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  1. mick20

    Ferret Found In Consett Co. Durham

    Ferret has gone back to it's owner, the young lad was really happy to have his little pet back. ATB Mick
  2. Hi all, as above i came home yesterday to find a ferret in my shed next to where i keep my stinkers. Looks in good health, very tame to handle (I mean it is so laid back it just curls up on your knee) and looks like it's had it's claws clipped recently. i am guessing it is a pet but maybe wrong. If anyone knows of someone who has recently lost a ferret in the above area please gis a shout. It's safe and getting well looked after, staying in a quarantine hutch for a couple of days then i will have it checked over at my vets. If no one comes forward I will just keep it. ATB Mick
  3. mick20

    Hob Living With Jills Permanently

    CASTRATION This is a surgical procedure whereby both testicles are completely removed. The ferret remains at the surgery for the day. A general anaesthetic is administered and the testicles are removed through a small incision beside the scrotum, which is then usually stitched with dissolving sutures. Because the testicles produce male hormones, the ferret be sterile and show less interest in the females. This can make him a better pet, as he will show less aggression during the breeding season. He can also live with other castrated/female ferrets all year. Castration increases the risk of hyperadrenalcorticism [adrenal disease] - the so-called 'rat tail' and body-balding of older ferrets. Castration at 9-12 months decreases this risk. Nowadays it is thought that a Suprelorin implant is the better option - [see the fact sheet on Jill's oestrus control. ] VASECTOMYThis is when the vas deferens (the spermatic cord) is cut and a small section removed. The testicle is left in place. Again, this is a surgical procedure, done under general anaesthesia. The operation site is in a similar place as for castration.. Because the testicles remain, male hormones are still produced; hence the ferret is still interested in the female, and capable of mating. However, as the spermatic cord has been cut, no sperm are ejaculated, so the ferret is sterile. A vasectomised hob behaves exactly as an entire hob would, and can still be aggressive in the breeding season. He should be housed on his own during this time. Unlike castration [which can be performed at any time of the year], vasectomies are normally done during the breeding season. This is because the cord is larger and easier to find]. The usual reason for vasectomising a hob is to take the female out of season with no pregnancy risks (see the fact sheet on Jill's oestrus control). Hope this helps ATB Mick
  4. mick20

    Mk3 Collar

    The original collar didn't have the magnetic switch in it, so I open the battery compartment halfway and that seems to do it or you could just take batteries out, otherwise they will go flat mate. ATB Mick
  5. Well i am absolutely gutted as i have just had to cancel my 5 day trip to Ireland next week because my wife mixed her dates up and this weekend is when we are booked to go to Edinburgh with friends and next weekend we are in Birmingham . The only consolation is we will definitely do this trip later on (when my mate can get time off) but meanwhile i am sorting a couple of days fishing over Luce Bay instead for next week as it fits in better with the other (half's) plans. Got to keep her sweet as we hope to fish Norway next year
  6. What's the fishing like round there mate, it's only a 90 minute drive away from where we are staying.
  7. We're taking a couple of spinning rods in case we have a go at the pike or should we be dead baiting for them mate.
  8. Just had a look at Slieve League mate.........that looks a bit steep for my auld legs
  9. Thank you very much for all the info it's greatly appreciated and it is a shame we will miss the salmon and sea trout fishing as my mate does a great deal of that but he has decided he would like to do a bit beach/shore fishing and if available harbour fishing for mullet. This will be our first trip to Ireland but very likely wont be the last and we intend to take it easy and enjoy the scenery, fishing, local pubs for drink/food and hopefully some good craic. If we catch fish, well, that will just be a bonus and if the sea doesn't produce we might have a go at the pike. The ferry is sorted and I have booked a b&b (looks great with good revues) just outside Westport, there seems to be a good few marks around that area, so any personal favourite mark information/tips etc given would be kept in the strictest confidence. Well here's hoping everything goes well and I will post when we get back. ATB Mick
  10. If we enjoy fishing in Ireland next month as much as we have done in Scotland for many a year there will definitely be a return visit (or several) so I will keep in mind your b&b. Thankyou.
  11. mick20

    Kit Required!!!

    Came across this on free-ads Private sale Posted: 22/08/2016 Description: I am looking for a quality ferret breeder who can offer the below ferret and I will pay a very good price. Sex: Ferret Hob Kit Wanted Colour: Very dark brown and black legs, tail and mask. Light cream undercoat with dark brown to black guard hairs. Speckled nose with blue eyes if possible. I would like to pay extra for the breeder to take lots of time handling the ferret, approx 2 hours per day so it is trained not to bite. In addition I would like the breeder to litter train the ferret. I will be feeding a raw diet so in addition I would like the breeder to start a raw diet with the ferret. I am willing to pay extra money to the breeder for all of the above so if you can offer this type of ferret hob kit then please get in touch. Min can not take the ferret until the middle of September and I am based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. ​Nothing like being specific is there! ATB ​Mick
  12. I have taken a look on a view websites etc including 'Fishing Ireland' and like the look of Valentia Island as a possible venue. Are there any members on THL who live in this area of Ireland or have experience of fishing this location, it looks ok on google maps but I would rather hear from someone who has actually fished here. ATB Mick
  13. As above, any info or opinions will be gratefully accepted as I am trying to arrange a trip for my mate's 50th birthday next month. We are into most types of fishing both fresh and salt water, and keen to do some beach fishing (any species) and pike fishing. I know the west coast is a big area but I need help to narrow down my search for a location/county to fish that will offer the most opportunities. Looking ideally for local knowledge but anyone with experience of fishing the west coast of Ireland please get in touch. Any info on set-ups, baits, locations (decent marks ) etc as well as b&b's would also be very helpful. Oh yes, did I mention a good local pub is a must too. ATB Mick
  14. mick20

    Naming Ferrets

    Wife n kids name them , 2 hobs- Crowley and Jasper then the Jill's - Kiki, Zaza, Biscuit, Meg, Noodle and Mash. I don't call them by name I just whistle when I want them out the warren..........honest!
  15. mick20

    Mk 3 Ferret Finder Any Comments

    Could lend you one if you're interested then you can form your own opinion on them. I don't use them every warren but they are a good bit of kit. Atb Mick.