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  1. Theres one at cheshire, you need to be referred to them though, Think its called oakwood.
  2. Id be inclined to see another vet and ask about SRM, ( clinical signs are characterised by episodes of profound spinal pain, depression, stiff gait and fever.) Although it is mostly seen in beagles,whippets etc it has been seen in other breeds, unfortunately diagnoses is expensive but personally if they dont know what is going on anyway i would be inclined to treat for SRM and go from there. http://www.aht.org.uk/cms-display/genetics_researchsrm.html
  3. Depending on how old the pup is you could try stugeron, wouldn't give it to a pup under 6 months, it helped my pup just gave him one tab and he's been fine since, before I couldn't get down the road before he was sick, now we can drive upwards of 3 hours without him stressing.
  4. I had my pup out just a few days after his first jab, end of the day its what you feel is more important getting the pup out and giving it vital experiences or keeping it in on vets advice I felt the pup would gain more getting out, unless your very strict on controlling the environment your pup is then you could quite easily walk in parvo on your shoes.
  5. Id probably put him on the lower one problem with anything higher is if he has lots of energy and isnt able to have a decent walk to use it hes going to go stair crazy confined without any way to burn off the excess.
  6. Not nesacerally food allergies are becoming more common, with dermatitis would expect a lot more iching and not in just in a couple of place, try using vet bed for the pup, as its easily washed on a boil wash and drys quickly. http://www.vcahospitals.com/main/pet-health-information/article/animal-health/allergy-general-in-dogs/428
  7. Try changing his food to a fish and potato one and see if it helps.
  8. Once she was fully recovered she was fine and lived a normal life, except for having to be kept on low fat foods, she wasn't a worker though, but tbh even if she was don't think it would have been a problem.
  9. Wouldn't put her out to pasture just yet, fingers crossed the leg can be fixed, but even as a tripod you will be surprised at just what they can do.
  10. It needs to be done mid way between seasons as that's when the blood flow to the uterus is at its lowest, some vets will do it at any time, but most like to wait for the mid way point as there's less complications when there's less blood flow.
  11. I would ask them to do bloods to confirm that it is pancreatitis first, then go from there but low fat diet is what is needed, at the start little and often as the pancreas needs to recover and cant do that if its over loaded, my bitch after her being in the vets for the weekend on a drip i started her off with plain chicken (no skin) and sweet potato or fish and sweet potato then once she was eating better moved her slowly on to chappie dried, she had a bad bout of it and it took quite some time for her to recover. http://pets.webmd.com/dogs/dog-pancreatitis-symptoms-and-treatment
  12. Probably been shot, i've had some given to me that were shot and have spent ages trying to find out where the dam things had been shot, only to find nothing.
  13. Might help you CJ http://www.whichdogfood.co.uk/dog-food-ingredient-glossary.php
  14. Fine tooth comb and comb through after every walk, especially in summer - mine gets covered in them little sticky balls not the big buds, these are tiny - she ends up with thousands all over her, pain to remove them by hand. For winter get some mushers secret, as it can help with the snowballing when we have snow. http://musherssecretwax.com/
  15. You could try the stopper pad protectors that agility people use, wont cause any lose of function and would help to protect the stopper pad. http://forestfleece.co.uk/shop/article_28.004/Neoprene-Semi-Pro-Stopper-Pad-Protectors.html?sessid=RWwuslhVKLwR5nPZpiV9ewzVDiHU7D4cRaZEIW6rV15kCJeZZg4UggEfFLEcF48J&shop_param=cid%3D20%26aid%3D28.004%26
  16. Feeding any type of bones should be supervised, sounds like his dogs tried to swallow them whole and thats why they got stuck, chicken wings arnt brittle only if they are cooked do they turn brittle, have been feeding them for over 20 years with out any problems, if a dog trys to eat them whole- feed frozen
  17. My pup was the same couple of chicken wings every dinner time for about a week helped loosen them, keep an eye on them every few days though as sometimes if the pup teeth don't loosen properly the adult teeth can't push them out and it can cause problems long term, as the adult teeth can grow in not the right position. http://www.animaldental.com.au/deciduous.html
  18. Let your pup guide you on how much is a meal, if the pup is looking for more then you haven't given enough if its leaving food then your making to much, its very rare a pup will over feed. Mine was fed 4 meals a day when i got him and over the months till 6 months it was cut down, when he turned 6 months he was put on to two meals a day, often you will notice pups will start to cut the middle meals out themselves as they get older.
  19. In the 8 years we've been going it's the first time the weather has been so bad, even so everyone did the best they could and carried on regardless to make the weekend run as best they could.
  20. Try attaching runs on to the hutchs and put them side by side so they can see each other but cant get to each other, she may need a slow introduction.
  21. Its one of my dogs favorite games to run through the trees, often with me watching with my heart in my mouth, luckily shes only ever hit a tree once and that wasn't at full speed. The vid shows her having a bit of a play with the beddie x, neither are going at full speed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY68xfMJA4s
  22. Think people say that because deerhound's can be slow to mature in themselves, doesn't necessarily mean a deerhound x will be slow to mature as you have to factor in what breeds have gone in to the dog, but having said that all dogs can be different even with in the same breed. my own experience my full deerhound was slow to mature both mentally and physically, she only started taking an interest in chasing anything just after she turned 4 shes 5 now, yesterday i watched her fly through the trees on the back of a bunny the beddie x had flushed out she lost it in the cover as she stum
  23. Get some front line or effipro, spray not drops from the vets - douse your hands in it and rub it as deep in to their coats as you can. Had a ferret come to me a few weeks ago, she was covered in them - even though she had been bathed and had drops put on had to douse her in the stuff, left it on for a couple of minutes then bathed her so as she didn't over dose on it, the fleas were dieing with in seconds - don't forget to put some on the head also being careful of eyes and mouth.
  24. If he's still got a problem with his toe, then starting to get him fit again would be pointless, as it could just aggravate the toe, i would either go back to the vets or find another vet, it could be there's something else going on with the toe, like a floating bone chip if it was infection you would have seen improvement well before now, did the vets not give you anything to take the swelling down like metacam?
  25. Lemon brindle lurcher found platt bridge area.
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