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  1. The Barnett tubes are good but really only suited for heavy ammo such as half inch lead. There's always the option of attaching flat bands to the bare forks which gives you far more choice in the respect of draw weight and ammo. I'll hopefully attach a link to a video showing how it's done...
  2. I've got another frame I made up for sale. It was a spare to the frame I use everyday but I haven't used it and it seems a waste just sitting on the shelf. It's a 10mm ally HGH core from Wayne at catty shack with natural linen micarta scales, fitted with brass pins. I'm asking £30 posted.
  3. These were the only two frames I used for along time, shooting 14mm lead with square elastic. I haven't shot with them for over a year now and use flats with 10mm lead.
  4. Nice one, what bands and ammo was that? Squizzers are tough little buggers, you did well.
  5. That sorted him out! Nice shooting bud.
  6. Lovely job thanks, I'll have a look at those. Nice way of attaching them to the collars too.
  7. Great looking bunch of dogs and ferrets!
  8. I've recently been looking to get a few bells for the collars. There seems to be loads of choice in size and quality, would you be able to put a link up to the ones you recommend or even the make and size I should be looking at please? Rgds, Andy
  9. This is my two. 5 year old dog whippet and a little 1 year old whippet/collie/greyhound bitch. Perfect for a mooch about, the little bitch will retrieve anything that falls to the catapult.
  10. Nice shooting bud! Glad to see you're putting it to good use.
  11. Bloody hell! They're not even a great frame to shoot...in my opinion obviously. Someone must be mad to pay that!
  12. Hi there, I have an ally HH for sale. It's a 10mm core from Matt fitted with East Anglian bog Oak handle scales. Im asking £40 delivered. It's had very little use so just a few minor wear marks but no fork hits.
  13. I bought one of the baby bean (8 x 11mm) moulds and experimented with bean ammo for quite a while. The shot I cast weighed around 4.5 grams so sat somewhere between 9.5 mm steel and 10mm lead - so quite a useful size ammo. I found it no more effective than a standard round ball on quarry. Accuracy wise.... I only shoot out to about 20m and it seemed fine at that range, provided it is centred in the pouch properly. I used 0.8 mm bands 25-20 for all my testing as this is my standard set up. Personally, I prefer 10mm lead/ 11mm steel ammo and have better results with those compared to the bean sh
  14. Nice video, I enjoyed watching that. I still don't fancy eating squirrel myself though, they go straight in for the ferrets!
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