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  1. Tamla Motown star R Dean Taylor has passed away it’s just been announced. “There’s A Ghost In My House” and “Indiana Wants Me” are two songs that did well for him. Danced to those back in the day. RIP R Dean
  2. I’ve just finished Sean Kelly’s autobiography, it’s a good read. Anything factual cycling wise I find interesting as I used to do a lot in my younger days. Tim Moore writes a good book on his travels around the world on a bike and changing topic, Graham Nashs book is brilliant
  3. cragman

    RIP Sid

    Great actor, loved him in In The Heat Of The Night and To Sir, With Love. RIP Sidney
  4. A mate lost chickens last week, ten being killed with two taken. He wired a spot just near his coop and had a dog fox two nights later. He thought he’d seen another along his boundary fence same night. It only took a few minutes to get this vixen close enough for the .17HMR
  5. Didn’t he play the waiter in Fawlty Towers?
  6. Working Christmas Day and Boxing Day but then that’s it for a week. Back on 3rd
  7. Managed a couple of charlies on weds night, a big dog fox and this vixen in prime condition. Put the cub call on and she came in for a look. 70 yards and the .22 Hornet sorted her out. The foxes are preoccupied at the moment and it’s possible to get closer to them as they go about their mating ritual.
  8. Never had a McDonald’s but been in for a piss

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    Nightstalker nv spotter. Great condition. Three IR settings, focus and zoom lens. Rechargeable, comes with lead. Price includes postage


  10. View Advert Nightstalker spotter Nightstalker nv spotter. Great condition. Three IR settings, focus and zoom lens. Rechargeable, comes with lead. Price includes postage Advertiser cragman Date 15/12/21 Price £65.00 Category Optics, Night Vision and Thermal Imaging  
  11. Not really into the F1 but how can you have an 11 second lead wiped out because of a crash that had feck all to do with you? I think they should have restarted with the same time gap but perhaps that’s too simple a thing to do. it wouldn’t sit well with me if I’d have won in those circumstances but we’re all different and it is what it is. Even Verstappens old fella said Max was fortunate the way the stewards called it
  12. Loved his Flying Down To Rio song, RIP Mike
  13. I’ve come off Twitter, there’s too much crap on and too many talking it.
  14. Loved watching him play. He could go through the gears when he had to. Scored some crackin’ goals
  15. cragman


    Same thing popping up on my feed as well Stanley
  16. The Greens are in bed with the SNP and this is where it’s come from. It’ll be one of the conditions made before they joined up with them I’ll bet. You scratch my back type of thing. They’ll repay the SNP when they need support to get something through. It stinks but unless we get off our arses and do something, it’ll only go one way. The country is f****d, full of bedwetters and snowflakes. In the future people will be living in a virtual reality world and eating plants. It’ll look like a planet of the apes film
  17. It’ll be hard to enforce, just crack on
  18. cragman

    The queen.

    Won’t be long but I’ll be gone by then. The backbone of this country has been gone for years and those with any are at an age where they are minority.
  19. Just come at the right time with the powers that be trying to introduce even more legislation on snaring. This won’t do us any harm and will show it is and should be done properly
  20. Could be your rotator cuff. Done both of mine, constantly in some sort of pain but just got used to it now and take the odd pain killer
  21. Got the Lowas today, very comfortable boot and at a good price
  22. He was a lovely fella Fred, he made some great programmes, very watchable and interesting
  23. They’re normally taken for a quick energy boost, these are for a combined energy/fluid intake. Used to take a few with me when I cycled lots of miles at weekends
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