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  1. chrismdd

    Couple of hours

    Nice shooting patience paid off. Is that a trouser-leg covering your rifle?
  2. chrismdd

    Two in the bag

    Great write-up of a nice session. Can be tough at this time of year until enough fields get cut and it doesn't get properly dark until very late.
  3. chrismdd

    A good few bunnys about

    Great shots, still liking the look of that stock from a traditional wood man.
  4. chrismdd

    Few hours with the 77

    Nice, always fancied one of those rifles.
  5. Asked to pop up the road to sort out some bunnies that were trying to destroy the veggie patch and lawn. This meant that any rabbit needed to be taken not that I like taking the youngsters especially as we have been hit hard by mixy the last couple of years. However, it was pleasing to see a lot of healthy rabbits about so hopefully the numbers will bounce back for the ferreting season. Managed five rabbits before setting off to sit under some ash trees to await the pigeons. Plenty came in but were now impossible to pick out in the foliage although one bandit made the mistake of coming too close. The adult rabbits will be destined for a curry later in the week and the youngsters will go to the ferrets.
  6. chrismdd

    A new permission

    And from tasting it many years ago I can vouch for your brewing skills. I've still got your two empty bottles in the garage if ever you are down this way. Still on the Airarms site and using them?
  7. chrismdd


    Amazing bag. Surprised there is any grass left.
  8. chrismdd


    Thanks for all the replies. I've had a look around and may get the following after seeing a few reviews including one on youtube. Anyone got one of these or again are they basically the same kit in a different case? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Eyoyo-Waterproof-Multifunction-RangeFinder-Camouflage/dp/B01MTOVK77/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1527362474&sr=8-4&keywords=range+finder
  9. chrismdd

    Out for a bit today

    Nice shooting, stock is looking good. Is the grey parts of a softer moulding than the green section?
  10. chrismdd


    Cheers for the info VM, much appreciated.
  11. Hi guys, what recommendations for a reasonably priced rangefinder to use with my 12ftlb air rifle. Any good offers around at the moment?
  12. chrismdd

    Never a dull trip out

    Well after using a number of pigeons shot from previous trips I made a family meal of 'pigeon breast ciabattas' together with steamed corn on the cob and asparagus which went down very well with the whole family and so with a few brownie points I was able to have an hour or two back up the copse. Set up and waited although tonight was a bit of deja vue with two woodies shot and only one found due to the thick undergrowth. Also with the lovely weather a few people were out walking and so keeping the woodies away, Being well concealed walkers would pass barely two metres behind me but have absolutely no knowledge that I was there.
  13. chrismdd

    Shocking trip

    That can half hurt. Did I similar thing many years ago crawling at night under what should of been a single strand cattle fence, unbeknown to me I put my forehead right onto a lower wire, flash of blue and I was thrown straight back onto my back. Mate just pissed himself with laughter.
  14. Nice shooting, I needed your best mate last night to find my second woodie. Is he any good at climbing trees?