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  1. Hi is there anyone planning a litter of beddy greyhounds(or whippet greyhound)will wait for the right litter just putting the feelers out.
  2. I've seen a greyhound bitch dry hump the f**k out of a
  3. I would've thought this is the way to go with the first cross surely theres more tested coursing dogs than greys available. Some of these coursing lines are so tightly bred they're pretty much a breed in themselves. Cant see a use for a pure greyhound in the field or for breeding off really.
  4. Is there anyone with a decent dog they're willing stud out strong working type lakey or patterdale in the next week or so short notice... asking for a mate
  5. They're anatalonian shepherds x German shepherd first cross they're are a mates of mine very bold dogs I think he will do well to keep them both together as they're both dogs but they're already very protective of him and his yard at peng they're 6 month old about 25 25 tts
  6. These beauts are growing well
  7. Where would you come across a pure coursing greyhound would they only come up in Ireland
  8. Won't go wrong with a beddy greyhound for mooching and lamping
  9. Couple my mate has had anatalonian x German shepherd
  10. Any one ever heard of a bull X called Trevor from Hereford way bit vague I know..
  11. It the same around me mate was goin take a litter from my bitch but seems pointless ATM can't find work for the 2 I got so I'm thinking I would be struggling to bring a pup on I also done some miles scouting around but nothing seems to be about very disheartening hopefully numbers will come back next year but even where they were in the summer there no sign of them now think this is my worse season ever up-to now
  12. View Advert Bull grey X beddy grey pups All pups now sold Advertiser peng Date 11/11/17 Price £100.00 Category Working Lurchers
  13. think what he's saying is if you don't know when to breed your bitch should you be breeding your bitch
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