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  1. Saw it on the news, out of hundreds saw one white arm? From the size of some of them wouldn't say they were starving! They needed charging by horses, water cannon and the dogs sent in, would never happen though.
  2. That's some names from the past that've jogged the memory! I had a mate like your pal, he could always get a crowd going, let's just say he enjoyed the more social aspects of the scene! He started off in pubs clubs etc with the old double deck setup and talking over the records, I can remember him saying to me "I was a Dj when it meant you were a bit of a prick" He can';t half mix though.
  3. Had to get Belle pts Friday due to Cushings Disease. She was a good dog, got me out of the pub and into the fields, Was never much into hunting, but her drive and determination opened my eyes and got me mooching about for miles with her, rip.
  4. Think you might be having us on about your garden, saw your other thread, is that a lawn roller in the corner? Are you only showing us a small corner and the rest is like a bowling green?
  5. Apparently they used to eat the young ones fattened on barley , the old ones being too tough. Used to be served with the neck and wings as decoration, might try this with the chicken on Sunday!
  6. That site's got everything on it, found it when I was looking up roast swan, anyone tried that?
  7. http://www.foodsofengland.co.uk/badger.htm
  8. Nice selection there, the fiat 131 would probably be dust by now, haven't seen one on the road for ages, my uncle had an orange one and his mate the grey one, used to love those things!
  9. Couldn't agree more. Frightening thing is that youngsters around me are starting to get these dogs, don't know from which lines tho. Was talking to a kid with a dutch shepherd pup, he seemed sensible and was training it and it seemed a well mannered little thing. Saw another group of kids with a malinois, looked a year old or so, the thing was pulling, lunging and the kid holding the lead had no control over it, looked like a ticking timebomb to me.
  10. I I think some of those "small" types ,might intimidate me if it was coming towards me!
  11. Here's a dutch shepherd pit mix for you
  12. That tune has been stuck in my head for years! From the 80's!!
  13. When we got stopped as kids the coppers treated us like shit, you just accepted it as the way things were, they were coppers we weren't. After a while you learn if your mouthy and get all hyped up, they keep you for longer, then you learn to play the game, know your rights, stick up for yourself in an intelligent way, and your on your way. I remember seeing a black fella stopped in Trafalgar square in his Lotus Carlton, this must have happened a lot as he calmly got out his documents and was soon on his way. Now whenever I see a black person stopped it goes from 0 to 100 in seconds, no wonder
  14. That oranjeboom takes me back
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