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  1. No,i used to go by longest back,skin stretch,size of paws etc.The amount of times the scrawny fecker grew the biggest.
  2. Several hundred pounds a pup usually.
  3. The lads my lad hunts with don,t own Bedlingtons,Lakey,s,Black terriers and hounds,large and small.When a terrier or two,often three,are running free ratching about then its a fact that at times in the season more than one will drop in on an hunt,to date that as never,ever caused any sort of significant problem.Me and my lad will not run our terriers at liberty with other peoples terriers,the small hounds that regularly enter have yet to cause grief.A few of the lads with other terrier types are sitting up and taking notice about what a decent team of Bedlingtons have to offer,a couple of the same lads that had their views set in stone about terrier work are asking for a Beddy if a pup comes available,times and attitudes are a changing,possibly because they have witnessed at first hand the versatility and effectiveness of an honest team of Working Beddys and a decent Deerhoundy Lurcher.
  4. Do your homework,you are from Bradford,ask Nicky or a few of the Dewsbury and Huddersfield lads that are wanting pups and a line from my lads stock.Id not own a terrier that was not a proficient busher,it boils my piss when bushing is seen as 3rd rate terrier work as a proper busher will account for far more fox work than a terrier that is on a leash checking earths.My lad owns 3 Beddy bushers that stay if the fox won,t bolt and you dig with a rapid shovel or dig to a dead fox.I worked piles with the parents of my lads dogs,with a little success,after a couple of fairly exciting rescues my lad won,t work piles any more with his,i will.Read through my posts on here and you may see that i rate the majority of Bedlingtons with utter disdain,its all about honesty which is sadly lacking in most working terriers now,even Bedlingtons.
  5. Im with you now,i own 3 sisters to the bitch you mentioned,the one you have seen,the ghost,is coming on very well,she saw her first fox,below at 12 months of age with me,this season my lad has had a couple of fox,s with her,one you witnessed,she was not what id class a pup then as she was 2 years old and according to my lad did a tad better than well?,the folks that have hunted with my lad know he is no nugget.Another sister to the same is progressing not as well,she false marks,is hard in and gets over excitable and confused,another season may prove her salvation and the 3rd sister does not get enough graft in all honesty,she is basically a spare in my kennel,which is a shame as she is keen and bred well enough,id lend her to the right sort to put a litter through as she is the right type to breed from.The ghost was dug to last week and never moved off her mark.The difference between two of mine and the bitch you did not rate is the fact that 2 see enough opportunity to prove their credentials and one spends to much time in a kennel,even that one bolted a fox recently?.
  6. Im not saying he did,nt ,im saying ive never seen them,as ive seen only a small percentage of his dogs its easily possible.The majority of the dogs ive seen at his have been Welsh retired and its rare ive seen a litter at his home,again its rare ive been there so i state as i saw.he still puts an almighty hunting shift in,as many on here can vouch for and he is possibly one of the FMWTC reps that earns his tuppence.
  7. Ive never seen nicky with an Airedale,he should have one coming from Halifax.The vast majority of his mutts will never see a litter and for an fat old fart like him im fairly impressed with the amount of working days his charges see in a season,he should weigh half his weight with the miles and days he puts in,fair enough he walks slow and cannot hunt past a KFC.
  8. Is that the same bitch in wales i never bred?,my young bitch here as been dug to twice,bolted dozens out of cover,grafts to a standard im happy enough with at this time in her hunting cycle and made the usual mistakes when she first entered.According to the experts on here a sapling has to graft like a seasoned terrier in its first few encounters and never make a mistake,thank feck i own Bedlingtons that i expect to make a few errors in their early encounters,,ive yet to own a terrier that was the finished article in its first season.
  9. I could write song and verse about the folk ive gifted pups to,sold,sold and sold,a bitch that was promised never to be bred from had at least 6 litters,her daughter 7,passed through kennel after kennel,for dollar,bought a dog back for £150 that i gave for free,lent one that was also sold,lent one that was lost and 2 years later i found the twat had sold that one also,fecking nuggets that now have their own line of bedlingtons that i gave them and breed year after year to the wrong type of studs for a monetary reward,pups im supposed to have bred and sold for a cash reward,a fecking bitch i breed out of on a regular occurrence thats a dog,and a fell ive put a litter through for 3 years after i last saw her,in that time she was retired as a pet and neutured.Ive plenty to breed from here mucker and the main reason ill never ,ever breed from them is because of the twats that want to get their dirty paws on them for all the wrong reasons.Id breed a litter in spring,that would be far better than the average,if i could find homes for them that matched.
  10. It wants breeding from at some stage,if the right stud is sourced,her aunty is the bitch i spent over 30 years to breed,id really like a pup from her,she looks like a Bedlington,she grafts like a terrier should and she as an history of honesty in her lineage.
  11. As ive earlier stated im not stuck for hybrid Beddy grafters,im stuck for a less hybrid mutt that can carry the breed,as your from Wales? and the Nelson i know of is in Lancashire you may not know of it or I,thus we may not matter in the bigger picture.
  12. You may be different to me mucker,ive never ever heard of a working lineage that was not reliant on inbreeding,linebreeding whatever.
  13. The vast majority of graft my terriers see is pushing cover and chasing to ground,thats when i think of mine as a little bit better than most Bedlingtons,they push to ground and then deal with it.Im nearly in your situation now mucker and look forward to the bushing and frown when they find to ground,the first thing i now ask is "how deep",anything above my waist is met with regret now.I call the 30 years olds on the shovel the youngsters/
  14. It was a brother and sister mating,it doubled up on the Fell and The Beddy,a Black and tan sister ended up in Nelson.
  15. I blame colour telly,s,it used to be all black and white.
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