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  1. Just got my we bedy Whippet, from proper working background. Original owner had get rid down to health issues. He's now 10 month, and slowly getting used to me, and me shouting his commands . Slowly does it. Should I wait till he proper trained to the commands, sit, return, etc, before I take him out walking at night, and getting used to the beam. My main worry , If I let him off lead before he proper got grasp of the return, and recognition his name, could he run off into the distance, and end with serious issues to get him to return ?
  2. Thanks. fred90. The price round £400 well within my price range. Also the photo that dog in your post is exactly what im looking for. Any one know any person with similar for sale, please let me know. thanks
  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Looking for any long hared type lurcher. Bedy Whippet cross. Bedy Grey Cross. More on the smaller size, Pedigree not problem.


  4. Bedy Whippet, Bedy Grey. Any long haired Lurcher type. View Advert Looking for any long hared type lurcher. Bedy Whippet cross. Bedy Grey Cross. More on the smaller size, Pedigree not problem. Advertiser scotsmac1 Date 09/01/22 Price Category Working Dogs and Livestock  
  5. Back again after, missing for while, health issues, and general turmoil of life and getting bit older. I live small village, in SW Scotland , ( New Galloway, near Dumfries and Castle Douglas ) but can travel if suitable dog comes up. Looking for wire haired lurcher type dog. Easy management and good companion for country walks, Also accompany mate on days out with his ferrets. On my last post in July, some perfect dogs were shown to me, I love the Bedy Grey., along with the other photos in my last post, all them would been perfect. I do prefer it on the smaller size. Im not to up
  6. I want get dog as my companion. I live in small rural village in SW Scotland, and my hobby is fly fishing for salmon, and generally getting out each day. Im looking not to big, and easy management. I was brought up with my fathers gun dogs, but personally this will be my first dog. So something on the easy side. My prefrence, is the long wire haired, silver grey Bedlington Whippet, or the lurcher. I prefer the Bed Whippet simply as I believe it's slightly smaller. Can anyone advise me, if Im making correct decision, in choosing the Whippet cross ? And any advice on good dea
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