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  1. Well, the locals are happy enough - but the immigrants .. haha I believe in the saying "home is where the heart is" my brother is out in Portland, Oregon - he's always telling me how happy he is with this and that .. yet he's miserable!
  2. OK, so I've followed a method I have seen elsewhere, which was: skin it, salt it overnight, drained it and salted again overnight, now I was expecting to soak in salt water for 4/5 hours before fleshing it out and then tanning it using Liqua Tan, accept the liquid hasn't come through on time .. I'm thinking to press pause (stick in the freezer) until I can finish the process of salt/soaking, fleshing and tanning .. Are there any resident tanning experts to advise me if at all please i.e do I need to stick in the freezer or not - how forgiving a process is this method? Many
  3. My sister has gone all vegan and activist like .. Needless to I'm everything she deplores! They often give it the "it's a healthier diet etc" rubbish, for me it's a philosophy with an agenda .. I usually say "if were not meant to eat meat, why does it taste so good?!?" Ha ha .. Don't get me wrong, I think all animal life should be respected and treated humanely where possible.
  4. Puts to bed the once widespread notion that greyhounds are 'thick' .. Proves that the reputation more likely comes from the dogs lack of socialisation rather than mental ability.
  5. And I've got to say, I do love the "once you die that's it" brigade, my old man use to say that .. Stating it in any form is for me a waste of energy, no one has died, found out there is nothing else and now is living to tell us so! .. Excuse my humour, but to live and die, then cease to exist?!? So, what was all that about!?! Oh no, you wouldn't be conscious - pointless .. I do admit, the thought of living for eternity in this old 'fallen' wreck is not all that appealing, but to live in a redeemed and glorified body, in a world free from sin .. That could be something special .. No wonde
  6. If I could hear in departing "he was a good father/husband/son/brother/friend" I would be content .. Of course, as a Christian - the ultimate goal is to leave in confidence that you have served your Lord and Saviour well, not oneself .. I like the poem: "Two little lines I heard one day, Traveling along life's busy way; Bringing conviction to my heart, And from my mind would not depart; Only one life, 'twill soon be past, Only what's done for Christ will last."
  7. Tombstone was a good modern one .. But for the older ones, can't beat a bit of Clint for me, especially 'a few dollars more' .. I had the soundtrack from that as my ring entrance song last bout out haha
  8. The Christmas turkey that didn't defrost in time! Faulty fridge .. I would have preferred a three bird - goose/duck/partridge
  9. I was out the back with my mutts! Trying to calm them with all the fireworks going off nearby .. Happy New Year one and all
  10. I've got two, anymore than that and I don't think they would be worked to a level where I could say "that is a proven dog, week in week out over the 3/4 seasons" even now one is the 'main' player, and the other is more of a sub .. That will alternate as time goes on and the 30 or so months start to tell. Don't plan? Ha I don't think any serious and 'practicing' dog man with a genuine passion for the game could say that .. The only time I'm not 'planning' is when I'm across that field on a dark and windy night .. Other than that I'm always planning, not only for the next, but the 2nd, 3rd g
  11. Loved the responses 'the line was crackling'! ? . . A serious crime, ffs.. Go and deal with some real crime.
  12. As good as job Saunders did, I can't help but feel that Lee totally let himself down. Eubank looked good, but I don't think too much should be made of that, perhaps Spike just suited him perfectly - I wouldn't have him beating Saunders in rematch, I think Saunders is a quite cute fighter and he looks fitter these days, the only last time I felt made it a close fight, running out of steam towards the end.
  13. Certainly doesn't represent the more respectful hunters/poachers amongst us . . Social media, what an invention . . The perfect platform for any old prat to elevate themself.
  14. And not much has been said of the fact that this is the first world title fight fought between two travelers, another interesting ingredient in what is already a spicy battle. No trash talk, good to see.
  15. How you doing sir good i hope.....watch him work the heavy bag for 5 minutes and he,ll look every bit a boxing man .....i know what you mean he almost seems too intelligent and clean cut but it seems to be the new era of trainers a lot of them are getting their education in the classroom before their experience in the ring its just the way it is now but for somebody who didnt turn pro himself i personally think he reads a fight well and has a great understanding of the psychology of a fighter........he is the polar opposite to Jimmy Tibbs which is what i,ll find fascinating about this contest
  16. Most all modern pop songs are better with the music off in my opinion . . But seriously, nice and all, it's not decent is it, I mean who would want their young ones watching that rubbish, it's on all day. It's practically prostitution! Some of them are so provocative it could serve as an intro to porn movie! Sad really, don't get me wrong, these girls are doing what they've gotta do to make a buck, I just think it's a shame how far it's gone, everything so sexed up - I wonder what's to come in years ahead!
  17. Kelly Brook would be nice . . Failing that, a butchers knife set
  18. Tomorrow night bob, expect the fight will start around 10pm
  19. Im looking forward to the battle of the trainers old school versus new....both men are known for being great tacticians and both their fighters are intelligent enough to follow a plan so id make the trainers almost as important as the fighters in this fight.......very good competetive yet respectful contest all the way round it will make a refreshing change from all the usual nonsense. what do you think of Booth as a trainer gnash? I'm not convinced, he doesn't have the look of a boxing man to me and some have referred to him as a glorified PT - I get what they mean. Difficult to assess some c
  20. The show is on boxnation, subscription channel, £12 a month I think. I had Lee winning this one easy, but after watching the best of Billy-Joe Saunders last night I think it's going to be far more competitive than I first thought. I still have Lee favourite, bigger puncher and has mixed and has operated world level for sometime time now, for Saunder this will be his first at such altitude and essentially I think he'll be out of his depth.
  21. I'll vote for Fury if I do . . I've changed my mind on him a bit, whilst he's still not a man I don't think I could spend too much time around (I don't think he'll be complaining about that mind) or that he represents the good book too well . . I no longer think he is just big pretentious lout, he can evidently do the business what it matters (I thought Klitschko was going to knock him into reality) and now I don't think he such an act, with his singing and antics, he is who he is warts and all! And let me remind you, in this day and age that is something of a fecking rarity! I've found with a
  22. Strange that !!!!!! Just reiterates what I already believe neil, they either have it for the dark or they don't. He has seen action on top with the lurcher mind.
  23. can think of a lot more suited for bushing other then a blackun.. Common sense really. don't jump to conclusions pal, I do have a cocker for the more serious expeditions. Just when out for a mooch I prefer something a bit more robust like.
  24. vincy, you're only down the road man! I'm sure mully will knock some fuel money off for you. I've got the opposite problem, bought my pat for bushing, the fecker won't bush but he'll go to ground!
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