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  1. totally agree there. When i get my licease here in a few weeks . They will be flat out . The bitch is sticking round my feet alot more which is unusual. Mabey i need to walk her through more bits?
  2. I have a full harrier dog and a beagle x harrier bitch. Need to get them out a bit more. New baby just arrived so . Hopefully get a bit done over christmas. Do people find hounds will switch of a bit if they arnt hunted for a while?
  3. Any way to get hounds from stop hunting hares
  4. How much for fox nets and T bar . Can you make T bar to the requirements of costumer? Thanks in advance.
  5. WANTED:working terrier . Dog or bitch. Has to stay till dug and work all game. Will travel anywhere in the uk or ireland. Good money paid for the right dog. Pm me if yous know of anything. Badly stuck
  6. I have yet to come on a set-earth that has not at least 1 stop in it,especially concerning badgers[pre-ban] as they like to lay up in a nice bed of grass or such.I am not knocking Blaise's dogs,horses for courses but i reckon its the dog that is not able to drive-push the quarry into the stop.Years ago pre-ban if an animal was dug and released it would take a good terrier to get a result the next time it was entered to the same animal as it would not be pushed to a stop so easily 2nd time around and the terrier had to really work and presure it to get it in a stop,big difference in diging anim
  7. Look like a cracking litter. Would love to try breed a litter of decent pups. Them Belgium alisations with a nice straight back retired police dog and a strong greyhound bitch capable of dispatching a fox.
  8. Theres always one with to much to say.
  9. If a terrier walked from a fox at 17 months old would you keep it and try at the start of season or?
  10. Chances are a 100% fox only bolter will get you more foxes than a fox only stayer. Imo as it has went that way this season for us. But if the bolter lets u know hes there a stayer can be dropped. Bring out the best in the dogs and use it to your advantage.
  11. yes id agree, why do people need to test the dog to the extremes, if im going out on a sunday morning for a dig if the dog digs me one im happy cant understand why people bring someone out to show off there terrier, heard one a few monthes back " bring me to the hardest deep sett you know and ill dig my terrier" f***ing fool.. go out and enoy a dig with your terrier, remindsLike prics that buy a staff or a rottweiler to look hard. Maybe they like to keep a good standard of terrier,not a terrier that works a 3ft dig once a wk on a sunday morning,and as for testing a terrier well we cant anym
  12. When digging deeper than say 5 foot. Is the hole better circle or square?
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