has never shown any aggression before the kits ?
  4. I’ll give ago it mate. he’s not old he’s only 2ish like the othe lads has mentioned iv given him some fish oil and Iv given him a egg yoke yesterday I’ll pop next door in abit and get a few pacs of cat food worth a go ?
  5. Ye the jills are next door to him iv moved them further away just to separate them abit more
  6. He’s dirty little stinker he’s a proper hob he just wants to kill and shag everything lol he’s getting lined tomorrow so hopefully he will settle abit
  7. I will definitely be adding salmon bits to the diet. They eat well. there on all the game the dogs catch and what I or friends shoot plus organs heart/liver/etc beef mince Turkey mince iv never really thought of fish . the hob is eating like normal and still bouncing around like the usual knob head he is. It’s just his fur feels abit dry and looseing fur on his tail . Iv caught him rolling in his piss getting all excited with the jills in the next hutch so I imagine that will make his fur feel rough and dry too
  8. He just had a nice bit of cod live oils so hopefully it should make a difference cheers mate ?
  9. I was thinking that with his shedding his winter coat and in season etc cheers mate?
  10. I’m looking for some advice. iv noticed lately my hobs fur has become dry and rough and his tail is loosing hair? Just wondering what I can do to sort him out.
  11. My hob roscoe is the main man not that big bit smaller than a standard Jill he’s a pure ratting machine he’s never seen a live rabbit as there isn’t any good rabbit ferreting around me . He doesn’t eat the rats , if they don’t bolt he kills them in the hole drags them back out and goes back for more and I swear he finds the rats like a hound he just lives to work and has a pure hatred for rats he can be abit nippy but never locked he’s just abit wild ? when he’s working with the terrier it’s game over for any rat in the area ?
  12. Sory mate I tried to send a few pics but I can’t figure it out ? and there abit much for public ?
  13. @king alright mate dog spot on enjoying his time off we had a cracking season out 3 nights a week his toes are starting to go he’s nocked a couple but dosnt affect him how’s old Rex doing now I’ll mail you a couple of pics
  14. I forgot to add there not standard size Jills. there not micro but not far off. I just thought the vet may have given abit to much for there size and there hormones or what ever have gone wild I duno my head all over the place trying to figure it out.
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