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  1. Here are some mate http://www.pets4homes.co.uk/classifieds/717202-traditional-greyhound-micro-ferrets-for-sale-skelmersdale.html
  2. What work? I had my first litter this year had 13 of them and was a breeze. i didn't find it any work at all but then i did only have them up until 9 weeks before they went to new homes. Food-wise, they weren't as bad as I thought they would be. i heard horror stories of kits being ravenous monsters but they were manageable.
  3. Any colour of ferret can carry silver and pass onto the kits
  4. Maybe he doesn't want to commit incest
  5. Never seen a red eyed silver but seen a red eyed sandy. Judging by that crazy ginger coloured ferret mi sister has, I now think any colour combination is possible
  6. Lol saw this ad before. He also has another ad up advertising kits that are 15 pounds next to the 40 pound ones..
  7. Lol this thread But on a serious note I am waiting till the end of the season to put my hobs together. right now, they keep climbing the front of the hutch to get at each other.
  8. I did see the 2 ferrets at it actually and the jill was only with the one hob. But anyway this ain't going to go anywhere but here's a question since you seem to be an expert on albinos..Why are there so many around? almost every litter I've seen has one or more?
  9. Well put mate except that my mate has actually produced 3 solid polecat kits in a litter from 2 real albino parents-not DEWS albinos. So you're partly incorrect. My thought is that ferrets carry so many colour variations that just about anything can show up.
  10. I've heard that colour of the offspring depends on what the father's carrying. anyone else found this to be true?
  11. Hello bud,there's a game keeper in Northumberland [Rothbury] a mr Harrisson he has bin breeding his own line of gingers for over 30 years.practically identical to the one in the picture,i know over the years a lot have gone down south.he still has several of these now,where as one time when rabbits where a plenty in these parts he would have no less than twenty,i hunt with this man pretty regular so i'll try and get some photo's.found one pic not the best but he's ginger,hope this is of some help ATB Keith j.IMG_0581 Now there's some insight! so this guy breeds them? the hob isnt albino by t
  12. Constructive comments only on my thread or feck off
  13. Where did you get your facts from mate? link
  14. Already looked at reptile forums and that albino pictured in the link is nothing like the above. the hormone thing is a loada **** because no amount of oils can produce a colour that intense. jeez anyone here have or seen rarer colours???
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