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  1. Cheers Phil by time I've saved enough she'll probably of changed her mind ☺
  2. I think I'm going to start saving now for the mulberry bag I know she likes ☺
  3. She does but chalk and cheese mate , and I chose wisely ☺☺
  4. Cheers guys , she knows I wouldn't of spent this kind of money on myself as other things come first so for her and the kids to go and get it without me knowing has made it kind of special
  5. I really am blessed to of married a beautiful wonderful woman that gave me 3 brilliant children . I woke this morning expecting the usual socks or chocolate for fathers day what I got was a brand new hw100kt in 177 with filling kit over the moon or what . Its a combined anniversary , birthday and xmas prezzie . I haven't fired it yet but can't wait I really am buzzing . so if anyone wants a mint condition hw95 in 177 for £225 drop me a line
  6. Had this little fella sizing up to himself today on my car door at work , managed to get a video too , taken with iPhone 5
  7. I read an old post on the coloured canary forum recommending osteocare from Holland and Barrett , I asked if people still used it as the post was 5 years old , it was less than £2for 200ml so I did buy some and have diluted some and using the mix to moisten my egg food which then gets mixed with some perle morbide , the birds are eating it fine and it's a lot cheer than the solutions sold for birds
  8. I would use 1/2" x 1" if you plan on canaries or similar , I had 1" on my first aviary and a few escaped . I would also slab or concrete the floor and make a small area with turf on , it can then be replaced when no good , concrete / slabs can be hosed and swept easier
  9. I think it's just coincidence as they have had their nails trimmed before pairing , the red ivory agate has been sat on hers for 9 days and the yellow for 5 with no more breakages ( fingers crossed )☺☺
  10. Thank you meroman , 2 of my hens are sitting on only 2 eggs each , for some reason both broke 1 , the 3rd hens just started laying ☺
  11. That looks like its eaten quite a few rabbits Might be just the picture though. No he's fat , on a diet though , honest ☺☺
  12. not the best pic but this is my Italian greyhound x whippet he's 7 now and has had quite a few bunny's , he is a pet not worker , brilliant in the house but he does get very excitable when people come round , recall is not brilliant but I would have this cross again .
  13. You certainly have a talent sir , I think it's stunning
  14. Cheers fireman , think I need to read thinks properly
  15. Thanks fireman , I might try to get to the one in Norwich I'm working this weekend unfortunately shame it wasn't easter weekend as I'm going to the inlays near Norwich then . I opted for 4 opening windows as I could hopefully control the airflow easier on nice days the door will be open as well as the windows ☺ toying with the idea of either a flight 2x6 flight in the shed or a 3x6 flight on the shed to the right of the cream door in the pic would mean taking the wife's decking up though
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