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  1. Roundup doesn’t seem to work the same, any suggestions or point me to a previous thread please.
  2. Any update on how this pup is getting on bullyson.?
  3. Thought they had band it year’s ago, if it’s the old stuff it’ll be howling for weeks
  4. I don’t know if you seen spud working but someone else on here said they seen him and they weren’t impressed either.
  5. Well to me 24ins is small
  6. Spud was the sire of the best dog I ever seen working, small dog about 24ins heart of a lion, f##k knows what spud was like.
  7. Sorry to hear that Daniel
  8. It’s a cross I’d love to try
  9. How do you rate the beddy/bull/grey?
  10. Is that bobs auld line northenlite
  11. How are they bred moonlighter
  12. I don’t know if that’s a bitch or a dog in the top photo but it’s got some heed on it, I like it very much wish you could get them bred like that now
  13. Don’t think it went on for that long and I’m sure it wasn’t anywhere as big as Hancocks
  14. It’s a shame there’s not someone breeding first cross beddie greys
  15. Not that long ago then.
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