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  1. green dragon

    What's it worth

    Ai mate it looks fecked lol
  2. green dragon

    Show us your Bull x

    Just gone 3 around 25inch he's a 5/8 3/8 with a bit of collie from somewhere. Brother to Kings dog off here
  3. green dragon

    What's it worth

    Ai mate the 9.9 push her along fine.i bet a 20hp fly. The one iv got is a 10ft it seems small but we had 3 of us in it and it was fine.ye I bet the bench is uncomfortable lol the boat has the original cautions it's only abit of foam but it's better than wood
  4. green dragon

    What's it worth

    Cheers mate really appreciate that
  5. green dragon

    What's it worth

    Iv just seen that one on Gumtree now and it looks the same condition as mine just the engine looks newer
  6. green dragon

    What's it worth

  7. green dragon

    What's it worth

    It's got a GPS radio caller thing I can't think what there called at the mo and just no fish finder tho
  8. green dragon

    What's it worth

    Really?? I was expecting 700 but I don't know much about boats
  9. green dragon

    What's it worth

    Alright lads I dont really know how to Wright this. My dad past away last Wednesday while out riding his motorcycle. Any way he bought this boat a few months ago we used it once we serviced the engine and she was put away. its a 10ft or 11ft sports dory limited edition it has 9.9 marina on the back. the trailer is very good with new bearings.it's on its original gel coat with no marks or repairs no rust and the crome shines nice. Has life jackets and carbon paddles (everything you need to get straight on the water) I'm not looking to sell yet i'm just wondering dose anyone know what it's worth.
  10. green dragon

    Little crocs

    Monster that mate
  11. green dragon

    Little crocs

    Cheers mate this is my first proper fish so fingerscrossed I get a few more. Nothing better than seeing one these prehistoric beast flying out the water
  12. green dragon

    Little crocs

    Crackers them mate I got these from two swims over two weekends one on a cheap spinner and the other two on dead Mackrell these are my 1St Pike I didn't have any scales. so dose what to have a guess at what the might way
  13. green dragon

    Ryobi led spotlight, any good for lamping?

    If you want some thing on a budget just get a clulite plr500 there like 45 quid iv had mine for 2 season now handy little lamp for a bit of fun or just Speek to dlloyd on here he will sort you out with all the info you need and I think he still sells lamps to and seems a good guy
  14. green dragon

    A brace of black ones

    My missus took these pics from a carp lake about 20 mins from me we saw 3 whites with brown patches and 2 blacks and loads of normals . I spoke to the guy who owns the lake and he said he's never released any pets and that they've allways been there and no he wouldn't give me permission to take a couple
  15. green dragon

    dogs eating fruit

    Both my two eat all fruit and veg except lettuce they just like to rip it into tiny bits