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  1. I've had dogs for years A. And the pups have eaten adult and puppy food through there time. I always keep on top of my dogs conditions. I just put that question out there just to see what others would say that's all. If all your gonna do is write shit back instead of answer a topic question then don't bother. I havnt got time for them type of people
  2. Just a simple question looking for general answers??
  3. Hi lads just wondering when you lot start your pups on adult food? I know it's supposed to be at 12 months but my pup is 9 weeks old and is wolfing the adult dry food down easily when she finds the other dogs bowls. Will this do her any harm health or physical wise if she Carries on eating it from this age ?
  4. My lurcher is abit like that. She fine day and nite with my other lot but when I've taken her beating before now she just walks by my heel all day. The other day on the beating line a rabbit ran straight past her but she just looked at it. But if I was on my own bushing with her she would of snapped it up no problem or made the effort anyway
  5. I've lost track on how this post spiralled to this
  6. Took the bitch out this morning just for a walk on some permission, no spades or nothing and let her go over some earths by herself, didn't say anything or walk over to her just stood still up against tree. She sniffed round all entrances and got to one and done a pointer impression then went in, was quite for about five minutes, I looked down hole and couldn't see her and stood back for another five minutes, still quite, she come back out so I put her on lead. There was a fox smell around that hole but it was a big deep earth so putting that down to inexperience if there was someone home. Bet
  7. Got a couple old books on fell hunting. Love reading the stories about blokes and there dogs working the rock piles
  8. I'm sort of just hoping she was just a bit overwhelmed with the amount of scent down the earths? Plus she's still young
  9. I know it doesn't mate She still got a hell of a lot of puppy mentality in her at times so mite leave her abit longer. I've seen both parents and grandparents work and they do the business so
  10. Cuz on the second occasion I could see her 4ft down from entrance doing it
  11. Did that dog come good in the end or not?
  12. Same things as my bitch by sounds of it. She self entered around that age but I kept her back till she got bit older. Hopefully she'll come good in the end
  13. Thanks for a straight answer rabbit hunter
  14. She is a young bitch. Done it on two occasions now. Havnt actually dig to her yet. Was thinking after today maybe leave her a few weeks and put her in earth I know has definitely something in or leave her till next season now to fully mature?
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