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  1. morton


    The pykey scum were once happy to rob pensioners and sexually abuse teenage girls,now they are killing coppers,we can say what next? then be surprised what the pykey scum are capable of.
  2. morton

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    Hancock was an educated and articulate fella,he had a panache for taking dollar from nuggets.if his tax returns said he bred 2 pups from 2 litters and had the receipts to prove it then is records came up to spec.The facts are he was a puppy peddlar of the worst kind,he bred a monumental amount of shite with a cash incentive and tax evasion,the odd diamond that strolled out of his and her kennel was far,far outweighed by the fecking shivery and reluctant dross that masquerade as lurchers.They had their share of educated fools that failed to see anything that was less than dross.
  3. morton

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    £350 a pup,several pups in the litter,dozens and dozens of litters a year,i heard she was selling 60-70 pups a month?,ill guarantee the commercial kennels only breed for commercial profit and not working quality.
  4. My daughter lives in NSW and she keeps asking me to send her a couple of pups over,you stump up the brass and ill send you a decent Beddy over,plus one for my grandkids,lot of money perhaps,the benefits may outweigh the Aussie dollar?,ill be over in November if you want to talk and give me a day in the field.
  5. morton

    Hello from Croatia

    Welcome,throw us a few posts about your hunting activities over there mucker.
  6. morton

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    I think its a blessing when a commercial puppy enterprise shuts down,its tragic for the folk that trod a path to their commercial establishment to source a 4th grade mutt,the majority of times,the decent curs they bred where far,far,far outweighed by the shivery and reluctant dross that many passed from pillar to post in their pursuit of bunny nirvana.They will soon be up and at it again as soon as they circumnavigate the new rules and regulations,to much dosh to be taken from fools to pack in the gold mine.
  7. morton

    Terrier clubs

    Ill take it as tongue in cheek about the staying power of a beddy?.If im out and about with the scruffy fluffs i take advantage of the younger,keener,fitter and more easily influenced youths in attendance and let them warm the grafter,I prefer to spectate and dictate.The average decent terrier will always be such,much akin to the owner.I can state with a little regret that decent digging terriers where far easier to source a few decades ago and thats a fact that the youngsters now, sick of culling shite may attest to.Getting back on point the FMWTC is a far more important organisation than any other,they rescue many a useful and useless mutt,they are there to be used by anybody that wishes to enter a terrier,good bad and indifferent,that covers the owners as well,they do fantastic charity work,Nicky as a show at the causeway Inn next weekend?,he has raised many,many thousands over the years for charity,he,s rescued a few mutts as well if thats important.For a lousy tenner you can work your mutts with a safety net,support your local FMWTClubs and the tireless individuals that do the thankless tasks we lazy twats take for granted,get along to the shows and charity events and donate a little that gives us a lot.
  8. morton

    Terrier clubs

    The yearbooks need to be aired to a wider audience,that alone would gain many a member,the dinosaurs have had their day and its time for a more modern approach to attracting and retaining membership.Its imperative that the old values are not lost and the younger and older generation find a common goal.
  9. morton

    Terrier clubs

    As i never said anybody,no matter how feckless deserves to lose a terrier,you lost your argument.The vast,vast,vast majority of rescues are conducted by the terrier owner and his close associates,in the very rare circumstance that a terrier is lost to ground and it becomes such that it requires the expertise and financial assistance of an organisation such as the FMWTC to get to a mutt that would otherwise be lost,then yes id advocate the importance of paying a paltry sum and joining.Im certainly of the opinion that the standard of terrierwork and terriers is on the decline,the company i keep is far more difficult to find now,less than 20 years ago i could,nt say the same.
  10. morton

    Terrier clubs

    Its a reflection of the times,the importance of the FMWTC was once,not to long ago,a significant factor in many of the lads and lasses putting a terrier in an hole,without such an organisation many a useful mutt would have been lost.The more aged amidst our splintered ranks still recognise the importance of being a member of a club set up with the sole intent of serving its members.The standard of terrier work is much diminished now,the standard of terriers reflects the times we live in and to many now are of the opinion they don,t need the assistance that the FMWTC offers,until they lose a mutt and then contact a member and ask them to say its their dog.The cost of joining the FMWTC is a paltry sum,put the fees up and then use the extra revenue to up-date the magazine and make it more to-date friendly.You will know yourself that a minority of the more aged amongst us have a built in destruct button and cannot accept the fact that a younger.hungrier and more useful terrier lad should run a club and keep it going.Advertise the shows better,get decent judges on board that see soil over shampoo,don,t be fecking shy about putting a few dinosaurs in their place,get the magazine out to a wider audience and just plod on doing the job your doing mucker,its a thankless task no doubt,if honest young souls like yourself struggle to attract members then the fools who cannot see the advantage of joining deserve what comes their way,their terriers dont.
  11. morton

    trying to trace a pup/dog in scotland

    Im glad you are of the opinion you have proven "your" point,it undermines my belief that sites likes this are the domain of feckwits,chancers and egos,on the whole,decent folk give this site a wide berth now because of the likes of you and the folk that seek comfort from your drunken rantings.Ive not been on here for about 6-7 weeks,ill be back about august.Little heads up mucker,ill be at the FMWTC show at the Causeway Inn,start drinking earlier and pluck up the courage to introduce yerself.
  12. morton

    trying to trace a pup/dog in scotland

    A 3 year old pup.
  13. morton

    trying to trace a pup/dog in scotland

    The last litter of terriers i bred was about 5 years ago,gave them all away apart from 3 retained between me and my lad,my lad bred a litter of 7, 2 years ago and gifted all but 2 he bred for me.Work it out better than you did from my last post einstein.I keep telling you that the fecking nuggets feeding you info are of the same ilk as youself,the sort ive little time for.
  14. morton

    trying to trace a pup/dog in scotland

    Its deluded egos like yourself that have taken lurchers to the level many wish to see them at,the fecking gutter and guttersnipe ownership.Ive bred once in the last 8 years,the bitch had 13 pups and i left 5 on her,kept 2,gifted 2 and sold 1 that i failed to find a decent working home for.That may make me a "concerned breeder" in your eyes,in my eyes it underlines the level you will sink to in an attempt to get your pathetic ego in print.
  15. morton

    trying to trace a pup/dog in scotland

    You sold a dog in good faith,ill warrant you put a little effort,time and energy into raising the litter,now you would like an up-date on how the pup is getting on,fair play to you son.The facts are mucker that the majority of lurcher folk do not have the same attitude as you mucker,they believe you have no responsibility just because you took dollar for one of your charges and as soon as you do that you relinquish all responsibilities for a pup you may have a little affinity for.I totally agree with you mucker,when the buyer refuses to keep you up to date then thats piss poor form.Most folk on here breed shit for dollar and have little interest in how the progeny progress,well done for attempting to keep in touch with one of your pups pal,i wish more folk had your attitude to lurchers.