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  1. Great shooting and a good service you're doing there. Always nice when permissions come along like that. Sometimes we get that when ferreting roadsides, a car pulls up at first you fear a bit of abuse coming your way then relief when they say could you come and clear ours.
  2. Sounds like you've got your arms full there with the numbers available. Nice to hear from a fellow S410 .177 user, cracking rifles.
  3. Somerset, they have been hit hard down here over the last few years (mixy and possibly VHD). However, starting to notice small pockets re-establishing in places so hopefully action will pick-up.
  4. Nice bag there. Looks the perfect terrain for airgun hunting. Hoping rabbits get back to decent numbers round here again.
  5. Found some more pigeon breasts in the freezer so did a whole lunch for a family of four. Lightly fried pigeon breast on fresh toast with fried mushrooms, peppers, onions and tomatoes. All plates were cleared so obviously a success with the boys. The ferrets got the rest of the pigeon carcasses as well as the squirrel. I must have a go at trying squirrel one day.
  6. Lovely evening (aren't they all recently) so thought a nice couple of hours up the copse. Amazed at the growth of the nettles so had to choose a spot where anything shot could be retrieved. Only fired three shots but came away with a couple of woodies and a squirrel. That's lunch sorted for me and the ferrets tomorrow.
  7. Cheers for the advice. I will be patient as a dog is for life and I do want to make sure I get the right one for our family's needs (ferreting. mooching and general companion when out and about). Probably start looking in free ads in the local places. When the lurcher shows start up again are these a good source to look for suitable pups coming along? We did have a lurcher show down here in Crewkerne, Somerset in recent years but obviously not on this year.
  8. https://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/119859749/bedlington-whippet-pup-wanted.html?utm_content=new&utm_source=Newsnow&utm_medium=Referral&utm_campaign=newsnow other stuff I put some ad alerts out for what I'm looking for and this is the first ad alert I receive!!! How do I compete with that????
  9. I'm looking for a pup at the moment, typically a small lurcher dog, preferably rough coated. Something like a beddy whippet but I have found it almost impossible to find any litters nearby. This would be for primarily used as a companion whilst out ferreting but would also be taken for general bushing whilst out shooting or fishing. Hopefully it would also be useful to take out on our local shoot when beating. I've joined a couple of forums on FB as well as scanning all the likely advertising websites but still no joy. Where do most people do their searching? any leads to litters coming along
  10. Farmers don't grow grass fields for no apparent reason its still a crop so what makes it different to wheat and barley? Only saying as I don't know the answer. And then another thing hand on heart once you've tried all the so called non-lethal methods why not just carry on scaring them off rather than shooting them. I for one will not be posting trips out unless its just rabbits, but I will never be short of pigeon pie. Remember the 3 S's.
  11. Two hour session completed this morning from 5am till 7am. Six lovely chub from a very small river ranging from two to just over three pounds with the best at 3-14. Not huge by national standards but great sport from a very small river / stream.
  12. Missus has got into running over the last couple of years resulting in a couple of half marathons. This Sunday she is running a 10k and will be out the house at 9am. So with young kids I will be getting up before first light and travelling light with an avon rod casting big black slugs to chub. Making sure I'm back before 9am.
  13. I just copied it from the Pigeonwatch forum. Worth taking a look at their discussions on everything to do with the GLs at present as some good points raised. Also Verminbashers on FB do have some good input (and unfortunately not so good ones i.e. 'those who well I'm going to carry on regardless and post everything' brigrade. The shooter's 3 S's : Shoot, Shovel and Shut-up
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