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  1. Any recommendations on Boots lads, around the £100 Mark. Thank you
  2. Same as are Lou mate. Intelligent dogs! They know what they’re doing
  3. Start really basic mate like teaching a baby. If I can’t give you advice I’d say teach your dog how to retrieve and move in to fur retrieves to get there mouth used to the feel. Make sure your dog is on the lead a lot for the start it can be a pain in the arse when they’re shit on the lead mate trust me. Simple things count when they’re older mate. Definitely stick break your dog 100% (walking along side cattle without feeling the need to attack) right from wrong. Working with ferrets from early helps a lot too some dogs from experience just do not like them like my Lou but she will work with
  4. Inpatient a lot mate, she had been through a lot of shit when I got her and she was very stubborn! The usual casual mistakes , not stock breaking her early enough, working with ferrets maybe expecting too much of her from young. She’s fine now it just made me disappointed when she was young
  5. My granddad was a game keeper so he passed a lot on to my dad who obviously passed it onto me. Done a good bit of beating when I was younger and always out with my dogs.
  6. Maybe the idea for the uneducated and people lacking knowledge.
  7. Social Anxiety I have and no one would know unless they knew me from this website. I can cope under pressure I have trained for the fire service all my life and I got the job last year but at the end they failed my medical due to having a n operation. My medical is due in 9 month. Just shit waiting on one thing all my eggs in one basket. I have to do something I have a passion for
  8. Smack in mouth Is that so pal. You are a very judgmental Character I see haha. I don’t think you have took what I’ve said the right way.
  9. I definitely would. I’m from quite a rough council estate and I’d do anything to get away from here. Nobody understands you know? Uneducated fools. Don’t have the slightest clue what a gamekeeper even is but as you stretch just a tad further out to the rural working community people are knowledgeable. I found this group not that long ago, I love it it’s brilliant. Everybody’s on here for the same thing.
  10. I know that mate but there’s no sunshine without rain. I’ve had plenty of time to experience situations in life which has formed me into the man I am today. I struggle with anxiety and depression a lot because I can’t stand the way people are nowadays and I don’t mean I can’t talk to people I’m a weirdo who sits in my house. It’s just when It all gets too much I wouldn’t rather be no where else than on the land. Just me and Freedom. Shit wages? I’ve been dirt poor all my life anyway I’ve gotta start somewhere. (I have got my head in other career opportunities) and as for shit jobs I’
  11. Thanks a lot for that message mate was really informative and I will look into your advice. Thanks again
  12. Thank you mate that was really helpful, I’m in West Yorkshire close to North.
  13. I’m 19 and I’ve been interested in game keeping all my life. Always had working dogs always worked my dog’s, love the great outdoors. There’s nothing more I’d love than to be a gamekeeper it would be like winning the lottery. I know there are cons too but I wouldn’t care, I have never seen any opportunity’s to introduce my self to game keeping! Is it just knowing the right people or what?
  14. Very smart dog mate, Looks intelligent. Welcome
  15. That was in the Lake District pal. Land around me is absolutely shocking, population has declined. I can’t get the runs for her especially without a car
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