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  1. keepers around here are busy enough and they seem to have all their bird traps about and stink pits supplied with bait.Ive never seen as many folk walking the rural footpaths.Ground nesting birds seem to be getting far more disturbance and ive come across shot rabbits and crows on some of my permission,i know its not the keepers.its rare i see a fox around here and next season will be no different,the industrial and semi rural sites that hold them will be the same as they always are.
  2. That sort will always own lurchers,they are a small minority,even that minority is to many to some of us,perfectly acceptable to their ilk.
  3. I don,t know why they ever lost their fashion as they were once so common and reliable.Shows and ribbons perhaps?.
  4. I know where you are coming from but i must reiterate the fact that decent owners don,t ditch dogs and whomever owns the land would not encourage them to do so.Some folk would sacrifice an awful lot for their charges,the shallow lurcher owning shite about would,nt sacrifice their lack of dignity.
  5. No,its kept far deeper than that.
  6. I just encourage the wife and mother in law to get out and ignore it.
  7. Im not tight im just careful,ive still a couple of ten bob notes and a shilling in the dark expanse of my nervous wallet and deep pockets.
  8. Ive owned a couple of retired Greyhounds with the intention of entering them in the field and producing a litter of lurchers out of them,they were slow to learn yet eventually learnt not as much as i wanted,work them hard and they fall over as they lack wind.They are keen and eager,they just don,t have the grey matter.Work them lightly as you desire and they will be OK,breed from them,if they come in season?,then they will produce something far better,which to be honest is not hard to achieve.As a baseline for lurcher production can be useful,especially if you are patient enough to breed from 2nd generation stock.As its your time,energy and desire id give it a chance.
  9. Lurchers are lost for all sorts of reasons and better owners than me have been unfortunate enough to lose a much valued,non monetary,mutt through circumstance.They strive with every endeavour to get the dog back and often do.The shitehawks that ditch them are another matter.
  10. Do the slog,walk with a few hunts,attend the odd,and they can be fecking odd,FMWTC meet.Do your homework and introduce yerself to a few miserable terrier owners etc. The trouble is now folk want instant results,brass to spare and no fecking notion how to spend it and no ambition.Thus if you want something right you will work towards that goal and not trawl the web to be mugged by a shitehawk dog breeder.At times you need to wear the boots and not the wallet out.
  11. Not sure,i visited my Daughter in November,she lives in Pagewood now,the son in law pointed out a red back behind the drain pipe at the front of the house.
  12. Do you base that on seasoned experience or what you have seen written on here?.
  13. one of the best fox slayers ive ever witnessed was an ex track Greyhound.
  14. My excuse is im a Lancastrian that as spent the majority of his life in yorkshire.
  15. When you see a mutt that chooses its runs kill far more for far longer than a dog that runs stupid,then you will understand grasshopper.
  16. Im nearly 60,i had my first lurcher when i was 5,i did,nt have a clue what i was doing at the time and the waterhens it killed became compost as they are not edible,try one.When i was 21 me and lurchers started to become a serious distraction to beer,birds with long legs and curvy tits and the wife,the first wife left me because of the mutts and the second wife caught me in my halcyon days with the runners,she stuck by me when she did,nt see me for hours at a time distracted by long gallops,big bags,lamps,ferrets and nets.I bred and hunted more mutts than some,less than betters,i lost count of the rabbits the mongrels slayed,the hares i missed and the company i kept.Thus when i state,with a little authenticity that ive witnessed a lurcher or two that where often a tad above average and at least one of them was my own.The finest lurcher ive seen in the field caught far more,for far longer than most,possibly because in the early 80,s the dales encouraged such,as did the A1 corridor and the coursing to be had at that time,that dog picked its runs every time it went out,a fox stupid enough to wander into its field of vision entered or died.Everything i strived for after that was to own,breed and run something close to what i perceived to be the holy grail of lurchers,believe me ive never owned or bred anything as good,im proud of the fact ive come close and owned mutts that killed far more but never as well.The best lurcher i owned would not run a rabbit sat on an hedge,an hare that ran through the hedge was pursued with relentless vigour,the lurcher knew its runs and quarry,a bunny sat on the horizon was ignored,an hare or other quarry within its visual range was chased down with all its endeavour.Thus i rate a mutt that picks its runs and knows a tad more than a few lurcher owners.
  17. Its interesting to see how others cope in different countries,my daughter wanted a pup,she lives outside Sydney,a mate of hers lost a dog to a spider bite.
  18. Lurchers are akin to a box of Celebrations,there is something in the mix that will suit all tastes.The finest lurchers ive ever seen in the field often had an habit of picking their runs.
  19. The best lurchers ive ever witnessed in the field had their own individuality,robotic lurchers are for owners that need battery power,i looked for a mutt with its own identity.
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