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  1. Blame labour first
  2. You do know he’s dead 🫣
  3. Why not stick him a kennel with a greyhound that’s in season and ready to stand, that’ll knock the pea right out his whistle
  4. Is paracetamol and the other over the counter drugs not poisonous to dogs.
  5. Just get her lined you know it makes sense
  6. Genuine greyhound bedlingtons are like hens teeth these day’s, shame really
  7. That pup looks mental 🥸
  8. In peoples experience what’s the best mix for the best alrounder 1st cross, 3/8ths 5/8ths or 3/4 grey 1/4.
  9. They were crossed with beardie collie a long time ago
  10. Marvel

    Border Poll

    They’ll move to centre to get in power then move to the far left and break up Britain, first Dublin will rule Northern Ireland then they’ll finish what they started Scotland, labour hate Britain.
  11. Nobody just nobody speaks like this
  12. Marvel


    The Queen is dead long live the King
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