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  1. I agree they ruined it time to put the cocaine back in Coca Cola ?
  2. It’s also cleaned up by travellers and nothing compared to festivals and carnivals across the country such as Glastonbury and noting hill carnival
  3. Forget the last post I didn’t know how to remove what I had copied anyway I’m a boxer in boxing gyms you never find the local so called hard men who on the outside are in pubs and local areas bieng mr big instead you get genuine nice people who also have the ability to break your face why are these hard men never in the gyms ?
  4. It’s like you or me trying to be a African tribe member you can dress like it act like it but your not part of the tribe
  5. Just wimp police who don’t want the work rather go to local food van
  6. That’s just rubbish police enter sites all the time even for minor things
  7. Apparently he chucked his glass over him not punched I haven’t seen the video but this is what someone who has said to me happened
  8. The show was like most tv shows they portray in a biased way and edit to show the worse most of it is set up for the cameras as in most things you see on tv never go by what you see on tv what made me laugh was the fella buying the gold saddle ring just approached him asked what he wanted for it came to a deal without knowing the weight the gold content etc that’s why I think it was set up for the cameras oh and the woman swearing every swear word under the sun while shaving her armpits was never in a million years a genuine travelling woman never in my life have I heard a t
  9. It’s not about whether you live in a house or you don’t it’s what’s in your blood
  10. Dig was fine not sick or anything warrior anyway proper dog thanks for replies
  11. Our small Dog has eaten nearly half of a really extra big Cadbury’s bar dog fine atm heard chocolate was dangerous if ate in large ammounts but never experienced this before should I take vets thanks Cj
  12. Nice merc that I’m a transit man personally but yours is nice how you finding it atm in the scrap everyone and there mums is on it round here atm
  13. CushtyJook

    the fight

    They don’t want it it won’t happen I don’t think Ruiz will have his number again faster hands was landing three for every one of ajs
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