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  1. topscaff1

    Rifle lamp for my savage 223

    Thanks I will check it out
  2. topscaff1

    Rifle lamp for my savage 223

    a Up to about 200 yds ish
  3. topscaff1

    Rifle lamp for my savage 223

    Okay thanks 🖒
  4. Looking for a lamp I can mount on my savage 223 for foxes any suggestions please as I'm new to foxes, thanks in anticipation (I'm not made of money lol)
  5. topscaff1

    Working Ebt

    Brilliant thanks very much
  6. topscaff1

    Working Ebt

    A while ago I saw a topic on here on EBT and someone was breeding a working type dog a lot leggyer and looked full of it can anyone tell me wher I can contact this person, I don't want the dog for working I just loved the look of this type EBT, thanks
  7. topscaff1

    Iscope For Samsung Galaxy....

    Got to make one cheers
  8. topscaff1

    I Sight?

    Thanks all for your help I will have ago, Mike
  9. topscaff1

    I Sight?

    Cheers everyone, any chance of some pictures and maybe a list of stuff I might need, thanks Mike
  10. topscaff1

    I Sight?

    Hi anyone have any info on these please are they any good, Mike http://www.theairguncentre.com/online-shop/i-scope/426-i-scope
  11. topscaff1

    Sea Fishing Gear

    Any pics mate
  12. topscaff1

    Black Rocks

    Cheers for all your help
  13. topscaff1

    Black Rocks

    Anyone know where you can buy pure black rock hatching eggs, I belive they are hard to come by (Proper ones) cheers
  14. topscaff1

    Which Breed Of Chicken ?

    If you want them just for eggs you wont beat Black rocks, it just depends what you want them for.