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  1. No mate, the "sparks" is from me being an electrician and not my surname.
  2. I use the stinger, it's a nice little frame. Very small but surprisingly comfortable and shoots well. I put a couple of pictures up a couple of weeks ago on another topic.
  3. Lovely looking little bitch, how's she bred?
  4. I've always used balls of steel. I found them to be the cheapest for the 11mm I buy and for the quantity I use ( I normally order 1000 at a time). The service is top quality too.
  5. My mate has just said it's going to be Les Nelson bringing out a new ferret finder. He saw it on a ferreting page on face book. I haven't got face book so maybe someone who has could confirm?
  6. Looks like you made a nice job of it
  7. I did wonder that, or trying to boost sales and encourage people to buy them? I've just had a quick Google and alot of people are now out of stock. Be a shame if they do stop production.
  8. Just seen this on the Deben website. Might be time to get a spare?
  9. Yes mate, normally with a chunk of candle wax. Brings all the crap straight to the top. I must admit, there's something nice about melting lead and making your own ammo rather than just buying bearings. I do try to wear a mask tho as I can't imagine the fumes are too good for you?
  10. Totally agree, but I definitely find it easier casting the larger size ammo. Do you? I'm using old print press lead at the minute and I think it's got quite a high percentage of tin mixed in. Makes some lovely ammo but it's more difficult to trim off the sprue due to the hardness and you have to be watchful that the mould doesn't get too hot or it takes forever to harden.
  11. They're bloody expensive to be honest, I paid £48. But it should last me out and when you consider how many balls you can cast over its life time, it doesn't seem quite so bad. I find the smaller the shot size the hotter the mould has to be to give a decent ball. I think it's down to the size of the channel leading to the actual ball, it's considerable smaller on a 10 mm compared to my 14 mm and I seem to get a higher percentage of half and mis shapen shot at the start of the pour as the lead just doesn't seem to flow in, before it hardens....does that make sense?
  12. It's a well made bit of kit. Sorry if it's difficult i to see the shape of the shot, I sooted the mould over a candle to stop it sticking.
  13. The missus managed to get me one of the "baby bean" moulds. They are 8mm x 11mm. I knocked up a small batch of ammo and had a walk out. I think my 0.8 bands are a bit heavy for them in all honesty ( they weigh 4.5 grams) and would better suit a 0.7 band...but I still managed to bag a couple of pigeons. Any one else tried them?
  14. I rate the 10mm lead or 11mm steel ammo and seem to get a decent percentage of clean kills. I still think pigeons are one of the hardest quarry to take with the catty, sometimes they seem bulletproof and fly off even after a decent hit. I know everybody says goes for a head shot but in reality who can hit a pigeon cleanly on the bonce every time (at realistic hunting ranges and with the pressure of knowing it could fly off at any moment)....not me that's for sure.
  15. Lovely job. Was that with the 10mm lead?
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