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  1. Yeah have a needle and move on, don't live forever at any road....beat the rest of Europe to the punch , get economy going, focus inward, train folks and invest . I'd have it now without fear of control or microchips or whatever else you tin hats are moaning about
  2. Worst of the bunch are the ones seeking their own agenda during this time and that's SNP for joining EU , labour for being poor opposition and going political and all the remainers including media for putting their vested interests before the people....
  3. Hardly rudderless think we've been shipped in a definite direction.....
  4. I see some NHS are accusing gov of being their guinea pigs , but weren't we always going to try and protect frontline first? Also starmer crying for a covid investigation in the midst of the pandemic he's another fool.
  5. Haven't you got a snowdrop paradise nearby Dave?
  6. Balaur

    Cabin fever

    Lockdown is gonna create marital issues for sure , I'm more Travelodge than Tippie though , and dogs don't enjoy my garden nevermind me lol......
  7. Balaur

    Cabin fever

    I'm going away working shortly , much needed otherwise shuffle over socks so I can fit a bag in I'll bring the merlot
  8. I presume it was trump, former FBI boss suggested pardoning trump , I think it's sensible as they need to placate 70 million people , to continue to hunt this administration down is purely adding fire to the fuel, I can't stand pelosi or much of any of them tbh, but to continue to push is asking for bloodshed in my view....terrible state of affairs, I'd go as far to say the average trump voter wasn't that keen on him but so sick of the rest they'd take a man they dislike over a system they hate ....
  9. Need some decent candidates in US politics, might have half a chance then. Trumps shown it's possible although the elite may well have locked all those lessons down now. America's in a shit state tbh from what I've seen over recent years from prison numbers, unemployment, immigration, export of manufacturing and epic corruption. But that may not be a realistic view as it's not first hand. Hopefully they can get their stuff together and deal with some of the madness going on.
  10. Brilliant, although I'll admit I didn't know the meaning of amen.... But I do now lol
  11. I don't think any peoples of union had a say in any of it , sometimes people are all in the same boat , with some feeling like victims and other accepting of it , etc . The union is a good thing in my view , I'm proud to be British, I respect all countries within the union , I get frustrated how divisive all the factions are when we could come together and be stronger. All these nationalist divisive parties are just more pigs at the trough being bought and paid for by the taxpayer to appease them, I think there should be a fight back, reduce numbers of politicians, equal representation, a push
  12. Done right by him mate, hope it's done with
  13. It's definitely a massive failing, it encourages people to go into work when they have symptoms etc food process is riddled with covid. Mate of mine was notified he was positive on a whatapp chat group?? Notified following day by NHS.
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