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  1. You must be fecking desperate to get me on side,i own poodles
  2. Not recently,even In my time we had an habit of interrupting a gallop to dodge plod,it was part and parcel of owning a runner then.The art of coursing was the art of being undetected,impossible then,even more impossible now.If it was easier in my time ive nothing but admiration for the folk that take their chances now.
  3. I ran the fens long before plod made a nuisance of themselves,the A1 corridor and my favourite location Pocklington.In all of those locations you dodged plod.If I needed to release a dog on a small slip id have sold it to the gyppo,s
  4. The main lamping was always rabbit,if a lurcher failed to adapt to its given environment it was not a lurcher.Ive never seen a smaller lurcher with the same killing aptitude of something a tad bigger.
  5. I now know your Achilles heel,its not about the battle but the conclusion of the war.Id much rather swap a difference of opinion with a like minded soul than with the majority of the nuggets on here.
  6. A proper lurcher courses the land and retrieves to the owner undetected.
  7. The best and finest lurcher that ive ever witnessed in the field,day and night,was a collie/greyXsaluki /grey.The best lamping lurcher ive ever witnessed was bred the same way.The only lurcher that matched these was a Collie/grey -Deerhoundy/grey that I owned,the lurcher I owned killed more than both of the others,day and night,they did it with more class.its impossible to equate class unless you see the runs,its impossible to equate runs to the class a deerhoundy/collie offers and id not own anything else.The further and more arduous the gallop,the more difficult the kill,then the Deerhoundy/Collie ran at another level.
  8. I remember an earlier post by you when you looked for a bite for your bait,i once believed I was a tad smarter than the average Joe,im pleased to let you know you have had my measure at times,ill call it deuce for now.
  9. I'm not trying to be hard assed on you mucker,im just trying to point you in another direction,apologies.It boils my urine now when folk race towards technology to make up for the duff shit they now accept as lurchers.In my time lurchers did all the work,all the time,all the hours and on all the land.Now they are seen as an addition to the technology,i don,t recognise that.
  10. What like al Capone?,how the feck did you know I had a cock disease?.Ive stopped drinking skid,the wife started to look attractive.
  11. I owned lurchers that mapped the fields without any sort of device,plus they had an habit of retrieval that few ever witnessed,because they were lurchers.Its all about devices now to assist shit lurchers.Get yourself out on a frosty full moon in the depths of winter,break ice across rough land and let the mutt earn its corn,it will blend into the night,it will hunt and cover the ground,it will chase,lose and use its snout to reconnect and retrieve.Try it.
  12. We may agree on that.The facts are I give it out,large,loud and obnoxious,if others shout from their platform I'm willing to eat pie.
  13. Id have that on my wall.
  14. Everything you mention there is everything id of expected from the lurcher,the lurcher was meant to cover all them scenarios on its own merit.
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