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  1. Both sides can also grow at different rates also. Just found this though. http://www.dentalvet.com/patients/orthodontics/pet_orthodontics.htm
  2. I wouldn't worry just yet, only thing you do need to watch is when they start loosing the puppy teeth as it can sometimes cause problems in they can retain them or the puppy teeth if they don't come out properly they can push the adult teeth out of line.
  3. Mine don't like the chicken mince so no point mixing it lol.
  4. None of mine would eat that either, although the ferrets would have a go.
  5. Don't blame you if you have the room do it.
  6. So really if you still not to get a certain weight.. You have to buy more at a higher price.. I am actually boiling I never got a email mind I order over the phone had a dodgy pay pal incident.. I can get fairly cheap chicken mince from a local chicken factory but come is massive blocks ,its a pain and i like the red meats/Tripe that DAF supply.. You can order direct from their online shop now, can either pay through card or paypal, although i don't think they have all the raw food on the site, i always used to pay on delivery found it much easier that way.
  7. Just rang them.. Dont deliver up my way Furthest north is lancaster I'm an hours drive before Lancaster so hopefully they should deliver to me, think i might try them when i next need to order.
  8. Its a way of getting one over on the customer though isnt it, most wont even realize just how much they are loosing, its the same with all the food industry's box sizes ave gone smaller prices have gone up, but yet not many have noticed there now getting less for their money.
  9. Anyone tried bulmer pet food ? http://www.bulmerdogfood.co.uk/frozen-meat-products/
  10. Just had a look at the new prices and for minced chicken for 15 it will be £8.55 compared to old price for 20 £10.60 Dear Customer You the customer have been asking and we have been listening, as you are looking for more variety we have deicide to make our boxes smaller instead of selling in boxes of 20’s we are looking to down size to boxes of 15’s, the change will start to take place in the next couple of weeks, The products we are changing are as follows Product Name Old Box Size NEW Box Size Minced Heart 12 x 454g/1lb 15 x 454g/1lb Minced C
  11. So far Drax is reluctant to eat the mince chicken and the mince turkey - he will eat it eventually, but not enthusiastic about it, he does love the meaty mince though, but cant give him to much of it as its mostly red meat, the lambs half heads were a complete hit with him and the other dogs, would defiantly order them again. What I'm doing is ordering different ones each month, to find out what he likes and what he don't, that way in the future i wont waste money buying food he's not going to touch. robadoo my adult dogs were never keen on the tripe either. From the last em
  12. Due in season? or could something be disturbing her during the night. Would look at investing in a crate for the mean time as most wont soil their beds and go back to basics with her, if she still does it in her crate would ask the vet just to check a urine sample just to rule out any medical problems.
  13. 2) Exercising your dog after dog spaying: It takes 10-14 days for skin wounds to heal after surgery; even longer for the linea alba wounds to heal. It is therefore recommended that running-around exercise be avoided or minimized for a minimum of 2 weeks after surgery to allow the skin the best chance of staying still and healing. Restrictingyour dog's exercise will also reduce the risk of a large seroma forming (section 6b) andreduce post-operative spay-site pain. It does however depend on how the site is healing as some dogs can react to the internal stitches.
  14. Got a very staffy head. Might be worth you whistle training whilst starting from scratch, once a dog has learned to ignore a command it turns in to white noise for them, when starting afresh its recomended to change what you say with the recall, with the whistle you don't need to worry about tone of voice IE if your angry or anything like that the whistle is constant, also if the dog did bugger off after something your not shouting in the hope the dog can hear you.
  15. Shes probably blown her coat due to the hot weather or if shes had a season, bath then strip out the dead hair - the bath first will help loosen any dead coat.
  16. Have a read through all this, there's some research articles in the side bit also. http://www.manukahoney.co.uk/index.shtml
  17. I feed the following ratio % raw 20% totally grain free complete/past/veg/bread I use the Taste of the Wild complete...check the link below...good stuff... http://www.tasteofthewildpetfood.com/products/ If your feeding grain free complete why feed pasta or bread, both of which have grains In the form of wheet and also have preservatives added, why not just stick to the complete and the raw, as they will give your dogs everything they need without adding fillers.
  18. I am now with E&I insurance, hadn't heard of them, they were recommended on Martin Lewis site, Money Making Expert, Can't really recommend them, as fingers crossed, have not needed to use them. I would highly recommend you walk away from them - there a very bad insurance and do everything they can not to pay out. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?83420-E-amp-L-Pet-Insurance-anyone-else-had-problems if you google you will find lots more reviews from people who have had major problems with them.
  19. If you did that though, would you not loose what you already have on photo bucket, because if not I would do it as, photo bucket is unreliable at best No because photobucket is a totally different host then picasa is - the two can be used at the same time.
  20. Samba lurcher link are in Yorkshire ask her to get in touch with them.
  21. Drax has been the same, except he's been eating slugs - panacur does lungworm, it has to be done over a longer course though also Granofen does lungworm, same again its a course the dog needs to take, Granofen is the one my vets give me for treating lungworm for a 25kg dog it costs me about 11 quid for the full course. http://www.viovet.co.uk/Non-Prescription_Medicines-Cats-Wormers-Granofen/c119_12_140_3832/category.html
  22. He still drops them more often than not.
  23. no point getting a script for Milbemax - end up costing you more, you can only use the script once and most vets wont put on any more than what the dog needs, how ever if your dog has seen the vet with in 6 months, then you should be able to go in and get the wormers without having to see the vet, with mine i just take the dog in to weigh and ask at the desk.
  24. Has anyone's pups started to turn there ears back ? Drax started a while ago, but they turn back properly more and more each day, picture taken a few weeks ago.
  25. Does it actually matter if he works his dogs or not, if the pups produced from his dogs are doing well out in the field and the people buying them are happy, then that's all should really matter.
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