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  1. Balaur

    Working your dogs abroad

    I've been abroad a bit with the dogs , basically need a wormer. Tape worm is the one they're after. Spain 5 euro France 90 euro UK 35 euro Romania 5 euro Get a native to point you in the right direction. Enjoy Austria atb Joe
  2. Haha. It's probably all terriers an hounds out that way
  3. Also if you tuck yourself away with a shotgun an shake a box of matches to mimic their call I've had success doing this they come from all angles like a pack of raptors
  4. Bait it with eggs or meat an you'll eventually catch a call bird. Buy one you tight sod lol.
  5. Make a larsen mate. 24hrs an and don't have to listen about pellet weights lol.
  6. Balaur

    Whats The Best Boot

  7. Balaur

    Whats The Best Boot

    Danner are best boots I had tried a cheaper pair of lowas they'll last a lifetime but like moon boots bit heavy and rigid also got some altbergs. Won't be buying boots for a couple of years but when I do will be the danners again. Gortex lining lasted about 3 years.
  8. Balaur

    Triple bbq wkd

    Yep I tend to push coals to one side and.meat to other and chuck the lid on hot smokes it a little. I'll have to try it with the water. Cheers
  9. Balaur

    The Places Ye Get To See

    Negative dick
  10. Balaur

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Come on tell it like it is haha
  11. Balaur

    Triple bbq wkd

    Okay so going to attempt to work for a month straight . Made the most of this amazing weather weekend had two bbqs about to have a third . Weber kettle , Friday was fly home get a spatchcock chicken on and a couple of ribeyes. Ribeyes were a bit tough as over cooked chicken was spot on. Last night was spare rib steaks nice fatty pork steaks ideal for bbq and today in the rain will be ribeyes marinated in Worcestershire sauce ,soy ,garlic and pepper cooked with unburnt charcoal . Chicken was marinated (with help from kids) lads of ketchup , buffalo sauce, cider, garlic, chilli paste, rapeseed oil, honey oh and honey on steaks today.
  12. Balaur

    Just me and my girl

    Probably a siesta later followed by dog walk solo
  13. Balaur

    Just me and my girl

    Missus said have a rest I'll take kids to pyo then said it's raining get all the washing in ....had me. So I've lit bbq rain has subsided and having a wee dram whilst burning coals....
  14. Balaur

    Haymins pups..

    As for the stud we know what he can do so you don't question the fact I guess it's because we know most the litter variables we think about it even. Temperament is king and they're all welcome amongst the kids .
  15. Balaur

    Fishing Competition 2019

    I took the missus 8 months pregnant on the dunes crossed the river at Ogmore but got carried away and tide came in and it got dark and we were a bit lost. She doesn't come for walks anymore lol. Got a taxi and lurcher in front seat got cramp nightmare day lol