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  1. CushtyJook

    Just incase

    Years ago I came across a lurcher down by Littleton on Severn same area while I was out with mine it was running completely crazily around looking lost couldn’t catch it and appeared really scared was a brown colour tho.
  2. CushtyJook

    I’m back

    Thanks for the welcome backs much appreciated
  3. CushtyJook


    It’s true about the banks and the Jews etc the big Zionist gangsters certainly rule the world watched the video does have some good points edut to say I don’t deny the holocaust just as with most things we ain’t told The full story
  4. CushtyJook

    I’m back

    You must of been keeping tabs on me chid
  5. CushtyJook

    I’m back

    Been away a long time what’s new and if anyone has a good way of breathing let me know as deviated my septum last night and boy it’s hard to breath all the best cushty
  6. CushtyJook

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Shower of shit that was makes boxing look bad and mayweathers legacy on the back of two stupid to retire on looks even stupider fair enough he can make millions doing it and I’m sure any of us would in his shoes but it is plain stupid and bad for boxing
  7. Hit the nail in the head it’s the predators I think aswell badgers everywhere these days digging out warrens etc
  8. CushtyJook

    Fury v wilder

    I don’t agree aj be much easier for fury than wilder aj much easier to hit
  9. CushtyJook

    Fury v wilder

    Talkcheap your a complete divvy mate
  10. CushtyJook

    Fury v wilder

    Fury got up from a heavy knockdown early in the round and not only went on to put it on wilder took a few more clean heavy shots moments later and legs where still there the man has incredible recovery you can not take that away from him it’s very true what he said if you can’t nail me to the canvas you can’t win
  11. CushtyJook

    Fury v wilder

    Your a very bitter man Walshie can’t you give credit the guy care of a big lay of to face the biggest puncher in heavyweight boxing today and still won the fight in the eyes of majorities of world boxing community your a right missery I bet your misses can’t stand your negativity
  12. CushtyJook

    Fury v wilder

    Fury is the terminator hardest hitting one punch ko power couldn’t nail fury down won the fight but have to respect the draw there’s no excuses now for Hearn and aj fury or wilder in April but we all know it won’t be
  13. CushtyJook

    Fury v wilder

    Can he do it ofcourse he can wilders a one trick pony furys gonna knock him out in a rough dog fight just watch
  14. CushtyJook

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    But when it was ajs turn for a ibf mandatory in the same circumstancesthey never stripped him that wasn’t on
  15. CushtyJook

    VHD set to decimate our rabbit population!

    Rabbits and hunting for them is pointless around here and has been for a few years