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  1. How is it then that decent lurcher owners want collie.deerhound and whippet in the mix,and none of them want the smell of bullshit in the pedigree.I know of a few that want a deerhoundy /collie in the mix to rescue what the bull lacks,pace,nous and minerals,because the vast majority of bull bred lurchers and the owners lack all 3
  2. Id walk back mucker,the best thing ever to happen to me is the granddaughter,she goes everywhere and does everything with me,she as her own dog,wellies,fishing rod etc,etc.Best of wishes for your future time together.
  3. If you want a decent ratching about lurcher,a bit of ferreting,lamping ,general mooching about and doing what a proper lurcher was intended for then the last thing on the pedigree would be bull infusion,over bred,over priced,over exaggerated and over indulged by nuggets.The decent bred,owned and worked uns have little in common with rodent hunting,feather plucking, lurcher owners.
  4. Ive been more fortunate.Ive seen terriers of many breeds and styles working,ive witnessed very good russels,lakey,s,black terriers and many a mongrel.Ive been the owner of many and been in the company of folk that had better,ive never been kennel blind and have had many an happy hour with like minded souls and their terrier type,we all have a type we adhere to don,t we?.In my 40 plus years ive appreciated all of what ive seen and wished id been the owner of a few and in all that time ive drifted towards the beddy.It may never have been the best ive seen yet it remains the best ive wanted to br
  5. Einstein was not a dog owner,if he was he would have been far smarter?.
  6. I believe it was Einstein that stated that if you keep asking the same question and seek different answers you are then insane.
  7. Your lack of knowledge may not be as lacking as you would wish some to believe as you mention "live pheasants".Some lurcher owners knew the advantage of owning a mutt proficient at filling the pot and wallet,the wallet and pot are unconcerned with what fills them,the lurcher never gave a toot and many an owner hunted with a brazen manner.Id find the hunting level that you are at comfort with and hunt accordingly,if you have a problem with the consequence of your actions seek a lesser consequence.A roasted fowl or pheasant is far more tender and tastier with the time you put into the catcher,gu
  8. Id source a Beddy/Grey hybrid as they offer a tad more,as you are in Scotland you are in an area that still holds a few decent lurchers of this type.Take your time,do your homework and be willing to hold your wallet at bay.
  9. Me and a mucker ran hares into a rock face time after time,above Oxenhope,after a couple of outings on the third we took along a ferret,hare staggered out with popped eyes and a ferret followed,the ferret was known as cyclops after that as he lost an eye.On ground above Braithwaite an hare was known to seek sanctuary in a dry stone wall,i ran it a few times and gave it grace as I liked its nous,a lad with a shit dog pulled it out of the wall and threw it to his useless cur.Another above oakworth used a land drain to evade a more useful mutt,a dog I owned caught it by the arse as it made the dr
  10. What Beddy owner on here as offered a bitch,a grafting bitch as well,as a brood to a working stud,GRATIS?.Who as wanted to use her?.This bitch will go through season after season on here and not one single working Bedlington owner,hysterical laughter,will want to use her because their fecking grafters are not as grafting as their puppy prices equate to.The genuine beddy owners that breed for zilch know of her and have used some of her lineage,Gratis,the breeders of expensive working? beddy litters have little use for such a bitch."What is the point of breeding supposedly best working bedlingto
  11. Do your own thing pal,folk have a tendency to walk their own path,you talk louder than you walk.
  12. I'm a semi keen angler and when I often post I leave a little on the line to tempt a bite or 5 out of the nuggets on here,the nuggets bite the hardest?,just like the maggots they are.The bitch is puffing and panting 2 days earlier than she is due,bigger litter methinks and not one of them will end up with a nugget on here.
  13. Never ever mentioned sold,again you are another that reads more in a post to suit,gifted as pets mush,because pet homes will look after the pups better.It was once the case that working homes where the best possible homes for dogs and that was a fact,they where fed better,exercised better and lived in an environment more educated to a dogs needs.The fact of life now for any dog is the fact that working homes now are far,far less knowledgeable than they where a decade or 2 ago.If you want the best for a pup now you would not look for a working owner?,my lad wants the best for anything bred from
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