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  1. No probs shaark, ive always had beddy x types, something small with a good jacket and good all rounder, i just finding it hard to find them types at the minute, most the litters ive seen lately have got about 8 breeds of dogs in them
  2. Cheeres mate, also just to let people know i live in the county of worcestershire Ive looked on preloved and places like that, but the trouble is and i dont if if others agree but there to much of a mixture in the lurchers now days, its hard to find straight crosses anymore, I abit hesitent now days on going for a random litter as you dont know what your gonna get or what the dog is gonna turn out looking like
  3. Hi all, ive always had lurchers but looking to try a whippet as i cant find decent small whippet cross types, the so called circle i was in has dried up now as the blokes that got me into it have packed up working running dogs, just wondering if any lads on here could let me know if any whippet litters are about or are planned for next year Cheers
  4. Fair play for not killing the vixen, especially it it wasnt causing trouble ?
  5. Hik alpex, £800 it does everything, on a full moon night i can still use mine on day mode and when switching over to nite mode i dont need to use the ir torch to see rabbits upto 100 yrds, the ir that comes with it easily spots rabbits 100yrd-150yrds, you wont go wrong with one of them mate
  6. Cheere mate tried clicking on that but nothing is happening ?
  7. Any chance someone could give me a quick guide on how to post pictures up, been a while since i done it now cant remember, not the most techi when it comes to phones
  8. Ok spot stuff out to 500yrds easily then lol
  9. Wraith with the Solaris srx ir spot foxes three fields away with ease and they hold there zero well. Mine gets knocked about all over the place when driving and haven’t had to re zero it since I first done it
  10. Just wondering if anyone could help me out. I looking for the most decent scope too go on my 223 and use a pard 007 for it. I know people say cheaper scopes are best but I want a scope that works well with a pard, good for stalking muntjac, long range target shooting and take the abuse of being knocked about on a quad when doing vermin control. I’ve heard that top glass scopes do work with parts as long as you use a top end IR any recommendations would be appreciated
  11. I've had dogs for years A. And the pups have eaten adult and puppy food through there time. I always keep on top of my dogs conditions. I just put that question out there just to see what others would say that's all. If all your gonna do is write shit back instead of answer a topic question then don't bother. I havnt got time for them type of people
  12. Just a simple question looking for general answers??
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