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  1. My favourite was when he was beat by that 'rescue donkey'.....ha ha that T shirt was ace......do we have a pic anywhere of the man with a mega-sulk on? :laugh:
  2. Sometimes you're better off PTS pal........
  3. Wild Food by Roger Phillips is good.....
  4. 320 are very good IMO. Thanks That's good to hear. Have you used the 430 at all? There is a £140 price difference, so just tryin to weigh up the extra benefits. I havent pal sorry. But I will say the 320 hasn't let me down (touchwood) and it's been used alot lol
  5. Best take a stretcher for carrying it off the mountain ha ha ha its feet will look like they've been hit with a sledgehammer ha
  6. To find out what the best daytime dog is for a particular quarry, just have a look at what the lads are using that are flat out at it......there's a reason why they have a certain type of dog, it's because they are keen and won't settle for anything less than a dog that is perfect for what they want. Lads that are doing a 600 mile round trip wouldn't be wasting their time with a dog that isn't much good..... DON'T confuse daytime and nighttime...different kettles of fish......Only MHO.
  7. Some strong opinions on this thread.......
  8. 200lb big nasty old boar , will sort any dog out, the dog would have to go for nose or ear , or other wise , it fooked if tried to grab any where else , they got short legs and tough bloody hide , they wreak a dog . even a 100 lb boar as very strong animal , so as real test of guts etc , a wild boar deff , but you have bring dogs up on them , in the 1st place . Bigger than that...the big sows weigh 200lb....boars can be almost double that..... :icon_eek:
  9. Procull is easy for squirrels. I always bend the trigger forward a little bit, just to give it a strike slightly further forward. I've caught dozens of squirrels in these.....foolproof trap really....
  10. great pic fatty..... its nice to see youre picking up some tips...ha ha ha
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