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  1. robertb123


    No, as usual putting words into other peoples mouths. Are you denying that bull terriers were used as strongdogs?
  2. robertb123


    So tell that to the lads that used them in the field and as outcrosses for their strongdogs, I doubt show ponies would have lasted long or would have been bred from
  3. robertb123


    I've heard about being kennel blind, but this takes the piss! Who says a show EBT was used as an outcross, don't you think that after all the years of using strongdogs that the fellas breeding them had less knowledge than you in what to use as an outcross? The "H" in the forum title stands for hunting, don't see any mention of boxes anywhere, why don't you go on the numerous game dog sites and discuss dogs you've never seen to your hearts content with other fantasists
  4. robertb123

    Big Cat Sighting

    I think you can build up a rapport with mammals, reptiles no matter how long you spend with them, when they get to a certain size we become food!
  5. robertb123

    Big Cat Sighting

    That was sad viewing all round and for ffs all that money and look at the state of the zoo
  6. robertb123

    How do they pass their test

    And their women are even worse drivers! Shit myself if i'm anywhere near a car and an African woman is driving! Coming a close second are the orthodox jews, they can't drive for shit as well!
  7. robertb123

    Pups that I kept back

    Looks stunning, making the most of your freedom to roam!
  8. robertb123

    Russian Justice

    Years ago when I was dong some time, two blokes were transferred back from Thailand, tanned, well fed, one had 30 yrs on his card, the other who had had his death sentence appealed was given 100 years by the Thais, even the English screws were saying we'll have to look into this you can't do 100 years!
  9. robertb123

    Russian Justice

    Couldn't he have just bought one of those language cd's?
  10. robertb123

    The legacy of a whitetail deer hunter

    well worth it and theres only 3 series to watch
  11. robertb123

    Best looking Breed?

    And they have the best success rate for hunts out of all animals 67% successful, not bad for "feral dogs"
  12. robertb123

    Action man

    was that the snubnose that had the red plastic caps? they were really loud! wish I still had it!
  13. robertb123

    Just heard on the radio about staffys

    that's a green light to do what you want, if you get on the missus nerves you've got protection! Not too good for your love life if the missus fancies grabbing you!
  14. robertb123

    Just heard on the radio about staffys

    A break stick would have come in handy in some of the situations my dogs have been in, would have got them separated quicker! Why do you have to watch bulldogs with cigars? spose they could give your dog a nasty burn! as our yank friends put it
  15. robertb123

    Just heard on the radio about staffys

    Do you get hit often then?