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  1. I haven’t got Facebook yet but there seems to be alot of decent groups on there covering hunting/ field sports now. Perhaps it’s time I joined up!
  2. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. I’d better get myself some nylon twine and start repairing em.
  3. Hi, just looking for a for a bit of help with repairing some purse nets I've been gifted. They are made from the nylon sheet netting and seem in good condition with the exception that the rings have become loose on the majority of them. How do I go about re-tying the rings on? Ive knitted my own nets in the past and I'm guessing its a similar process to attaching the end ring...do I just tie the twine onto either the first mesh or the ring itself and then pick each mesh up in turn? Also, what would be the best material/twine for doing this? Thanks in advance.
  4. thanks bud, only 5 mins down the road.
  5. Which vets was that mate, if you don't mind me asking? I need to get a hob done in the next few weeks and was meaning to ring round for prices.
  6. Thanks mate much appreciated, I'll give them a call.
  7. Which vets did you get that price from mate? I'm also in Norfolk and struggling to find a decent price to get my three Jill's jabbed this year. Cheers
  8. Inverter welders are funny old things and the supply varies between manufactuers but like you say 16A is the norm. It will be easier once you know the size of the breaker feeding the cooker socket as if it's bigger than 16amp, you don't really want to be putting a 16 amp socket on the end as you will be over rating it and have the potential for electrical fire/ damage (if the welder developed a fault.)
  9. What size is the breaker/ fuse supplying the cooking socket (Normally they are fed at around 40 amp)? If it is a 16amp just remove the cooker socket and put a 16 amp socket on the end of the cable instead and the corresponding plug on the welder ( the caravan type you mentioned). What size supply does the welder actually need, it should say in the manual. Ps I'm a sparky by trade ATB Andy
  10. Had a jill jabbed over the last 4 years and never came back into season till the next spring. It used to cost 25 quid but the vet has now said the legislation has changed and once the vial is opened it had to be used so the cost will go up massively next year. Ive now got 3 more jills which will also need jabbing so it might still be cost effective or I will have to look into getting a snipped hob.
  11. andysparks

    Last Night

    Nice write-up. I'd love to get out and give it a go myself some time.
  12. I like the look of the wooden pins, what dimensions are they made to? And do you gather the net onto the pin the same way as when using a longer net?
  13. Thankyou, thats great. I'll send you a pm
  14. andysparks

    End Pins

    Hi, I need to get a set of end pins for a pair of 5yard stop nets I have ordered and was wondering where the best place to get them from was? I done a quick google search and only found Bridport nets selling them and with no pictures, I have no idea of the quality. Im sure I read somewhere that with the short stop nets you can use a peg instead of a pin....is this true? This will be the first time I'll be using any type of net other than purse nets so any help is much appreciated. Andy
  15. did you ever get it sorted mate? I ordered from them over a week ago, moneys gone but no collar and lead and I cant get hold of them. I wish I had read this earlier
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