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  1. I’m VERY interested mate. Could you please messsg me?
  2. its been a while......... id crawl naked across broken glass just to pick the sweetcorn out of her shite!
  3. See......you lot are bloody slightly above average! Dare say no lol be boring some of you regarding chillis or fishing or something! MATT
  4. Don’t come on here a lot nowadays but still like to dip my toes in, Dominos time came to an end on Xmas eve. Taught me more than I could ever teach him......would’ve been 15 in April! They’ve all gotta go sometime!
  5. mattyg


    As soon as I hear that low bellow of the osfly I hit the deck and roll around like I’m on fire. Only ever been bitten twice but that was enough!
  6. Bob is a legend, whithouse is also top class. Take a look at bobs “athletico mince” podcast, absaloute pure gold.
  7. She spent a bit of time in brizzle aswell.... Tiverton originally!
  8. I’d move down there tomorrow mate, I know a few little bits and I like the bits I’ve seen, but the mrs don’t fancy it due to the lack of connections for work (mainly London) I can work anywhere but she is an honorary brummy now apart from when she’s on the phone to her mom or sister back in deepest darkest debn! Gurt lush!
  9. I’m a bit of a c**t in general so that usually discourages a good percentage of mates, so the ones I’ve got now I can actually count on and trust. A couple from here and a few from growing up suits me fine.
  10. Cash is king! I always make sure I’ve a few quid on the hip and a few quid in my special pot....(all declared obviously) The mrs dosnt know what a £20 note looks like!!!!
  11. Check out “riverpiker” on YouTube....he’s just done a vid catching “smackhead trout”
  12. Bring forth the Borg! My mate has just acquired a slightly warm pallet so I’ll be trying em out on him aswell. Greenhouse has gone to pastures new for a while so until the garden is fully done I’m relying on window sills and southerners with black whippets for my supply of the good stuff!
  13. I’ll be sure to do a filmed review!!!!!
  14. No need for this!!!!!! I’m f***ing starving!!!!!!! Can someone ban him from adding pics of food until he sends me chillis?
  15. I can do better than that.....I can tell you the street name aswell! South Bay Blvd ,Anna Maria FL Plain and simply my paradise.
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