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  1. Got it on now. Our kid put me onto it. Normally listen to Ken Bruce in the mornings then stick a cd on when he’s done. Can’t be doing with that Zoe Bollocks or Jezzer Whine
  2. Brilliant, saw him training a few weeks ago in Saddleworth. The guy deserves a medal and I’m sure one day, he’ll get one
  3. Enjoyed his articles in ST and he seemed a decent fella RIP
  4. Local to me this. The father got locked up earlier this year and his son as well for this. Both got a few weeks in jail. They had a young child with them and were heard on film to encourage the child to hit the badger! Apparently they went on a dig to celebrate the sons release from prison and mentioned this on their Facebook page
  5. Looks good. I’ve got mine in a mesh cage with small entrance and bait beyond the trap
  6. Doc trap does it again…number 4 from this area
  7. Yep, do a few mink a year as I work on reservoirs so plenty of opportunities. I gave this weasel a good rubbing on the entrance and along the wall top. Yes, stoats are the same
  8. Second weasel in a week in the Doc. It normally happens to get several through in a short time
  9. Pop goes the weasel. No messing with these doc traps
  10. Another thing to think about is approaching people with a rifle over your shoulder after dark. They could attack you or kick off about you having a firearm, although you’re completely innocent and have permission to be there. Most people aren’t aware that shooting goes on at night, so discretion is needed all the time, especially if you shoot on your own as I sometimes do
  11. Yes, you’re right FH. I’ve had them at all times too but it was a shitty night, mist on the moor and drizzling. But there you go. The guy was oblivious to us 100 yards away
  12. Ended up with 14 bunnies and nearly a fox. A late night walker interrupted a shot on Charlie otherwise it would have been a really good night. Always make sure before shooting there’s no one nearby…this was 11pm! A quick word stopped my mate shooting. Thank god for my thermal spotter
  13. Use my shotty for fox drives and ambushing at dusk/dawn
  14. Ran a bore snake through my rimmy last week after a squirt of WD. Also put some into my mod. First time in ages. It was certainly quieter on the rabbits
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