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  1. thanks guys be nice for this to take off i searched back lots of pages to find a thread saw nothing but ill post pictures tomorrow when get home cant do it on this laptop its a work one and my phone is broken.. still feel free to comment or post pictures of working bedlingtons without the quarry if people are cautious just see the stamps and lineage of grafting bedlingtons Jack
  2. hi folks, my post is aimed at other bedlington owners who work their dogs on large numbers of rats and below who have stories and photos to share, their experiences of days using the bedlington and how they find them in comparison to other terrier breeds. I keep a pair of Belington Terriers, a small bitch of just over two and will be tried below ground this season she is made up of rillington / gutchcommon and mink stone breeding stands at 14" tts she is mad keen up to now, she is yet to meet Reynard below yet but has flushed a few from cover and will check earths. also I have a 7
  3. No reverse gear so im happy just never heard of the lines I know lines mean nothing just curious to see if anyone else has anything like him how they find there's
  4. Sorry just checked it, I'm just asking I think the lad mentioned someone called Len French rings a bell but I'm sure he said dogs bred from a pit called terminator to a greyhound bitch just asking if anyone else has anything the same and he's 3 and abit
  5. Got a dog first cross out of a dog called terminator, anybody else heard or got dogs bred from terminator ??
  6. Alamand2013 do you still have the Reece bred bitch?
  7. after some one to go lampimg with or some permission for some rabbits if anyone can help?

    1. Lab


      If you've got a tenner then contact Mattdog49...:-)

    2. South hams hunter
  8. hi, im after some permission for lamping rabbits with my lurchers. dogs are stock broken and im going to respect all land. im in huddersfield and willing to travel if anyone has any land or wanting someone to go lamping with them id appreciate it. edited by paulus, not a good idea to be putting your phone number on an open forum, using the personel message system is a better option.
  9. im thinking about getting another lurcher in the near future but there is so many advertised, what age to get? a pup, older pup? adult? i already have a lurcher from pup that was hard work but he was quite a large mix so i was thinking getting something more simple like a bedlington/whippet/grey but want abit more size than my current dog at 21 1/2" im thinking about 23 - 24".and id want it to be lean and fast like a whippet/grey but with bit of something else in. it'll be used for abit of a allrounder lamp,ferreting,general mooching what do you recommend? cheers JackBrown
  10. my pup is 11 month and he was jumping great at 8 month onwards but doesnt bother jumping things so much anymore possibly the collie in him soesnt see point in jumping if there is a whole in fence 40 yards away or is just plain stubborn ? but i know he can do it when he wants to
  11. My lurcher pup is 6 month old, I go out with couple of my friends and there lurchers just for him to watch, learn etc. he then gets to see the other dogs chase and catch rabbits and gets shown the rabbits when caught! He's very keen when shown a rabbit
  12. I've seen the plummer in rotherham, Im considering a Plummer apparently very game and great for bush work and ratting
  13. My lurcher pup Doesn't listen to recall when people or dogs around. Alone he walks by my side or close by off lead comes back to foot on demand but soon as he sees other dogs or people he bolts off not listening to my command. it ended up he ran over to the wrong dogs last week and was attacked by 2 weiramers I was too far away and the dogs was too strong for owner to control when my dog got free there was some serious damage costing me 400 quid. Will he grow out of this stage or can it be trained?
  14. Beta puppy is what I give my lurcher pup since I got him at 8 week never looked back. Dogs growing and in top condition HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
  15. oright nice one mate, i like them and ive heard good things but just CANT DECIDE WHAT TO GO FOR!! just after a dog that obidient and works hard doing what i want it to do, bushing/rabbiting maybe abit of ratting and ground work.
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