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  1. She's taking advantage of the situation, it'll be a bag over your head next!
  2. Didn't know getting Ivor the engine and Jones the steam out of retirement would cost so much!,
  3. And the waves are no good for surfing, prick!
  4. That surfer what an idiot, can't have any seacraft, putting peoples lives at risk cos he's a prick, should make him pay for the rescue or bang him up for a couple of weeks!
  5. I'd have a go at Rod's sloopy seconds , it's a long list!
  6. He likes a blonde does Rod, it's fair to say he has a type!
  7. The Swedes have the right idea about how to go about it
  8. How they even let a mile of those smart motorways go ahead is beyond me. anyone that's ever driven on a motorway would know they're a bad idea. How these people get jobs designing road layouts. traffic light positions etc is beyond me, they must never leave the office to see the actual road layouts! On my road the council have stopped the parking in bays and on the pavement, you now park on the road in bays with island things going into the road, turning into the road from other roads they've created loads of blindspots and a lot less parking spaces - even the blokes who were working on the roadworks said they've never worked on something so stupid
  9. Got to be careful going through the monkey enclosure in a safari park with a vinyl roof!
  10. Have to go to Lahey's for the liquor!
  11. All the better to see through the shitstorm!!! he's a rock God!!!
  12. Those were the times before he got brainwashed, I've done some stupid things for a bit of p**sy, but I've never changed my whole outlook on life, might have told a few fibs though!
  13. Did anyone see their statement? is it just me that when someone says they're progressive, I just think w**ker!
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