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  1. roybo

    Common beginner mistakes to avoid!

    Spot on
  2. roybo

    Let’s see your Pups

    hes a picture pal,
  3. Maybe they are "endangered" because as you say people want pups out of working parents , And unless working sheep or racing is working you will struggle . Coupled with the fact that some add something else that they feel a first cross maybe missing, Or maybe they just ain't wanted any more.
  4. roybo

    Monday TEA IN THE 50s

    pigs tails and trotters ,i used to love them . being from the black country grey pays is a rare treat these days flacko neck and breast of lamb stew,still remember the grease lol
  5. roybo

    Looks don't matter

    Of course you'll never know what worker you may be investing in for maybe a year or 2. Conversely you can't see if an 8 week old pup will be a looker, some don't blossom into lookers even though they were nice pups I certainly wouldn't pick a stud dog on looks or colour . But you may like a "type" be that build ,size , or coat ,and that may suit where you work the dog ,or may prefer racy over strong . I think we all have one eye on certain things that appeal .
  6. roybo

    Lurcher bitch pup

    Well bred pup wild Bill, and parents look nice types
  7. roybo

    Show us your Bull x

    Bill ,I just said it's 9 and still here so probably kept someone happy ,and said I GUESS , may have been easily pleased or the dog could have been a superstar I have no way of knowing . But lurcherlad94 is happy
  8. roybo

    Show us your Bull x

    Look at the end of the day they are your dogs and you can,and will do as you please. Hopefully in time you'll realise that the best dogs you'll ever have are the ones that you have had the most input with ,
  9. roybo

    Show us your Bull x

    It's 9 year old if it's still alive it must have done something right for someone I guess. I never once said the dog has jacked . For what it's worth he looks a nice type, And hope for his sake he does well for you. And sorry where I've put "for sale " read it as given away
  10. roybo

    Show us your Bull x

    Yes i can read ,hence my replies to you.
  11. roybo

    Show us your Bull x

    I buy or breed a pup and bring it on,work it and I'm usually happy with it. If it's a failure I'll put part blame on my self pts and move on. If i was to bring an older dog in ( which i wouldn't) I'd ask as many questions as i could ,then mull it over, then wonder why good dog is for sale , Then ask for a trial ,if the dog jacked I'd pts or offer it back to the previous owner ,unless i thought they'd move on again and again and............
  12. roybo

    Show us your Bull x

    I wouldn't be in that situation, i wouldn't trade in dogs.
  13. roybo

    Show us your Bull x

    Lurcherlad94 you have made the dog your responsibility ,what would YOU do with it
  14. roybo

    Show us your Bull x

    Not really my business mate ,but a shame to see dogs passed about . Especially ones that don't want the job ,as they be passed on again . Good luck with what you have and do right by them.
  15. roybo

    Show us your Bull x

    Maybe it would be better to not by off people that lie about a dogs age, and get rid of a 9 year old ,they deserve better than being passed around at that age. Maybe when you buy dogs off people you don't know get a trial,as they may be selling because they have jacked or been brought on badly. Maybe if you need to get rid because they've jacked pts rather than pass on . Only saying as a few lads have done the buying in older dogs trick,when they first start out. But get stung. But if lads pass on dogs of poor quality rather than stop the merry-go-round, it's the dogs that get the shitty end of the stick .