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  1. morton

    trying to trace a pup/dog in scotland

    Im glad you are of the opinion you have proven "your" point,it undermines my belief that sites likes this are the domain of feckwits,chancers and egos,on the whole,decent folk give this site a wide berth now because of the likes of you and the folk that seek comfort from your drunken rantings.Ive not been on here for about 6-7 weeks,ill be back about august.Little heads up mucker,ill be at the FMWTC show at the Causeway Inn,start drinking earlier and pluck up the courage to introduce yerself.
  2. morton

    trying to trace a pup/dog in scotland

    A 3 year old pup.
  3. morton

    trying to trace a pup/dog in scotland

    The last litter of terriers i bred was about 5 years ago,gave them all away apart from 3 retained between me and my lad,my lad bred a litter of 7, 2 years ago and gifted all but 2 he bred for me.Work it out better than you did from my last post einstein.I keep telling you that the fecking nuggets feeding you info are of the same ilk as youself,the sort ive little time for.
  4. morton

    trying to trace a pup/dog in scotland

    Its deluded egos like yourself that have taken lurchers to the level many wish to see them at,the fecking gutter and guttersnipe ownership.Ive bred once in the last 8 years,the bitch had 13 pups and i left 5 on her,kept 2,gifted 2 and sold 1 that i failed to find a decent working home for.That may make me a "concerned breeder" in your eyes,in my eyes it underlines the level you will sink to in an attempt to get your pathetic ego in print.
  5. morton

    trying to trace a pup/dog in scotland

    You sold a dog in good faith,ill warrant you put a little effort,time and energy into raising the litter,now you would like an up-date on how the pup is getting on,fair play to you son.The facts are mucker that the majority of lurcher folk do not have the same attitude as you mucker,they believe you have no responsibility just because you took dollar for one of your charges and as soon as you do that you relinquish all responsibilities for a pup you may have a little affinity for.I totally agree with you mucker,when the buyer refuses to keep you up to date then thats piss poor form.Most folk on here breed shit for dollar and have little interest in how the progeny progress,well done for attempting to keep in touch with one of your pups pal,i wish more folk had your attitude to lurchers.
  6. You put an awful lot of effort in there pal,i liked the show ring FMWTC banners,decent location,steady enough attendance with the weather,a few folk should make an effort to support this next time around,the FMWTC shows are the only ones worth their salt now,money goes to an honest cause .
  7. morton


    You should have introduced yourself Alun,ill see you this time mucker.
  8. morton

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    Im still learning,you stopped .
  9. morton

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    Classic is a massive assumption,if i stated such id expect to show it,that mutt is a mile away from what id assume to be classic,i cannot believe that the lurcher as slipped to a level that modern ownership recognises a turd like that as classic,i hope im not wrong,possibly most folk are better mannered than moi and refuse to sink to my ignorance.Trawl through the site and look at some of what ive bred and owned,then get back to me about classic.
  10. morton

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    Ah bless a desperate know it all.
  11. morton

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    Not a fecking bit,just don,t quote classic for rodent worthy.
  12. morton

    Here's what happens if you poach my ground

    Feck me he did a bit of poaching to feed his family,as is the issue in that country,id hate to be in that situation and feel fecking sorry for the family he,s left behind to fend the best they can.
  13. morton

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    A few on here could tell you they hunt on Mars and you would take it all in.
  14. morton

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    I tried to edit my post,so ill try again.Weak hindquarters,weak and shallow chest,weak and narrow jaw,short coupled and weak in the wrist and hock.Classic in the owners eye only.The original Deerhound was a powerful animal,the Greyhound is a powerful animal and a decent Bedlington is a beast in miniature,thus a combination of each should portray,especially from a side vision,a remarkable looking lurcher that many may aspire to own and call classical,that shivery weakling does not portray that fact to me,it may to some.
  15. morton

    Bloody Sunday

    Republican news.