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  1. chrismdd

    Wild Justice or total injustice

    I did the following: Responded to DEFRA, emailed NE with concerns, signed the petitions, completed the BASC survey, contacted those with no access to the internet to get them to respond (this included gameshooters who are BASC members who had no knowledge of what was happening). On top of this I try to spread the word to those that don't shoot so that they can see what the changes would mean.
  2. chrismdd

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    Maybe should of replaced the racing pigeons with proper images of woodies
  3. chrismdd

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    Same thoughts here. Typical scenario round here towards the end of August weather turning unsettled and the farmers have a few fields cut. Wind and rain has battered patches down in fields yet to be cut and corvids and pigeons hammering these patches all over the fields. Surely decoying in a cut field next door will draw them away from the good crop, allow safe shooting and retrieval without the shooter or pigeon damaging any standing crops whilst the farmers wait fingers-crossed for a break in the weather so that the combine contractors they've booked can get on when there is a good break in the weather. Same with taking them from adjoining trees where safe shots can be taken. Also when working on a friends farm back in the 80's in the height of the summer I remember we set up rookies in an old milk churn on one field whilst we used the shotguns on another. It was only by chance with the wind travelling in our direction that we realised a stray rookie at had exploded out of the churn and caught the crop alight. Luckily we managed to get it under control and his dad never knew thankfully.
  4. Spotted this on the Pigeonwatch forum which you may of seen already. Worth reading the response to DEFRA from this group and you may well want to join them. https://www.songbird-survival.org.uk/news/sbs-submission-to-defras-general-licence-consultation?mc_cid=9c7cc4136d&mc_eid=1070f6677b&utm_campaign=9c7cc4136d-email_campaign_2019_05_15_10_36&utm_medium=email&utm_source=songbird+survival+mailing+list&utm_term=0_d2f73d13ed-9c7cc4136d-274118633
  5. chrismdd

    Might be good news

    Saw this on the S410 FB site with a link to Daily Telegraph. Fingers-crossed.
  6. chrismdd

    Changes to the general license

  7. chrismdd

    Changes to the general license

  8. chrismdd


    https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/387661-letter-to-gmtv/ Good response from a Pigeonwatch member
  9. With rabbits being very thin on the ground round here and not much action with the ferrets over the winter it was time to bag a few woodies with the S410. Put a few decoys out in the field to entice them in towards the oak tree. Lay on my back looking up at the tree and not bothering to watch the decoys as I knew they would come into the tree rather than land on the ground. Took a few shots at a dead branch to work out the holdunder and then the action started. A good number of woodies came in and over a period of three hours I managed six shots and bagged five. Far more came in but even though they didn't spot me straight away as soon as I slowly moved the rifle they were off. Next time I'll probably put the camo net over me like a blanket and better camo for the rifle. If I had the shottie with me then I could well have more than doubled the bag but I don't think the sense of achievement would be so great.
  10. chrismdd

    A good walk and a squirrel

    Nice shot, and a nice piece of mature woodland to shoot.
  11. chrismdd

    Lure fishing

    Nice fishing, and good to see the use of a mat. Too many times round here I see inexperienced anglers letting pike bounce around on hard earth banks whilst they desperately search for some long forceps and a thick gardening glove for fear of a slight laceration.
  12. chrismdd

    All set

    Don't know if this is any help but down on the South Coast fly fishermen do well catching them on flies tied to represent the sandfly maggots that get washed out the rotting seaweed on the shore as the tide comes in. You can tie a good imitation by using a small strip of latex glove wrapped around the hook. http://www.mikeladle.com/tackle/tackle129.html
  13. chrismdd

    A few rabbits this morning

    Nice shooting, yes can't wait till cover dies back down here too. We have to leave ferreting until later each year due to cover taking so long to die back these days. All our ferreting is in thick hedgerows and its not much fun battling shoulder high nettles and hogweed when its still warm.
  14. chrismdd

    Needed some peace

    Hi Tim, Yes, doing fine here just back to long days and busy weekends when there is never enough time to cram everything in. The swim I prebaited was next to a bridge so hanging something probably wouldn't go down too well with those that lived nearby so I opted for sweetcorn and pellet every morning at 7am on the way to work. I do use the 'plastic pigeon' method when trotting the river with a stick float by using a cut down plastic rod tube sealed at the base with holes drilled in the sides, filled with maggots and then suspended from a tree or bush over where the float will glide. Have had wonderful bags of dace this way with the best being 15 lb bag in a few hours fishing one winter. You still getting out shooting? I still haven't managed to source a S200 yet and so and now looking at another S410 or S400 in carbine or superlite form.