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  1. I bought one of the baby bean (8 x 11mm) moulds and experimented with bean ammo for quite a while. The shot I cast weighed around 4.5 grams so sat somewhere between 9.5 mm steel and 10mm lead - so quite a useful size ammo. I found it no more effective than a standard round ball on quarry. Accuracy wise.... I only shoot out to about 20m and it seemed fine at that range, provided it is centred in the pouch properly. I used 0.8 mm bands 25-20 for all my testing as this is my standard set up. Personally, I prefer 10mm lead/ 11mm steel ammo and have better results with those compared to the bean sh
  2. Nice video, I enjoyed watching that. I still don't fancy eating squirrel myself though, they go straight in for the ferrets!
  3. Good effort mate! How does the draw weight of the 0.8 flats compare to the tubes? Does it help with your injury? My shoulder plays up if I spend alot of time on the catch box and I've considered dropping down to a 0.7 band and 9.5 steels, to see if it eases.Trouble is I'm confident with the 11 mils and don't know how I'd fare with the smaller ammo?
  4. Good shooting there bud
  5. Top shooting mate. Out of curiosity, will the pup retrieve the shot birds?
  6. Excellent shot mate....lovely looking bird too
  7. Thanks guys. Tats, I agree with you regarding the heavier frame. I definitely seem to be more accurate with them, not really sure why but maybe they just stay more stable with the recoil of the bands possibly? You should have a go at making your own frame. It doesn't work out that expensive and it's always nice taking game with something you crafted yourself plus, you can taylor it to your exact requirements.
  8. I had a couple of days out in the shed and made myself a new catty. It's a 5mm HGH core from catty shack with linen micarta scales. After a quick go on the catch box, I headed off out after some game. My usual go to frame is another HGH so my accuracy was roughly the same. A couple of hours later, I had managed a nice brace of pheasants...now destined for the casserole pot!
  9. Sorry Mr Wilkes....I feel like I've hijacked your thread!
  10. The more I'm hearing about this cross the more I'm liking it!
  11. All sorts mate. Ideally I would like it to work and retrieve anything you can take with a catty and just be a general mooching companion. I know a pure spaniel would probably be ideal but i ferret as well so something crossed with a runner is really what I want.
  12. Very nice, she looks spot on. You can defiantly see the spaniel in her. I don't recall ever seeing that cross for sale before so like you say, getting another would mean breeding your own.
  13. Have you got any pictures of the dog? I'd like to see how she looks.
  14. Coming on a treat. It's lovely to watch them working a scent.
  15. Excellent shooting bud, there must be plenty of em round your way? I'm not seeing too many at the minute and any I do see are away and out of sight before I've even got the catty out of my pocket!
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