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  1. CushtyJook

    the fight

    Go on boys
  2. CushtyJook

    the fight

    They don’t want it it won’t happen I don’t think Ruiz will have his number again faster hands was landing three for every one of ajs
  3. CushtyJook

    the fight

    Beaten by a fat man what did I tell you over rated over hyped and no chin wilder would murder him and so would fury can he come back yes I hope so and felt sorry for big josh to tell you the truth
  4. CushtyJook


    Shite don’t fill me up for seconds fish and chips
  5. Quite fancy a new catty what’s for sale
  6. CushtyJook

    Big Cat Sighting

    last night 3am as I was pulling into my ground there is a gate that goes into farmland opposite a black beast cleared the gate and into the darkness at first I thought it Was my black dog but she was all tucked up this was a big athletic animal I can’t say for sure that it Was but cleared the gate with ease
  7. CushtyJook

    Whyte vs fury

    Wilder won’t have a problem finding ajs chin povetkin seemed to have ease finding it great fight has to happen Ild fully back aj and British boxing wilder is a dangerous dangerous man
  8. CushtyJook

    Jeremy Kyle show

    Jk was a bully and his show was all about entertainment preying on vulnerable people I bet they pulled a lot of tricks behind the scenes to wind up people etc I feel sorry for security Steve really got a name for himself now will probably be on the doors of some shitty club in town
  9. CushtyJook

    Whyte vs fury

    He wilder doesn’t seem very keen to fight whyte and I think they only took the fury fight because they thought fury was done for and past it I’m hoping after they’ve all beat these dummies there in against they can finally get the fights arranged aj v wilder next would be nice I was thinking before fury was robbed with the draw but starting to think a draw was the fair result now but don’t think either are keen for a rematch that’s why I think fury or wilder will face aj before any rematch is agreed
  10. CushtyJook

    Whyte vs fury

    Your saying white hits harder than wilder ? Don’t agree with you on that wilder had fury down but fury got up on strong legs and went in to take another clean hook straight after to then start trading shots with wilder Ild like to see whyte v fury yes but very doubt it happens My prediction for wilder v breazeale is wilder kos breazeale Mid rounds wilder unlike Joshua is mostly loosing on the cards untill he gets the stoppage I want to see them all fight there fights swratz breazeale Ruiz then have wilder v aj then the winner v fury ideally fury v aj at Wembley next year it seems the biggest issue is actually getting these guys to box each other to much money and boxing politics involved
  11. CushtyJook

    Whyte vs fury

    That’s not entirely true fury a guy who’s the best part of 6 ft 8 and over 18 stone would hit hard as you’ll expect a man of his size would but his style isn’t about getting the power into his shots he likes to pitter pat his way to victory without having to put the weight in his shots and waste energy that’s what you have to consider here his engine is brilliant for a heavyweight his size because of his style and yes it does annoy me sometimes when fury could sit down on his shots and get people gone I think this shrawz fight fury needs to stop this guy as another points win is going to look dull going back to the whyte fight I doubt it happens but I see a similar fight to fury chisora with fury making whyte retire on his stool later rounds
  12. CushtyJook

    Whyte vs fury

    Wbc couldn’t order a Friday night takeaway 90% of the fights they order never happen
  13. CushtyJook

    Fly-tippers caught in the act.

    Seen it first thoughts where fake lads tipping didn’t seem one bit bothered a truck pulls and and shortly after a whopping tractor
  14. CushtyJook

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    Millers one big dope anyway not gonna get the world title or money that goes with it for along time if ever now
  15. CushtyJook

    Big Cat Sighting

    I might if mentioned it before but years ago we are talking 10 year I did a lot of mooching with my airrifle had permission on this nice Manor House anyway walking up the footpath and there’s a small sheep field that backs onto some house I see the biggest black cat sat in the grass that sulks into some brambles backing into the gardens of the houses I had a look about couldn’t see it anywhere it certainly was bigger than housecat size and completely vanished but I’m not really a believer into big cats and it must of been a larger than adverage moggy another time we where lamping on a large open spread out woodland cemetery cutting through and seen a massive black animal sink through the hedge almost as quick as the lamp went across the field I won’t say cat as I have no idea what it Was maybe a large dog or a black fox who knows unless I see 1000000% concrete evidence I wobt believe it but very interesting topic for sure