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    It can take around 8 seconds for the cuckoo to lay her egg. She won’t “buzz “ overhead, but sometimes flies over the moor looking for reactions from the pipits, the idea is to get in and out unseen, although with meadow pipits, that’s a different story as up to 4-5 will attack her as she tries to lay. She’ll watch the host from a hidden vantage point then with a long glide, will land near the nest, find it and lay, or sometimes she will just locate it and check for its suitability as to whether it’s ready for her egg. They’re just starting to lay in pipits nests now
  2. The scope helped, reticle calibrated for subs, brilliant bit of kit. Nothing was less than 60 yards
  3. Christened the Tikka tonight, furthest shot 132 yards
  4. Bought a new Tikka rimfire yesterday after damaging my CZ beyond repair. ‘Tis a thing of beauty Put a Hawke Vantage 4-16x50 rimfire subs scope on it and a Stalin mod Zeroed last night at 50yds
  5. “One million percent”
  6. Anyone going to the Northern Shooting Show this weekend In Harrogate? I’m there Saturday, the bonus is, I miss Charlies coronation, which will be plastered all over the telly the dawn ‘til dusk
  7. Picked up four myself recently off this place. Shot seven in total. Big fookers as well
  8. I turn the sound down, it’s bad enough listening to the shite commentary but the dramatic music really pisses me off
  9. Watched some recent clips on YouTube recently of London in the 60s. No fat cnuts then, everyone worked and wanted to. Think I read somewhere recently 80% of britains are obese or will be soon. When I feel I’ve put a pound or two on, I do something about it, why can’t others?
  10. Had a call out last night but nothing showed. Farmer had three lambs out near the farm on decent ground and ones disappeared. I’m not convinced it was a fox but sat out until midnight as you do. I’ll have a walk over later. Managed four big rats with the rimmy so not a wasted night
  11. I agree. I can’t fault my Wraith which is on my Hornet. Compared to the latest gear it’s old hat but boy does it do it’s job. Having said that, I’ll be buying an Alpex soon to go on the 243
  12. Not normally but had it about a mile away on another spot
  13. ….After firing my Hornet, any ideas why? Recoil? Loose mount? I’d like to record what I shoot but with the IR knocking off I can’t
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