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    Nightstalker spotter for sale. Very good condition, great picture, three settings for IR, zoom and focus. Price includes postage or can deliver locally, north west area within reason. PM please


  2. Popped another seven off this morning
  3. I’d use one on the clays, good guns. I’ve just bought an Armsan semi. Great knockabout gun. 100% with it ysdsy, a tree rat and a crow
  4. Early start at first light drey poking in a small wood. We’ve had seventeen out of here now in two visits. Going Friday for one last look
  5. Won’t be bothering, been there etc. I’ll just carry on doing my thing and leave them to it. It might clear up the countryside though by getting some of the dickheads back to their way of life
  6. Just got sent this. Don’t know if this was an April fool, apparently it appeared in the cuntrymans weakly 3850££££, worth every penny
  7. cragman


    Giving these a go, Grisport Keeper. So far so good, £135
  8. Nowts changed where I work. They were coming in their droves before last weekend and this week is just the same. They’ve completely ignored travel restrictions so nothings been lifted here, it’s a matter of carry on doing what they’ve done for months
  9. Dreading that. I’m in on Friday and then off until Monday but on fire watch over weekend
  10. Thousands out where I work in the countryside. Cars parking everywhere, shit all over the place, fences broken and stiles kicked down, otherwise, yes, it’s been a lovely day
  11. No mate but we’re hoping that the flycatchers return to nest once we do our best to get rid of the tree rats. This is a spot I asked about on another thread where discretion was needed. They’re causing lots of damage to saplings that people are planting in memory of loved ones and they cost a fortune to buy
  12. Early start, first light drey poking at a spot where discretion is needed. Ended up with eight tree rats, got with the moderated 410. We had a bolt of six from one drey, of which I shot three. Going back next week for another do.
  13. Had a guy on site today. He filled a skip with bags dumped over a wall and another fridge. We had two hundred tyres dumped once. There’s a shoot on the valley and it’s a pleasure to have them on their shoot days. They leave the area cleaner than when they started in the morning
  14. I’ve had loads dumped on my patch since this lockdown, plus lots of litter due to the extra footfall. Scruffy, dirty urban cnuts with no idea how to behave anywhere not just in the countryside
  15. cragman

    Pet hates.

    Seeing Roman fecking Kemp on telly....again! And being behind a woman at a roundabout when there’s also a woman at every other junction on it. They just sit and stare at each other ffs
  16. It’s a good book. If you want to learn about the fox, this is a good place to start, very thorough and he’s a clever fella. Good description of digging a fox out towards the end of the book as he fought to save a vixen he’d been following and her cubs. Even the terrier lads helped out but to no avail.
  17. Not a Leeds fan but as a football fan he was a great player. He could shoot and had a shot as hard as I’ve seen.
  18. They didn’t include “the follow through”
  19. That made me laugh DIDO
  20. One boxer I loved to watch, how sad to hear this news
  21. Got the tool but just need to go wider. Thanks for the link
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