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  1. I've certainly liked the temperament of the bull blooded luchers I've seen. I've even got myself one because of it. Easy going , simple and tough minded. Less likely to be nervy than some breeds. Jack Russell terrier killed a baby couple of years back. I'd be inclined to lay it at the owners door and possibly the breeder too and whoever was supposed to be supervising the kid.
  2. Balaur

    Full Springer or Cocker

    Nice pups, gonna have your hands full with that pair. Atb Joe
  3. I'd say that goes for most dogs....
  4. Balaur

    The Places Ye Get To See

    Yep very similar but mine is a beacon to keep an eye on the Spaniards haha.
  5. Balaur

    Brexit party.

    No one's hating anyone other than Unpatriotic treacherous politicians that have fought against democracy whilst fighting wars in the name of it. Hahaha
  6. Balaur

    Brexit party.

    Let's let the hereditary labour and con voters get used to voting for other parties first in the eu elections ....
  7. Balaur

    Brexit party.

    Can't say I've been happier with politic 's watching them all squirm. Labour will be forced off the fence and tories will oust may . Looking good if we all get and vote. Will be more than a bloody nose it'll be our only chance of saving the UK from a federalist eu. Long live the United Kingdom.
  8. Balaur

    Lung worm tablets

    Okay I just ordered from vetuk just had to tick a box saying I'll post or email the prescription across at a later date. Got myself bravecto for these ticks and fleas. Atb Joe
  9. Balaur

    Brexit party.

    Fastest growing party in history 60k member's at £25 a pop about a mill and a half in 10 days from small donations https://thebrexitparty.org/registered-supporter/?fbclid=IwAR1ty7LwTWeswNWrXjDtNXu_lGNQ173oQmqQu_c67F__sV1pxvbp3Lds16E
  10. Balaur

    they come out of the wood work

    Typical pug attack ya fanny lol....
  11. Balaur

    they come out of the wood work

    Just remember you could do serious damage body slamming from 3 ft high....
  12. Balaur

    Ferrets have been poisoned.

    Could they have eaten a rat or baby rat that's been eating warfarin or or similar....
  13. Balaur

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Yep nice pup. Early days it's a lot of new experience. I'd try walking off see if she'll pick it and come along.
  14. Balaur

    pup not taking to diet

    Also to add thighs etc are load bearing stronger bones. Wings are ideal. Or find a supplier where it all comes in minced . Once I get another chest freezer it'll get filled with pet mince and dog grade wings , they'll also have scraps veg and any yellow label supermarket bargains maybe some fish too. Atb Joe
  15. Balaur

    New estate car

    I've a kia ceed sw 1.6 diesel. Cheap and cheerful I have regular oil changes and I've had little jobs mostly tyres pads and bloody headlight bulbs. Done 70k since I had it no problem. Had a focus diesel from Germany missus drove it the particulate filter kept blocking pain in the arse. My best car which I miss is my Passat estate 1.9 diesel , went off road plenty and was generally abused it died 30 minutes after I put 5 new tyres on it. Arggh