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  1. Try a bit of ferreting with her, means you can build her confidance up without her having to run anything.
  2. Most use pet log, you can check the chip number on their site to see if its registered with them. if not then you will have to go in to the vets and get them to check. https://www.petlog.org.uk/ If it is registered with them - then you will have to contact them to see if you can change the chip over they will then contact the person who is registered with them - if that person does not reply with in a certain amount of time then they should change the details over, but if that person does reply, they have to state if they want the details changed or not.
  3. Feeding tinned toms started off with the greyhound peeps, its supposed to help the dog not tie up ( cramp) after a hard race bananna is supposed to help the same way, some dogs it helps some it dont. You do need to be careful feeding to many tomatoes though as tomatoes are very acidic and can change the ph of the urine - it can cause anything from bladder stones to urine infections if used long term, personally would only feed before running the dog hard, there not needed everyday and with some dogs not at all, older dogs with any joint problems should not be fed them at all, as it can
  4. Most dog wardens and some rescues now have dog traps, they could ask doglost for help to see if they could locate a dog trap in the area, constant feeding by one person ie go down at say 2 oclock and put food out for them, take a book and sit down ignoring the dogs, you can often start to gain the dogs trust this way, once there used to you being there and will eat whilst your around - start chucking bits out to them never make eye contact or call them as it can just make the dogs more nervous, it can take longer trying to gain their trust. Doping a dog often wont work and can cause pr
  5. Fennster a rrscue has offered to spring this bitch and the other 2 lurchers, There's a few people offering to donate, will pm you when im home as got crap signal at the mo.
  6. This bitch had been caught, now in leigh cat and dog home, She looks to have recently welped.
  7. If its the chicken thats causeing it, then wouldn't putting the pup back on it once its right just cause it to happen again? Personally I would just leave it out or give just small amounts untill the pup is fully grown, you want to pup to grow slow and stedy that way theres less chance of bone and joint problems when the dogs older.
  8. You could actually be feeding to much calcium, to much can cause symptoms like rickets plus other bone problems, the chicken carcases will be high in calcium. http://www.merckmanuals.com/pethealth/dog_disorders_and_diseases/bone_joint_and_muscle_disorders_of_dogs/disorders_associated_with_calcium_phosphorus_and_vitamin_d_in_dogs.html#v3205200
  9. A lot of pups get it, antibacterial wipes ( the ones for dogs) quick wipe over after a walk and they will soon go.
  10. Bloke has a shop in the wigan area, where he sells the meat from plus everything else.
  11. Same as i pay - except its from a "pet" shop in the wigan area, owned by a bloke with a white sprinter van.
  12. Try evening primrose oil shampoo, have found it works quite well, malasab shampoo is script only from vets.
  13. You could try feeding pasture fed beef liver instead of the lambs liver, as there's more vits and minerals in pasture fed beef liver than there is in some fruit and veg, also leave the jacket on the rabbits, as the fur can help the digestion. http://chriskresser.com/natures-most-potent-superfood you could also look at keepers mix as well.
  14. There's quite a few deaf lurchers do compete in agility, its just different training that's all and to help with recall there's now a vibrating collar or some use a flash light. once training is in place i cant see why a deaf dog couldn't be used in the field there's nothing wrong with their eyes, with lamping the lamp could be used as part of the training or with ferreting or bushing nose is used, most deaf dogs feel vibrations more than a non deaf dog, so they could feel vibrations from under ground a lot easier, even with training a non - deaf dog we are always using body language
  15. There is actually a study that confirms that a dogs digestive system is very similar to a humans and also a mouses. What people forget is animals evolve to their environment, so where as once dogs may have been like the wolf, a complete meat eater through living with us they have evolved, Look at the study on that wild fox over the years they were able to breed them to be tamer and to live with humans. http://m.livescience.com/31997-dogs-and-humans-evolved-together.html http://news.sciencemag.org/plants-animals/2013/01/diet-shaped-dog-domestication?ref=hp I do have the link to
  16. If you introduce them on neutral ground first for a couple of hours or so then put them back in together they should be fine. I was having problems with introducing a single jill in with my vas hob and jill, i put them all out together in the play pen on sat non of them had ever been in it, hour or so later there all back in the court, there's been no scrapping, nothing, before when ever i've tried my older jill would just go at her and start scrapping with her, currently there all fast asleep.
  17. http://www.forestry.gov.uk/alabamarot Theres also a facebook group alabama rot uk, Which has a few owners on who have lost their dog/s to this.
  18. I never used to wash mine down, just used to towel it off, but we've got that alabama rot locally, theres been 5 confirmed so far - small amount but not taking any risk, so mine get hosed off if its just light mud, but if they have been wallowing then they get a wash down with alovera- antibacterial shampoo mixed in water, tbh dogs coats have been looking better than they have ever done.
  19. Looks like there's probably a few round of that color. http://www.reptileforums.co.uk/forums/other-pets-exotics/706746-rare-ferrets-studs-available-2.html Having read this ( read the post about tango) seems that it can be caused by them being entire and once neutered they can change back to their original color. http://www.swfr.supanet.com/html/gallery.html
  20. You need to also treat the areas the dogs sleep, otherwise its pointless you paying out for frontline, theres a product that lasts for around 12 months and has an Inhibitor in it that stops the eggs from hatching, last time I used flea spray It was on a stray lurcher and I had to douse him in the spray and rub it in, only then did I see the fleas dieing, problem is fleas are getting used to the products so it's taking longer to kill them.
  21. Try the food first if you don't see any change with that would look at a form of alopecia, as both sides look to be identical, low thyroid can also cause thinning try giving kelp also as that can help the coat.
  22. No one can say properly if this was proper aggression though, not without actually witnessing what happened, but the thoughthere process is if you neuter both then you put them both back on an equal level, it also can depend on when one or both were neutered, if a dog is neutered young then the hormones dont develop fully, so they never know testosterone, neutered later after adult hood and they can still retain some of the urges, thats why some will still try to mate an in season bitch, even though they have nothing there. Pack leadership is a human thought process, dogs dont form packs,
  23. There are certain cancers that are hereditary, brest cancer for one If its in your family you have basically a 50/50 chance of developing it yourself, there are quite a few different drugs now that can help but there considered to expensive and wont be prescribed, same as the testing unless you have a living relative whos got cancer you cant have the test, although more are surviving cancer now than they did before there really haven't been that many advances in the last 20 years or so. Personally I wouldn't send any money to cancer research, would sooner the money go to the macmillen
  24. Just give him time and let him have his space, don't force the whippet x to be in the same room if he doesn't want to be, he will be warey for a while but will get over it, best thing to do is keep everything as normal, if you show anxiety or worry of them being together or because the whippet x doesn't want to come in the room then he's going to pick up on that and not want to go in the room. When out try redirection with the other dog, use a ball, fluffy squeaky toy etc and get it to burn some of the energy and frustration off.
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