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  1. Surprised it took so long
  2. Until I see it rounding up a couple of unicorns I don’t believe it
  3. Since Blair’s new labour government gained power in 1997 there’s been more immigration into Britain than the previous 2000 years,you would think that there trying to change/destroy Britain/British culture forever.
  4. Put some pictures up of your bitch, might help sell her
  5. I was told he’ll put one or two different breeds into the line to improve what he sees as faults then levels everything out by going back to a greyhound, that’s when you buy a pup supposed to be some handy pups but who knows, still to much of a commercial enterprise for me, some lads on here might know different.
  6. Is it safe to say it’s a gimmick
  7. Did you ever see any pup from Hancocks jake
  8. Hahaha it must be about 45 lol
  9. Do you know anything about the beardie she used
  10. Beautiful scenery and trout?
  11. Tarantino will never make films like that again
  12. They are very full on, not for the part time hunter (not that l’m saying you’re one)
  13. Is that one of Bruce’s pups Dave
  14. Nice pictures how’s the chocolate dog bred
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