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  1. Is the Old Axe or the "old axe wound" still going? Remember the scotsman well, ugliest, roughest strippers I've ever seen! Used to work around the King's Cross Grays Inn Rd area, don't recognize it these days!
  2. That's right, his name was Theunis Botha, he died a couple of years ago, he was crushed by an elephant. A proper south African oke! rip There's a couple of youtube videos, he had some dogs. . Those leopards look a fair old size to me
  3. robertb123


    This was a big one, had some of these once then watched The Lawnmower Man film, very colourful!
  4. I know a fella and he swears badgers suckle from cows and that's how bovineTb is spread!
  5. Exactly! Hope they turn up at a place like this, with a load of triads in the back room, meat cleavers at the ready, you try telling a Chinese to be a vegetarian!
  6. You hear it more and more on the media hunting referred to as "fighting" and no one gets pulled up about not using the proper term, it's just a form of indoctrination for people that don't understand the difference, it makes my blood boil!!!!!!!!!!
  7. When I got my pup weaned her slowly off the kibble onto raw, haven't looked back and it's cheaper! As for all that designer home cooked malarkey for dogs, well fools and their money …. https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/truth-grain-free-dog-foods-dcm/ https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/after-fda-warning-about-grain-free-pet-food-what-s-n1026881
  8. Why is it, usually the BBC, think everyone has no knowledge of the sport we're watching and talk to us like we're idiots! I've been watching cycling for years and there's hardly ever any mention about what gear ratios are being used etc
  9. To IWW and brambles, thoughts are with you, deepest sympathies at this hard time
  10. Don't know why but this fella always seems to pop up on my youtube feeds, must be cosmic intervention! Don't care what anyone says I think he talks sense! "medieval warm period - what caused it then - turbo charged handcarts" "In this country we're naming storms, they're not even hurricanes" "They never talk about the sun" "Research ourselves beyond the official narrative". Watch from 5.25 when he get's going!
  11. So how many of these climate change activists, would really live in a zero growth world? To me there the sort of people who put their dog mess in a plastic bag then chuck the bag on the floor or if they care about the environment they hang the bag from a tree!
  12. Stayed in Clare for a bit in the early 90's, one of the best times of my life
  13. Years ago was walking the dogs in the local park before an Arsenal match, the police dog squad used to let there dogs out to stretch their legs etc. As I was walking down the hill four or so coppers were at the bottom with the dogs on leads. Doing the sensible thing I got the old mongrel on the lead as he was a bit of a headcase, meanwhile my young bullterrier had trotted down and by the time I got down, he had mounted one of the police dogs. As I pulled him off, I apologised to the copper who just ignored me completely, while his mates cracked up!
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