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  1. Alrite lads looking for abit of help as it's been a few years now since I used my catty, what's the best ammo for 20-15 double thereband gold
  2. Proper veteran him mate. Done you proud by the looks of it
  3. What breeding in that mate? Lakeland/border?
  4. Cracking dogs mate. Very smart on the far right
  5. Cracker her mate. Just like the old fashioned leggy type
  6. Had another nice clean day g with her earlier. She coming on well
  7. Looks similar to my old bitch
  8. I always see rough red terriers as fells Mainly because there usually a cross of some sort
  9. Where I come from we class a fell type as a Lakeland/border or Lakeland x whatever
  10. Nice dogs mate. What breading in The bitch in the bottom picture? Guessing top picture is Lakeland/border
  11. I know what you mean. The mother was a rough coated patterdale and the father was a Lakeland/border
  12. That was her first dig. She only 10 month old, bit early really but she did ok. It was only a young Charlie
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