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  1. Flynn is it you who does the ferret wheels, if so sorry i didn't get back to chat, got stuck doing picture's on the long jump.
  2. Yes lets remember that has nothing at all and i mean nothing at all to do with us, we are totally separate from the champion of champion's,we have no say in it and absolutely nothing to do with how its ran, its held at the show ground, we do not hold it, it was agreed to be held on the show ground a long time before we ever took over the main show!
  3. Malc the working lurcher championship has nothing at all to do with lurcher link, its just held hear thats all, its someone else who runs that, so please don't criticise us for something that we have nothing to do with!
  4. Its not about making money, its about trying to reduce the stray population, what happens if your dog gets stolen and moved out of the area, least with a chip you have a chance to get the dog back if it turns up as a stray etc.
  5. All dogs have to be chipped by next year. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21345730
  6. Its 10 quid i think on the gate, the free tickets i don't know if she'll have time now to send any out as we all head up on friday morning.
  7. sturgeon travel sickness tabs from the chemist has worked for mine, it also lasts a full day so quite handy if going out for the day.
  8. Try some kelp, its often used to promote good thick coat growth and maintain pigmentation, i've used it before on a bitch i had who lost the coat on her thighs and sides every winter, never had a problem after being put on kelp. Stress can cause also hair loss and dandruff, it can also cause the immunity to lower so could be why her ears and coat get dirty.
  9. Lurcher Link are proud to present the twenty-ninth Annual Autumn Show on Sunday 11th October 2015 at the East of England Showground, Peterborough ALL funds raised are in aid of Lurcher Link to help with the rescue
  10. Buy tickets online if you go next time - there only 16 quid. Judges were fine, although i think the lurcher judge was a bit miffed with trying to judge one of mine, don't think he's ever had a tripod in the ring before lol
  11. Personally i would stick with the skin dummy and go back to basics, use a training lead if you have to - to start with as you may just get the same messing around when you start later, let her get the silliness out of her system and then start, don't forget training should be about having fun anyway my youngster was started at 7 weeks with a rabbit skin.
  12. Look at what your feeding also as that can cause ear problems.
  13. I used to work in the butcher section, deboning and sorting the meat out lol But know what you mean, used to get loads of turcky carcass from a farm, was a pain collecting, sorting them all out and gutting any that needed it
  14. Never bothered to use the golborne one gnipper as have other sources where i can get them when needed.
  15. Kev only sells mince, he's in hindley ( wigan) There's a poultry factory in preston that used to sell carcases ( not been for years though so not sure if they still do) and there's one in golborne i was told by the manager i could go and get some anytime, but to ring first, you would need to contact them via email first and ask, you then are given the managers name and number to ring and have a chat.
  16. Theres two different types of training you could do, but it does depend on the dog first is teaching the dog to focus on yourself by teaching the look at me this means the dog learns to focus on you in an uncomfortable situation the second is to teach the dog that good things happen when the dog looks at what its worried/scared of. If the dog is jumping up at you to me its looking for reassurance, I wouldn't ignore this and would just say to the dog its ok and acknolage that its worried, often Ignoring the dog can make them think it has to take charge as your not, sounds daft I know bu
  17. Some vets don't even bother mentioning them as they don't see it as a worry, it was two years before i was told my lad had one when i told him i didn't know he even had one, he said oh yes its on his notes lol makes no difference really if you know or not, as there's no treatment needed and vets just tend to check when you go in for a booster etc.
  18. I would ask them what grade is the heart murmur, one of my lurchers has a grade 3 murmur and at 11 years old coped very well with an anesthetic when he went in to have his nackers off, there are lots of dogs out there with murmurs and lots of owners who don't even know the dog has one, so long as a dog is not showing signs of the murmur being a problem, ie coughing after excersize etc then i cant see it being a problem, if worried though you could always get an ecg or a scan done before hand, neither are expensive or shouldn't be.
  19. Problem with drones is if you loose contact then your screwed, there's a few near me got them - have seen them a few times chasing after them, one came down in the middle of the main road a few weeks ago.
  20. It is a painkiller, but as an emergency treatment then see no reason why it can't be given alongside rest or till you can get the dog to a vet, it's easy to over dose on any drug if you don't know what your doing, paradale has dosage instructions with it, lots of vets are now prescribing paracetamol now a days, mine was on it due to having an operation. http://www.noahcompendium.co.uk/Dechra_Veterinary_Products_Limited/Pardale-V_ACY-reg_ADs-_Oral_Tablets/-65159.html
  21. Dogs can have paracetamol, but it needs to be the correct dose for the dog, one of mine is on a para/codeine mix (paradale v - prescribed by the vet) shes about 45kg and has 1 1/2 tabs twice a day, ( p.s paradale v you can buy without script as its classified as NFA-VPS) But i would always try rest first before giving anything.
  22. I don't think it really matters, but if your having her spayed anyway and are not going to breed then don't see any point in waiting.
  23. Try optrex infected eye, the green gunge is normally associated with conjunctivitis. ps don't tell chemist its for a dog. http://www.optrex.co.uk/optrex-range/drops/optrex-infected-eye-drops/
  24. It smells slufery and feels gritty, when applying it - it softens with the heat from your hands. Just got the tub out. Sulphur bp 6.0% Zinc oxide ph eur 5.0% Boric acid ph eur 3.5% Salicylic acid ph eur 1.0% Cade oil 2.0% Hope that helps.
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