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  1. What page on fb were these pups on I would like to find out more about there breeding thanks
  2. Looks a cracker mate rember hear I g good stuff about him hope you keeping well mate
  3. Any pics of your old wheeler breed dog Brock mate
  4. What's the breeding of the bottom dog mate looks a nice solid terrier
  5. I've always thort tattooing or freeze branding I think it called like they do on cattle would be a better choice than micro chipping . But yes as had already been stated to chip a working lurcher digging dog with signs of work will not benefit the owner
  6. I bet he doesn't think yours smell nice either lol
  7. Here you are mate
  8. That's bitch is a real cracker arcticgun
  9. Have a word with him about doing 2 peice shovels seems a lot on here after them might be worth while
  10. Have this print hanging on my wall cracking peice
  11. price is £25 for one person or animal. Add £15 for each extra person or animal. The size is to fit in a 10" x12" frame with a mount. Can be easily put into a standard 10" by 12" frame. (Frame not included.)Need to have a clear, good quality photo to work from.
  12. Just bits mate she started to use her nose a lot more catching in cover and marking sets she's only just tirned a year last week
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