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  1. Balaur

    So leading on from the hard man thread.

    Think this works
  2. Balaur

    So leading on from the hard man thread.

    Watch smashing machine great dvd. Some tough fighters . Think bas is in it punishing someone for being lazy in training lol
  3. Balaur

    fishing comp charity

    Happy hols Bob mate. I'm heading to Salisbury for the day m5 getting busy 303 will be chocka hopefully not so much east bound.
  4. Balaur

    Double hutch (free to collector)

    Not. On phone version
  5. Balaur

    Hard men...

  6. Balaur

    Netflix Fahrenheit 11/9

  7. Balaur

    Netflix Fahrenheit 11/9

    I believe Moore has a 50 mil mansion and is a lovee dovee can't see him having the understanding to produce a spot on doc again if he has. I like the style of his docs maybe not all the content
  8. Balaur

    Netflix Fahrenheit 11/9

    Fair enough. It's supposed to show the route and reason for trump becoming president but doesn't do that agreed . If you ignore the working class globalise economy and f**k all the industry abroad then you'll get a grass roots reaction . Same in UK and same with every left and right wing extremism .
  9. Balaur

    So leading on from the hard man thread.

    I'm watching porndemic on Netflix so I'm going with Marc Wallace cause it would appear if you f****d with him you're dead (1711 films ) .
  10. Balaur

    Netflix Fahrenheit 11/9

    There's flint town with the cops resuscitating junkies etc not sure if Michigan features in drugs inc. or dope to about all that synthetic stuff. Savage being pushed by cartels as easier to make and smuggle
  11. Balaur

    Netflix Fahrenheit 11/9

    Not to me it doesn't . Plain money. I'm not saying it was slow genocide as stated but GM got glacial water back from the lake and city of flint are still drinking river water with lead and hepatitis etc Obama flew in to take a sip because he's part of the establishment. When you're in the club you do as you're told
  12. Balaur

    Evening walk

    Couple more..won't let me post pics ?
  13. Balaur

    Evening walk

    Nice wander along the river culm tonight....
  14. Balaur

    Netflix Fahrenheit 11/9

    I presume you're being sarcastic. Corruption in America is crazy. Watch food inc. , screwball, etc. The conspiracy stuff is interesting like JFK to 911 a rich man's trick. If you can pick some truths out of it. Like fords sued USA for bombing nazi factories and won lol.
  15. Balaur

    Netflix Fahrenheit 11/9

    I thought the Michigan emergency management and water corruption was incredible.