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  1. Well thats one I wont be back filling!
  2. Yes mate you will miss the old boy but you will always have the memories of the time you spent together. Nothing wrong with thinking about him as long as you are not in the middle of a bedroom session! lol. Take it easy pal. Onwards and upwards. Pat
  3. Right, thanks very much ladies and gents. I have decided that the bitch will definitely be leading a less taxing life with myself and my family. Have no fear as she will still get the highest standard of care and plenty of exercise as she will be coming on more trail runs with me which will keep her at peak fitness, she just will be stopped from chasing prey and receiving further injuries. Thanks again for your input for those that contributed in a sensible and constructive manner, it is much appreciated. No further comments needed as I have asked for the thread to be locked to stop it being
  4. it normally happens to the special type. Lost two out in the field and both had that thing about them. Wanna close eyes some times watchin em. Bitch i got here is mad. some special catches alot wouldnt get. I like that type tho. Dont think she make 5 lol Thanks Paul, I do end up closing my eyes with her, especially with her finding her feet recently. I also think if I dont give her a less challenging life she will be lucky to make 5 or 6. I am decided, she will be kept away from prey as much as possible and given a more relaxed family life with my kids, actually, thats probably an even toug
  5. Christ Gaz 1989, you really arent to bright are you pal! lol. Its a simple enough question, What would others do with the dog after the accidents she has had? carry on working her or retire her to a more sedate (that means more relaxed) life. I didnt want money or insurance mentioned as it just clouds the issue, I wanted a general cross sectional review to see if the consensus (this means most answers) would be retirement or persevere with her. I dont see whether I had insurance is any of your concern as I never mentioned it in the initial post. My sister, not that I need to tell you wanted t
  6. I think the quote I got a while back was £28 or somewhere in that area. OK, so its not quite the couple of grand I have spent but I felt that insurance companies are slimy b%st$rds and wouldnt pay out and usually manage to find a way to get out of paying the full amount. Also with two other dogs it was definately a lot more than what I have spent on surgery. Also my springer is 9 shortly and has not been to the vets since she was a pup so feel that the money I would have paid on insuranve for her would certainly be way over what I have spent on the lurcher. I made the decision based on my risk
  7. Ufortunately it wasnt my regular vet as like I sais I was away for a few days and my sister took her to the nearest vet to where she lives. My own vet would have been cheaper and a bit more forthcoming with me as they are ok with working dogs. Sesku, I am sure she has moved a little different since the last injury but it hasnt slowed her down now she has/had her confidence back! There has been no issues and definately no discomfort judging by the small places she crams herself into! I am fairly sure that this vet wants a new Range Rover. Pat
  8. oh, forgot to say that the vet thinks she still has a limp (not that I can see) and wants to scan her next week if it doesnt improve! Wondering how much more he is going to try and take me for! Pat
  9. Thanks guys, just back from the vets where she had the rain removed and an examination, they are very happy with her progress and expect her to make a full physical recovery. They pretty much echoed your comments Skycat as the vet herself has 5 lurchers who apparently rip themselves open on a regular basis. I exclaimed that she didnt have to pay the extortionate fees to put them back on the road everytime though which drew a bit of a frosty response. lol. Still, she seems to know her stuff and she bloody should for the amount I have paid out. Just greatful to have her on the mend when all sai
  10. Cheers Marshman, you know me personally so you know I have a soft centre, probably to soft for working dogs but I expect you already knew that. You also know that your advice is worth double anyone elses to me so I think its time for her to be a little lapdog! lol Hope you are well mate! All the best Pat
  11. Cheers Albert. yeah you are right, I would be surprised if the girl makes it to a natural end! lol. Mushroom, you obviously feel my pain and the wallet grabbing vets bills too! She is a quick dog and by the sound of it a bit f$%*&ing stupid to boot. I cant even blame her eyesight as she can spot a cat at 1/2 a mile. Still, in for a penny....as the saying goes! Pat
  12. Honestly mate, money is secondry when it comes to the welfare of my dogs. I am really am more concerned in what lies ahead for her. However, I looked at insurance when she was a pup but it was astronomical and I think that all the money I would have spent on insurance still would have been more than her treatment, plus I have the other two dogs who have been injury free thus far (I have put the mockers on it now). I just want whats best for the dog, money isnt an issue so to speak. Thanks for your input though. Pat
  13. Cheers Katchum, I know that all to well! The dog stands me in a few K now. lol. I dont even care about the money, though I didnt say that when I saw the bill. lol. I am more interested in whether to keep her away from the working scene or if she is willing to let her carry on until she bankrupts me! lol. She is a great companion with a lovely temprement so there is no question of her being rehomed. I just wanted to hear some thoughts from others not emotionally involved in the decision as it is always difficult to make decisions based on the heart. Cheers Pat
  14. Well the last time I posted was when my 18 month old lurcher hit a tree at full speed, smashing her teeth out and recieving an almost fatal stab wound to the chest where a branch narrowly missed the vitals! After a massive vets bill and a long, long recovery she would not do a thing even jumping at her own shadow. I posted on here for some advice and to see what others had done in similar situations and recieved some really helpful advice (unusual for THL I know.lol) which eventually led me to decide to retire the girl as she just would not chase and was very nervous. Anyway, after a year
  15. Still hasn't sunk In properly. What Ron didn't know about Terriers and their work you could write on the head of a pin. He could talk the talk and walk the walk, not like a lot of guys on here. He really does have the T-shirt and isn't afraid to pass on his knowledge. Im glad he was out doing what he loves best, with good company and another dog man in the making. Well done on your efforts to save him Man o Kent, you did everything you possibly could. I am sure having you with him was a comfort knowing what a top guy you are. Finally, my deepest sympathies to his family and friends. My tho
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