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  1. welcome

    Starting To Get Them Ready

    When you talk of peaking a dog and I could be very wrong on this but my opinion is you bring an animal into peak for a certain day/date/time like you would a game dog or match dog you've got a date to get them into peak condition after that they get a rest before there started to be conditioned again. Unless your matching all through season why do you need a lurcher at most tuned when you can't keep it there for very long ? Surely for a good normal hunting lurcher that does abit of everything just need to be fairly fit and sound ? I no where your coming from my idea is to have two good months with them in top shape.I only do big rabbits not matches but single handed and most are not kick ups so if yea get 2 or 3 good runs in a day yer dogs needs to be fit.Just to add the 3 out of 3 dogs yea hear about i never seen one .I seen some do it the odd time but not for the 2 months im talking about every time their out.If yea kill one every day or second day yer out your doing well
  2. welcome

    Starting To Get Them Ready

    Just my opinion lads 3 weeks short walks 3 weeks walking and galloping on the beach 6 weeks road work ( running behind the van at about 10 to 15 mph )3 to four weeks odd hunt and galloping in the field and road work up to about 5 or 6 miles a day.Then i would think yer dog should peek about the same time as the game december january just my opinion .Oh and of course the food they get would match the work their doing.
  3. welcome

    Starting To Get Them Ready

    I agree with yea fuji i do not hunt in the closed season.So i think you like me have a bit of age and should know that 16 weeks is roughly what it takes to get a dog ready.These dogs have lay around for over four months in fact the red one a bit longer.She got a bad cut needed 28 stiches just coming to the end of the season.
  4. welcome

    Starting To Get Them Ready

    very nice dogs as well, like the brown and white dog, looks like bit of collie in it, how they bred then .? Thanks bird i have the breed since about 1988. Their was said to be collie some where before that but any thing i used had no collie in.
  5. welcome

    Starting To Get Them Ready

    Their brother and sister i bred them my self lads thanks for good comments
  6. welcome

    Starting To Get Them Ready

    I just set them their a bit over game
  7. Bit out of shape after the summer off.
  8. welcome

    Selling Dogs

    Its all about the men just like the anties give the little rabbit or fox human feelings .The dog men do the same fact is their not human and if yea sell they forget about you in a short time .Not to say if yea meet them they wont remember yea but their not thinking theirs daddy or mammy .So if yea get a good price and yea have a younger or maybe a better one coming on why not sell.
  9. welcome

    Best Priced Payed

    Needless to say he dont own her storm another man bought her the next day
  10. welcome

    Best Priced Payed

    On the first of dec i went with a lad to show him a bitch run.He brought me to land where he said the big ears could not be killed .Very little game after 2 hours one jumped let her out she ran him for about 2 mins killed him out of sight and carried him back .Walked on until near dark no more runs he said he would like to see her on another but he would give me 500euros if i wanted very generous of him i thought.
  11. welcome

    What The Top Dog In Ireland At Moment

    What yea think yerself tiger i hear theirs a few going well
  12. welcome

    How Many Did She Have

    https://youtu.be/b0aW1geju5w one of the pups
  13. welcome

    Smallest Fen Dogs

    philip kings whippet x It was before the whippet crosses he was in england
  14. welcome

    Few Pics

    I think this is the real dog person in the house
  15. welcome

    Few Pics

    Thanks bill hard to say how their bred .I have their mothers line since the 80s which would have been mostly irish terrier dearhound and some saluki.Their mothers father was snatch that G.O had he was of captian.Their father is a dog that a young lad that hunts with us has hes a good little dog .Very little saluki in him more terrier i would say but hes a real game dog.