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  1. It would be knackered if it lost its brush, it’s using it as a balance. I remember seeing hounds catch a three legged one once, and the hound that caught it also had three legs! But two legs?
  2. Did two weekend course years ago out of interest and do the odd bit around the reservoirs where I work
  3. Instant coffee drinker. I sometimes buy one when I’m out but that’s getting too difficult now. All I want is a coffee, but there’s just too much choice
  4. I have a pair of flexothane over trousers supplied from work. If you’re not after a fashionable name these are brilliant. They won’t be suitable for bramble etc but keep me dry in all weathers and I’ve been in some real heavy downpours on the moors. Cheap as chips as well. I also have the jacket, which, as you’d expect, is just as good. Farmers merchants sell them ??
  5. He even said it himself this morning, that he was very surprised given his recent comments about the royals etc. I think he’s a Cnut ??
  6. cragman


    “Peckham Spring Water” comes to mind ?
  7. Don’t take any piss but if I get a vixen in the trap or shoot one around this time of year, I drag her around the outside of the trap then place her on top and leave her. Had a few dog foxes in the day after looking for his mate ??
  8. This has popped up on my Twitter feed….this guy shot 25 charlies in one night! He covered many miles from early evening to about 3am. Look at the size of the one at the bottom, a 21 pounder ?
  9. Apologies if this has been covered on here before. Has anybody used their rimmy for ratting around farms? I know about the risks in barns and that will be a no go, ditto where live stock is but it would be outside shooting into a soil banking? I was out on Tuesday after a fox and after getting our vixen I looked at the rear of the chicken hut with the thermal and saw lots of rats. I’ve no airgun these days so it would have to be the rimmy. I intend getting an alpex in the new year to go on my rimmy for rabbits etc. Anyone been successful using a rimmy and nv on rats? Thanks
  10. Ha ha, not down, far from it, just sad to see how the human race are going and my way of life changing. The world was a much better place twenty odd years ago and beyond. Happy Christmas IWW ??
  11. Glad I’m the age I am. The world is fooked
  12. Working early doors then home. Just me and the wife for dinner. Last year I took all the family out and it cost a fortune but it was nice to let others take the strain. Later we’ll be going to my daughters to see them and the grand kids.
  13. Not a Christmas present from myself but one from a contractor I use. He asked me to call last week and when I arrived he came out with a brand new Vorn EV30 rucksack. Besides being a good friend out of hours he’s also extremely generous and I have an invite to visit a place he has in the highlands for some deer stalking and goose shooting anytime I like. ?? Beats getting a bottle of whisky
  14. Got it on now. Our kid put me onto it. Normally listen to Ken Bruce in the mornings then stick a cd on when he’s done. Can’t be doing with that Zoe Bollocks or Jezzer Whine
  15. Brilliant, saw him training a few weeks ago in Saddleworth. The guy deserves a medal and I’m sure one day, he’ll get one ??
  16. Enjoyed his articles in ST and he seemed a decent fella RIP
  17. Local to me this. The father got locked up earlier this year and his son as well for this. Both got a few weeks in jail. They had a young child with them and were heard on film to encourage the child to hit the badger! Apparently they went on a dig to celebrate the sons release from prison and mentioned this on their Facebook page ?
  18. Looks good. I’ve got mine in a mesh cage with small entrance and bait beyond the trap
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