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  1. You can pay on the gate, booking in for coursing/racing starts from 8am.
  2. Unfortunately this will be the last one, as the East of England ground have decided its no longer profitable and will not be continuing after this year with the Autumn show, so hope people will come along and show their support. Sunday 8th October At: East of England Showground Peterborough PE2 6XE Simulated Coursing for Lurchers, followed by Straight Racing Overs and Unders for Lurchers, and Whippet and Terrier Racing. Booking in from 8.00am Open Showing from approx 12.30 with classes for Lurchers and Terriers will be back again this year, with rosettes and tro
  3. If you have a look on the picture 3rd down on hear that's a knocked up toe - otherwise known as a sprung toe. Could be yours has either badly bruised the foot or fractured the toe. http://www.abc.net.au/local/photos/2015/04/13/4215124.htm
  4. Give him some natural yoghet also, ab's tend to damage the bacteria in the gut You can also use tinned pumkin ( not the pie filler stuff) for the squits, its full of fibre and helps to bind them up.
  5. Don't worry about people on hear, they tend to get a bit over excited with new people, especially if its a woman. If your on facebook i can point you to a small group, where there's a few women on there who ferret etc some don't live a million miles away from you. In the mean time you would be better doing a bit of work with your ferret, getting it used to being picked up from the floor from coming out of tunnels etc, nothing worse than a ferret that either goes to bite or backs off and does a runner when your trying to get hold of them.
  6. It's all part of the positive claptrap ," there are many types of aggression "what I'm saying there is one aggression but just different temperaments that's how it's going to be expressed in a different manner Some dogs implode some explod depending on temperament , why complicate things , trying to blind people with science How complicated do you think dogs are , what's the bottom line bud Try explaining the nature of dogs , it's not difficult but then I suppose you'll say there are many different natures Your doing home checks on people but you don't really understand the natur
  7. Where did i say there was no fear in aggression, theres different types of aggression and not all of them has fear behind it, dogs will also show that fear in different ways. One i had pts just before christmas was fear aggressive towards other dogs, he showed some of the classic signals but also some different signals as well to show he was stressed and that was chewing himself and if pushed to much he would hyperventilate. Now another dog i met a couple of weeks ago whilst doing a home check showed different signals again, hackles up, bouncing up and down on front legs, barking and g
  8. What your dog is showing is submissive behavours, he's giving lots of signals out to say he's uncomfortable, when the bloke walks off thats the dogs chance to scare the threat away. To understand dogs you really need to understand what there saying, dogs give us clear signals every day, its just we tend to ignore them. There is a book called on talking terms with dogs, i haven't read it yet, even though I've got the book, but its supposed to be quite good. en.turid-rugaas.no/calming-signals---the-art-of-survival.html
  9. For some reason it wont let me post the photos, so had to use links. Because different body language is shown. for fear They may show avoidance, licking of lips, low body, no eye contact, turning head away. my bitch when i brought her home ( she is a rescue dog), deemed a dangerous dog and if the law had of changed before then she would have been pts as she did bite without warning and did bite a further two more times just weeks after bringing her home, due to not her fault, but people not listening to what they were told. https://get.google.com/albumarchive/1111920089963115472
  10. If you google, there are plenty of trainers who advise working with a dogs drive, a dog’s drives; the major drives that we use in dog obedience training or other types of dog trainings are primarily the; Prey-drive Defence-drive Fight-drive Avoidance-drive http://www.training-your-dog-and-you.com/drive.html and your dogs may well have passed the in season bitch as they were being obedient.
  11. Sorry but yes it would still exist. Dogs are a lot more complex than that and even the best dog trainers in the world including those who work their dogs can fail with a dog.
  12. I'm currently trying golden paste for my girl, made some up this evening and luckily she actually likes it. You could try yumove if you didn't want to mess around making the GP some have seen a difference using them.
  13. If its damaged then most bone men will not touch the dog, as it could cause further damage, might be worth you looking at lazer treatment as this can help areas heal, ken may have a look but after what happened to him last time when he ended up in court he might not.
  14. http://www.signal1.co.uk/news/local-news/rspca-caring-for-dog-following-reports-of-animal-dragged-behind-van/
  15. My old bitch never had any darkening of the skin, but every year around jan/feb she would start to loose her coat on her flanks back legs and her coat would start to thin a little, like i said never had a problem once she was on kelp.
  16. Apparently its been on the radio the rspca have now taken this dog, weather its true or not i don't know.
  17. Try kelp in his diet as well, had a bitch who suffered from seasonal alopecia never had a problem with hair loss when she was given kelp. This may interest you though, you said the only change was its now darker in the dogs run. http://veterinarynews.dvm360.com/seasonal-affective-disorder-can-be-culprit-canine-hair-loss
  18. Look at bob grass skin cream, my old lurcher had seasonal allergy's and this helped a lot it helps cool the skin down.
  19. Ken will be going till he drops, only used him once years ago, found he was a bit to harsh treating the dogs he likes to hear them crack, now use a mctimoney-corley therapist instead and had much better results.
  20. Go and see a physio one who does deep tissue massage and acupuncture, if you go to a proper one they should check your alignment first before starting any treatment, after over 11 years with constant muscaler problems in my legs I'm virtually pain free, if i over do it - i recover a lot quicker. I suffer with Iliotibial band syndrome due to having Over-pronation where as my ankles tilt inwards and mild hypermobility in my knees which can cause the muscles tighten and cause muscle pain. Both massage and acupuncture can help with blood flow to the legs also. A foam roller can also he
  21. chook1

    Meat Costs

    It all depends on where you go, different places charge different prices, chicken i pay 30p a pound, beef and tripe 50p a pound.
  22. Even a vet wouldn't see pale gums as a sign of dehydration, dehydration is checked by a skin tent test or some vets will check to see how tacky the gums are as a dogs gums should be moist.
  23. Malc if you want to complain - complain to Pat Quant who organizes and runs the bleeding thing, am sure if you ask around someone will give you her frigging phone number.
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