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  1. morton

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    Im still learning,you stopped .
  2. morton

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    Classic is a massive assumption,if i stated such id expect to show it,that mutt is a mile away from what id assume to be classic,i cannot believe that the lurcher as slipped to a level that modern ownership recognises a turd like that as classic,i hope im not wrong,possibly most folk are better mannered than moi and refuse to sink to my ignorance.Trawl through the site and look at some of what ive bred and owned,then get back to me about classic.
  3. morton

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    Ah bless a desperate know it all.
  4. morton

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    Not a fecking bit,just don,t quote classic for rodent worthy.
  5. morton

    Here's what happens if you poach my ground

    Feck me he did a bit of poaching to feed his family,as is the issue in that country,id hate to be in that situation and feel fecking sorry for the family he,s left behind to fend the best they can.
  6. morton

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    A few on here could tell you they hunt on Mars and you would take it all in.
  7. morton

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    I tried to edit my post,so ill try again.Weak hindquarters,weak and shallow chest,weak and narrow jaw,short coupled and weak in the wrist and hock.Classic in the owners eye only.The original Deerhound was a powerful animal,the Greyhound is a powerful animal and a decent Bedlington is a beast in miniature,thus a combination of each should portray,especially from a side vision,a remarkable looking lurcher that many may aspire to own and call classical,that shivery weakling does not portray that fact to me,it may to some.
  8. morton

    Bloody Sunday

    Republican news.
  9. morton

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    Classic looks,seriously that is one weak looking hindquarter.Strong arse strong drive,weak arse weak pursuit.
  10. morton

    Daschund down hole for 5 Days (non working)

    It was for the fecking rabbit to be stuck with a crying whining turd,her dog was not much better.
  11. morton


    the folk that have the real need to hunt out of season are few and far between,others need every excuse to hunt in trainers and shorts.the facts are that its easy enough to account for whats on the ground in the recognised season without the need to ruin the following seasons sport.I fully understand the requirement to enter certain ground when the shooting as finished and a few have to hunt accordingly,,again a few,others need all the excuse they can muster to make up for another lazy winter.Im not saying you are one of the feckless feckwits,you don,t come across as such,yet ill warrant you know what im aiming at.
  12. morton

    Daschund down hole for 5 Days (non working)

    The thing is,this was a much missed pet that got itself stuck in a rabbit hole,the owner was obviously made up to find it again,more made up to take the time to take a fecking picture and download it for the feckwits to appreciate and slap the owner on her fat arse and the mutt was a secondary consideration to her greedy ego,imo.
  13. morton

    Bloody Sunday

    Because some sneaky twat who wishes to diet will hide behind an hedge,bully an old age pensioner and take a cheap shot instead of having the gonads to stand in front of a 19 year old squaddy.
  14. morton

    Border /staff cross

    I was at a show at Middleton,Manchester,very early 80,s,Lakeys always won the shows at that time,on this day a lad turned up with two smart black terriers and he walked away with the shield,an awful lot of folk tried to buy these dogs and many,many put their names down for pups,i know because my mate owned them.He had a black terrier,bred from Welsh stock that won many a show.Middleton tried to buy it when he was a Lakey lad,as he said on the day "it was the smartest terrier he,d ever seen and my mate would win less with it as he was not known"fact,another fact was ken Gould attempted to buy the same dog when he was a Russel man, A top dales terrierman knocked it back,at a midlands show,because it was chinned and missing teeth,nearly caused a riot if the folks remember the day and Kay from Halifax bought a full litter it sired because he could not buy the sire.A while later the dog was nicked and ended up in Bradford and a while later a lad from that area dominated the show scene,possibly with a stolen lineage?Do i believe the black terrier earnt its stripes for its work ethic,certainly not,it earnt its stripes from the few that recognised the fact it could earn them an income,the grafters bred in its name are far outnumbered by the dross bred for the show and dollar.
  15. morton

    Bloody Sunday

    Organised by the IRA,governed by the IRA and now its a civil action,don,t be so fecking naive,Sinn Fein lawyers are behind all this as they seek to make their cause politically correct.The folk that don,t have a clue could not decipher a sun crossword.Its a case of let us shoot and don,t shoot back,the IRA got their fecking arses smacked that day,it should have become standard army practice and the troubles would have soon become a damp squib in Derry.