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  1. Order some of this for the terrier, it does work, one of mine has allergy's and chews his legs to bits, few days using this and they come right again, know a few who use it on themselves as well for things like eczema. http://www.bobgrass.co.uk/product.html
  2. Easier to just buy a horse lunge whip,its ready made to just attach what ever you want, it also gives you much more flexibility when they catch it and when your flicking it.
  3. It could also be a late comer, not all dogs will have that switch - switched on from birth, some take that bit longer for the switch to click i got one of mine at 7 months old, she had been in a pet home that could not cope with her energy, she was 2 when she finely decided to chase something, when i got another dog a couple of years later, her drive intensified more as she then had competition.
  4. 2 lurchers were chucked over the fence at carla lane animals in need last night, might be worth checking them out, one looks a tan bull x is chipped, but vets have said number is unobtainable, other one i don't know as there's been no picture posted.
  5. That looks like its been degloved Personally i would get them to bandage it with medihoney bandages and show you how to bandage so as you can do it at home, the medihoney is a bit more expensive, but for degloving injury's its well worth using them, as they will help clean out the wound keep infection at bay and help the healing, if they show you how to do the bandaging at home, then you can save a bit and also check and change it as needed to keep pressure sores at bay.
  6. I think it depends on where you live as some areas charge higher than others, my vets charge the same as they would for neutering a rabbit, think it was about 45 quid for my hob to have the snip.
  7. These lot are mainly on facebook, but you could join them, http://www.stolenandmissingpetsalliance.co.uk/ You see there are lots of people trying to make change, you just need to open your eyes and look! Ps for those who don't know a microchip is not proof of ownership yet, so if someone does take your dog you still have to prove its your dog, a microchip only proves you own the chip, tattooing however can be regarded as proof in the eyes of the law.
  8. Hear you go one that's still open. https://www.change.org/p/david-cameron-mp-stop-dog-thefts-in-the-uk
  9. You kind of missed the boat a while ago. If you look round properly, you will find there are people trying to get change Tougher Penalties etc and there are a number of MP's know about the problems of dog theft, the petition finished a while ago, unfortunately it didn't get enough to be considered for debate by the Backbench Business Committee. http://dogtheftaction.com/article/Pet-Theft-Awareness-78.htm
  10. There is nothing wrong with Nim's behavior, the owner has just lost his home and is very much gutted he has to give him up! Nim is living london and has been doing fantastically well with his current owner. (Sadly, Nimrod has to come back to us as his owner isn't able to look after him at the moment and although he'd love to have him back when he's sorted his life out, knows that it's probably going to be best to find Nim a new home.) (He lived happily in his new home, until recently, when his owner sadly lost his home and can no-longer have Nimrod living with him in his temporary acc
  11. Chips do often move, especially if done in pups as they grow it tends to get displaced, they do normally settle down and stop in one place once their fully grown, its rarer with an adult dog who's been chipped for it to move and its never been heard of a chip working its way out, there coated with some stuff that helps them attach to the muscle etc, so they don't get rejected. With one of mine her chip is half way down her leg, she was done at around 6 weeks old by the breeder my youngster who was done at 12 weeks, so far his hasn't moved and neither have the other dogs who were done a
  12. Its a natural instinct for a pup or even an adult dog to do this, a leg of lamb to a dog is like you finding a pot of gold its a high value prize, would you give up the pot of gold if you found it ? would you fight to keep it - if i came to take it away ? Think how your dog feels, the only thing your dog can see is that pot of gold ( lamb leg) being taken away, in its own mind it has to do what ever to keep hold of that pot of gold, your dog doesn't know its not going to starve its part of our job to teach our dogs that they don't need to steal food and that its OK if someone take somet
  13. This thread should help you. http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/325143-who-uses-the-bloke-in-the-white-sprinter-on-saturdays-in-liverpool/ Tripe is 50p a pound, he sells it in 2lb blocks, beef is the same, chicken is 30p a pound again sold in 2lb blocks out of all the suppliers i've tried of raw minces the stuff he sells is better - my dogs eat it no problem, he does tend to run low on tripe quickly though, i know he had non in yesterday even though he stocks up on Fridays. Try heart as well.
  14. Depends on where you moved to in lancs I know quite a few but non of them are on hear.
  15. Have a look at more than also as there quite good, they deal with vets directly like petplan i spoke to my vets about them and they have never had any problems with them and would deal directly with them. It might be worth when you do choose an insurance to speak to your vets before taking it out to see if they have had any problems in the past with them and if they would deal direct with them.
  16. Get the stuff and change it yourself, that's what i did with one of mine, think after braking her toe she went back to the vets twice first was for a bandage change, which they did free of charge, second was just for a check up, every other day i would take off the bandage and check the area for any problems, then put it back on, i did take the bandage off her early as it had started to rub her, the toe had mostly healed so just kept her restricted, she was back out after about 5 weeks. For the wound get some medihoney either gel or dressings, it can help with wound healing. http://www.
  17. Paracetamol can be used for dogs, but you need the correct dosage for the dog your treating as it can cause a lot of problems quite a few vets do use paracetamol, my own vets included, i did ask my vet the dosage ratio a while ago but have lost the paper he wrote it on, as asked if it was ok to give in an emergency. http://www.vetinfo.com/how-safe-is-paracetamol-for-dogs.html
  18. If its knuckling over that could mean the bones are growing to fast and the tendons/muscles are pulling to tight as there not catching up, you may need to slow the growth down, best thing you can do is take the pup to a vet and get confirmation of this, then go from there. http://www.greatdanelady.com/articles/knuckling_over.htm
  19. Its probably reverse sneezing, quite a lot of lurchers do it, it doesn't seem to do them any harm, but you can stop it by putting your hand over their nose and rubbing their throat.
  20. Personally if it was me i would get him to a chiropractor ( not bone man) as bone men can be to harsh in their treatments some times and don't treat the whole dog, http://mctimoneychiropractic.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=50&Itemid=1 Mine regularly see a friend who does McTimoney-Corley just to keep them maintained and flexible, that way they tend to get less injury's and muscle strains.
  21. I have used stugeron tablets on one of mine, its never caused mine any drowsiness but it can depend on the dog, it sounds more like yours is stressed though as i presume when in the box he can not see around him have you not tried an open crate? the dog would still be confined but could see whats going on, has the dog been fully broken to the box? it could be stressed as its not happy being confined. I would try an open crate and get the dog happy where as its happy to go in and sleep in it.
  22. 6/7 months have done the same with all pups for years.
  23. Have a look on greyhound gap, I think there may be two pups left, but they had a litter of 3 beddie x's come in with both parents. http://greyhoundgap.**"£$%^&*(.com/thread/81495/week-rough-coat-pups-female The litter that were coming in to LL are no longer coming in, but they were origanally coming from the breeder.
  24. My youngster will do that, hes whippet / beddie, if hes gone off after something and the others arnt with him he yaps a couple of times then go's quiet, but if the others are with him or are close by hes silent.
  25. Out of the two i find my bull x whippet is the steadier one, i don't have to watch where she is she will place her self where shes needed when ferreting, when bushing she actively listens and watches where the beddie x's are and will follow the activity to place herself, shes not the fastest dog especially as shes only 3 legs and she wont go in to heavy cover, she marks just as good as the beddie x's - she would go all day up to the point of dropping obedience is second to non, unlike the beddie x's when on a scent or on quarry she will recall, she has a crap retrieve though. The bedd
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