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  1. I was mole trapping a few days ago,the sun was shining and the wind nearly blew my fecking lugs off,it was cold.Its better to be cold at times mucker.
  2. The best Bedlington ive ever seen working is now in pup,pet owners are more interested than working homes.
  3. Going back a decade a mate of mine bought a true minshaw bred from the son and not the original daddy,he knew the family and threw £70 at the pup,bought from a keeper and genuine bred.My mate contacted the breeders and its heritage and it all added up,later on in its hunting lifestyle he wished he had sourced anything a tad better,the pup was a turd.Im not saying anything minshaw bred is shite,ive seen 3 and would not own 1,the others may fare far better.
  4. When dogs were cheap the irish pykeys stole and earnt a living,another site in Southern Ireland raided lately and over 40 dogs traced back to England out of over 70 seized,the other 30 had no chips.
  5. The arrangement was for the lad from Blackburn,who was picking his pup up from French,to pick ours up and drop them off at a lurcher and terrier show just outside Blackburn,we went to the show and never got our pups.I don,t know the lad but remember the pup he brought back,it ended up with a lass in preston and was later sold in Donny.The postal order we sent was cashed.
  6. That was a bit tongue in cheek,if dna was taken from stolen English lurchers,terriers,then anything irish bred would suffer,at times.
  7. It dismays me with the quality of lurchers bred now,on the whole,not fit for purpose should be thrown at the majority of breeders and the expensive shite they produce.Its not difficult to produce an half decent lurcher and cover the cost of breeding.It seems caviar and atlantic salmon is a dietry requirement of modern breeding,often by owners who cannot peel a spud or catch a trout.
  8. In our time pups cost feck all and there was an awful lot of decent uns about,an awful lot of dross,as the dross cost feck all it was easier to stomach.Now decent lurchers are like hens teeth and expensive dross suits the modern lurcher owner.
  9. He sold me and a mate,saluki hybrids,took the payment and never sent the mutts,early 80,s.The lad from Blackburn that came back with a littermate,that lurcher made the theft of our brass easier to accept,it was a turd.
  10. the more expensive the lurcher the lower the quality and experience of the breeder,Saluki bred exempt,unless its from Ireland.
  11. Id learn how to hunt before I got a dog.
  12. You should have a net in the bag to suit,in the certain situation you need one you may be lost without one.Nets are becoming less needed now,as standards slip.
  13. The second rescue you posted there was a bitch,that was one lucky mutt and owner,he,s had his money out of the FMWTC over the years.The best thing about that rescue was the result,the next best thing for me was the younger uns that carried the work load.Anybody that as the slightest interest in terrier work should join,terriers that ratch about on top often get stuck below.The subs should be far higher.
  14. I was an handsome youth,smokeys sister raped me,for months and dj travis made me rich for a week,50p deposit on a glass.
  15. I once had the pleasure of shagging one of his castoffs, the cold dark cabin rented to the local cub pack did not make a dent in my vigour.True and when he told me it was his wife,when we later shared a pint in Stanbury made me wary of his intent.The early 80,s in bronte country made men of boys and the lesbians that owned an affinity for the same made life merrier than should have been,at the same time the sister of one of the influential groups of the time took advantage of me,i won,t even tell you about dg travis and when he held a concet above oxenhope.And people think ive never lived.Smok
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