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  1. What Beddy owner on here as offered a bitch,a grafting bitch as well,as a brood to a working stud,GRATIS?.Who as wanted to use her?.This bitch will go through season after season on here and not one single working Bedlington owner,hysterical laughter,will want to use her because their fecking grafters are not as grafting as their puppy prices equate to.The genuine beddy owners that breed for zilch know of her and have used some of her lineage,Gratis,the breeders of expensive working? beddy litters have little use for such a bitch."What is the point of breeding supposedly best working bedlingto
  2. Do your own thing pal,folk have a tendency to walk their own path,you talk louder than you walk.
  3. I'm a semi keen angler and when I often post I leave a little on the line to tempt a bite or 5 out of the nuggets on here,the nuggets bite the hardest?,just like the maggots they are.The bitch is puffing and panting 2 days earlier than she is due,bigger litter methinks and not one of them will end up with a nugget on here.
  4. Never ever mentioned sold,again you are another that reads more in a post to suit,gifted as pets mush,because pet homes will look after the pups better.It was once the case that working homes where the best possible homes for dogs and that was a fact,they where fed better,exercised better and lived in an environment more educated to a dogs needs.The fact of life now for any dog is the fact that working homes now are far,far less knowledgeable than they where a decade or 2 ago.If you want the best for a pup now you would not look for a working owner?,my lad wants the best for anything bred from
  5. Its more bonkers when folk want them to breed for dollar,its far more bonkers when folk want to own a ready made terrier straight away without putting any effort in and its far more bonkers when a bitch is offered free,the litter offered to the owner of the stud and no working Beddy owner,apart from the few,want to know.I could breed 2 litters this season and would not find decent working homes for the majority of them,id find many an home wanking over the price of future litters,id find many an home that could not differentiate betwixt work and walt Disney.The thing that never baffles me when
  6. You find me a digging terrier of any sort?,type?description?etc.etc. that is not mongrelised,does not carry mongrel blood,does not carry an unknown lineage?.Bedlingtons have never been a pure bred terrier,the fecking wankers in the KC attempted to make them pure and far more dishonest,especially as grafters.Working terriers of any breed specific type are more working honest when they are mongrels.
  7. People are to keen to buy,i understand that at times its the only way for many to get their first step upon the ladder,ive been in that same situation and was frustrated with the total utter dross on offer.I was not complaining about putting decent bedlingtons into pet homes,i was stating a fact of life now that those homes are the best for the pups.I could count on an emu,s toes the decent homes ive found for earlier working bred pups.As ive earlier stated the litter is my lads and the last folk he,d consider for a pup would be off an hunting forum,i don,t need to explain why?.Again ive a bit
  8. nice working type.I offered to let a like minded soul use his or hers working Beddy dog over a spare bitch I owned,they could have all the pups as long as they gifted a few of them to folk looking at a beddy as working addition to their kennel.The dog had to be a genuine grafter below,guess how many folk replied?.
  9. Its my lads litter.As ive stated before its hard to find a decent working home for a Bedlington because the majority of folk wanting one want a bitch to breed from and sell pups.Folk find it easy enough to post on a feckless forum and send pm,s stating they want a pup.Again that's total fecking ignorance,there is no quick fix litters about,do a little homework,find somebody in the know,get introduced and invited out,get in a queue and prove that a gift of a working terrier will not bite the owners arse again.The main reason my lad will gift to pet homes is because the pups have a better chance
  10. There are better working bedlingtons about than ive owned or bred and a few honest lads rate them because of what they offer as grafters.What I strived to breed was a little honesty into the beddy,others are as honest and as frustrated with the shite that people breed and sell as authentic grafters.I don,t own a monopoly on working beddy,s,i bang a little harder on the drum to attempt to steer folk away from shite.The vast,vast majority of working Bedlingtons bred are utter dross,the small percentage of decent uns bred are as good as any working terrier out there.There is a reason I and a few
  11. My lads bitch is in pup now,not one will earn him any brass,the latest pup I own cost me zilch and a bitch my lad lined last year the litter never saw a dollar.Its hard to source decent Bedlingtons that work,its easy enough to source working Bedlingtons that are expensive.If you want a decent grafting terrier don,t buy a Bedlington.
  12. I was mole trapping a few days ago,the sun was shining and the wind nearly blew my fecking lugs off,it was cold.Its better to be cold at times mucker.
  13. The best Bedlington ive ever seen working is now in pup,pet owners are more interested than working homes.
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