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  1. Bill ill bare my arse in the town hall square if i meet anybody that as ever encountered a Deerhound in the last century that could come to terms with a lame arthritic red hind in labour.The only salvation for any Deerhound is the mongrel element in its breeding that may establish its credentials at the high altar again,they are to be found and they look feck all like the KC dross masquerading under the the Deerhound names pandered on sites like this.
  2. Wash your mouth out,shrek was a blue shirt proclaimer,then the dosh caught up with the £8 granny shagger and he went all mancunian,any arsehole that goes mancunian wants a gallagher salford brimming.
  3. Id have him in a breath with the shite since.
  4. Dont call me dad,ive spent enough brass getting me out of that shite.
  5. We last had a decent manager under Moyes,we sold our soul to dollar and the orient express,the brass wasted under the Dutch nugget and the sale of low key players that served the club far better than the overseas dross that managers since have seen as the Everton salvation.Come back Royle.
  6. So i left your mummy hanging,just forgive and forget you fecking nugget.
  7. Sober up and write slowly so i can keep up.
  8. If they don,t work below they are not what the Beddy was bred for,suit the majority of pseudo beddy owners about now and the dollar they command,id not feed the shite that THE MAJORITY HAVE IN THEIR KENNEL.
  9. You never look at the mantlepiece when you poke the fire
  10. Nice tits,a fat arse and the ability to treat dogs as dogs,nearly all id seek in a woman,apart from the fact she could eat me out of a lardert and drink me under the table/
  11. It cannot be that easy to upset the fecking nuggets on here,geez it used to be harder to agitate the halfwits.
  12. The chain strangler,i liked her,not enough to get her pregnant,enough to respect the fact she pissed off the establishment and got things done.I can see why she would upset many on here as she had more balls than the average male lurcher owner now.
  13. The useless fecking thing missed its 22nd rabbit.
  14. An harsh cnut that never fed a useless cur,ive never owned a mutt that failed to leave a kennel and not greet me first,thats possibly not entirely true because a few of them prefered my wife,traitors.
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