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  1. Seen it before but still stirs a few memories...
  2. Balaur


    Yep seen nurses asking on welding job forums/f book pages for spare PPE whites and masks, as they don't have enough also paramedics having to make a single mask last a whole shift visiting multiple vulnerable patients, not good. Maybe they should commandeer some PPE from non critical industry etc or have drop boxes for people to donate sealed packs of masks etc....or start producing more here rather than importing crap from China....
  3. Balaur


    Cheers mate, out of likes. But yeah I'm relieved I've made this decision now, been battling with the do I don't I for a bit and that's stressful in itself. Difficult call when it's not a visable threat and you're trying to get a grasp of it from stats and comparative risks etc. Easier to say nasty and avoid if poss, a mate is stuck working in Wales where they won't send people home who are coughing and complaining of feeling ill and there's others refusing to go unless they are sent as they won't get paid...zorba foods, critical production of humous ....
  4. Balaur


    I've been tested plenty thanks, but was a turn of phrase...perhaps not chosen wisely...not thl proof
  5. Plenty of space there for them, where abouts are you? I'm missing the Moors atm,
  6. Balaur

    Scone off?

    Bet that took ages to set up ....haha look spot on mind....
  7. Balaur


    I'm jacking work, f**k it spoke to a couple of mates saying the same, if one of my boys had to be hospitalised alone I'd lose the plot....as much as I convince myself it's minimal, comparative with common flu in numbers but doesn't compare with aggressive symptoms and fevers and breathing difficulty....and it's only getting worse..
  8. Balaur


    Hope you feel better get the paracetamol down you and isolate yourself mate including from family , hopefully you get a mild hit if it's covid 19, atb mate at least you've got thl....
  9. Balaur

    Lock down BBQs

    Cheers , it's just nice to be outside tbh mate, couple of beers, chill out. I always feel a sense of sadness once it's finished cooking lol. Gonna spatchcock a chicken tomorrow, do a bit of a slow cook I think....
  10. Balaur


    Don't think anyone is taking China seriously regarding covid19 information......
  11. Looks exactly like northern Spain where we went dog walking....
  12. Balaur

    Lock down BBQs

    Cheers yep should be entertaining....
  13. Got to be done .... Having a mix of sun and cloud here but making the most of it. Me and boys have a ketchup base with hot paprika , cider vinegar, oil, dark soy, and loads of other stuff including secret ingredients, missus has Frank's red hot mixed with piri piri hot sauce and Tabasco.....good luck with that
  14. Due to a lack of uptake we now have a full pig on order grown at the allotment, fed by the people on there, looking forwards to that, funny little things at the moment, told the kids they'll bite there fingers off so they don't think they're too cute for BBQ...
  15. Balaur

    Scone off?

    The missus bakes stuff but mostly all the same taste with different names like bread pancakes scones biscuits etc....lol
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