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  1. jack-percival

    Peugeot Partner Van

    Intrested in a px with a pcp air rifle mate
  2. jack-percival

    Air Arms S510 Stock

    Looking for an ultimate sporter stock for my s510 does anyone know where I can get hold of one from thanks in advance jack or is anyone interested in a swap for a .177 for my .22 s510
  3. jack-percival

    Bsa R10 Swap Or Px

    Bsa superten mk3 bull barrel in .177
  4. As the title states I'm looking for some mandarin duck eggs half a dozen and some golden pheseant eggs again half a dozen would be great to incubate to add some new blood and the kids to watch willing to either collect or if to far post them to me, private message me with price thankyou in advance jack
  5. jack-percival

    Rough Idea On Pricing Please

    Mines identical to the bottom picture stock wise
  6. I'm looking to sell my bsa superten mk3 bull barrel carbine (bbk) in .177 guise its in a lovely stripped stock maybe walnut, I belive they didn't make many bbk' s in .177, only issue is the magazine sometimes fails to rotate, common problem with bsa can be solved with the new version magazines, it comes with an added silencer that matches the bull barrel, it doesn't come with a stirrup pump or dive bottle just the gun and silencer and a bsa scope, never been tuned, if it's not worth selling I will get it bowkrett tuned and buy a new magazine, what sort of price should I advertise for, I could upload pics if it helps, I was thinking of px against another .177 like the bsa ultra for my lad
  7. jack-percival

    Deben Lithium 22Ah

    Anyone got a 22 deben lithium there are looking to get rid of I'd accept one as px against a lovely walnut stocked bsa superten bull barrel carbine in .177 id ideally like a ns50 aswel or cash to go towards 1 as these are guide rarely for sale
  8. jack-percival

    Out And About Tonight

    Just got in, had a the best night I've had in along while, thick cloud cover really windy and no rain here... If I can't sleep I might get back out in the early hours if it stays like this, calling them in for fun.....
  9. jack-percival

    Massive Long Shot

    It's 2015 no one should be struggling to feed them selves, even the immigrants get help to feed them selves.
  10. jack-percival

    Stupid Dog Owners

    Stuffed it up the exhaust and broke it off, if he couldn't be arsd getting out to walk the dog he would av more than likely gone to the police f you would have raised it at him gaffer, you done the right thing, we all make mistakes and most of the time a sorry is all that's needed to rectify it... Jack
  11. jack-percival

    Best Lurcher For The Rabbit

    Mine ha ha only jokin, whippet x's are usually very good rabbit dogs
  12. jack-percival


    There's loads of bull terriers about easy to find a decent working type strain I've got a hinks bull terrier at the moment , but your limited to what pits are around
  13. jack-percival


    Ebt is better than any pit I've had quite a few of both, and even better than a pit is a presa canario if your just afta a quard dog, as a worker, ebt allday
  14. jack-percival

    Live Fox Cage Trap Wanted

    Fxxxxxing hammer to the head this one wants, to close to houses too shoot and can't snare because of dogs, it's killed my dads pride and joy grade a Serama hens, thanks for the offer though Dan lol