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  1. robertb123

    Pre Season

    Saw a documentary on youtube about wolves in British Columbia. The grizzlies get tapeworms from the salmon, they're bloody massive! but the worms die when they hibernate, apparently these worms would kill the wolves, so they only eat the salmon heads.
  2. robertb123

    Hunting Rhino Poachers with Hounds in South Africa

    Well they are coonhounds! Good article that, though the bit about the dogs being trained to be less aggressive puzzled me as for the South Africans I know the sharper the dog the better! Has H&S found it's way to the Kruger?
  3. robertb123

    David platts

    An old picture General Custer and his deerhound cross, he wasn't wrong about much?!!! Wasn't there someone on here in the winter that posted pictures of his deerhound/staghound pups from Canada I think? Maybe the only way to get tested and worked deerhound blood would be from American and Australian staghound lines?
  4. I like those old pathe films, you get to see the stamp of dogs from years ago, after watching this I think dancing then donkey racing is due a comeback, especially if like the fella at 3.15 you can give your selection a whack!
  5. robertb123


    Couldn't agree more, my dog hurt her leg at the beginning of summer, what with that and arthiritis starting in her shoulder, nearly all her exercise at the moment comes from swimming, luckily she'd stay in the water for hours if she could. Great picture by the way!
  6. robertb123


    That looks a lovely spot, hope your lads realize how lucky they are i'd be tempted to have a dip in there too! Here's our version we call it the river, though people only swim in it if they fall in! The dog loves it though!
  7. robertb123

    When animals get mad.

    !! apparently and and probably taste like chicken, the only thing that doesn't taste of chicken are those things wrapped in plastic called chicken in the supermarket
  8. robertb123

    When animals get mad.

    What a tool, he sounded Russian, probably on his way to make one of those digging videos … Anyone know what bison tastes like? I've always wondered, probably from watching too many westerns!
  9. robertb123


    It's the sound that's awesome as well as seeing one, I remember taking my cousin to Duxford years ago and one came in and circled and before landing, the sound of that merlin engine! Never forgotten that
  10. robertb123


    I'd stick to the art if I were you, comedy's not your thing, a bit wooden …
  11. robertb123

    Fair play

    His mate made me laugh, holding the camera and giving instructions while his mate did all the work! bet he's a right backseat driver
  12. robertb123

    nice slap

    Looking at the title thought that was going to be like the slaps we used to play at school, popeye arms wtf! Reminds me being in school, when we used to play knuckles in the winter as well, and the knuckles when you used the deck of cards to hit each other with on the knuckles, can't remember what that was called, but it bloody hurt!
  13. robertb123

    Fox eating crocus bulbs

    Is that our team talking in the background?
  14. robertb123


    I remember talking to an old fella when years ago when I was walking my bullterrier, he said when he was a kid in Islington probably in the 1950's, a black Lab and a bullterrier were pals and every morning would take themselves off, he said people would see them in the west end, south of the river all over the place then they'd be back in the evening. I've had cats about the place most of my life, saves taking up the floorboards when you poison the mice! When my cats have gone missing it's a shame but hey ho, different story if it was my dog though! my dogs have usually been ok with my cats, the cats have to learn their place, any other cats that's a different story! ps about the original post how lucky would you be to have a cat that earned you millions, the most I've got from one of my cats is a wood pigeon breast and very nice it was too!
  15. robertb123

    I thought it was a moth!

    with those eyes looks like the cat surprised it!