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  1. Balaur

    BBQ Time.

    Cool windy day, must be BBQ time....kids had standard we had cider chilli marinade...
  2. There wasn't any coming back from these mate , half of it was stomach and head, tongue pain kept me conscious lol I'll bare it in mind for another lifetime cheers lol.
  3. Tbh you got to be mad to risk career over bops these days, most shoots can afford to lose a few birds , especially if you're up on dogging in and up on habitat management, a mate of mine feeds them off the land with trappings, but providing a large amount of cover in the woods and being about plenty is important. But doesn't mean I condone paying people to report keepers either do it or don't bringing money in is down right communist...
  4. Got to third chilli, mental hot, we're done I been crying into a glass of milk, gonna dry what's left do a bit of cooking with it....savage hot, chemical burns on tongue hot...
  5. GL kindly sent me some chilli's to sample, thought I'd have a little chilli comp with the missus, I just had a slither or apparently mild bee sting second from left...bloody instant hiccups crying and snot, as long as I'm looking okay by the time she joins me it's all good, strange chemical chilli aroma coming from chopping board....
  6. Picked this up second hand...always wanted a cold steel , used to want a big Bowie type but this will get some use....
  7. Did a cottage pie last night but gonna be eaten tonight.... Herefordshire beef mince, onions garlic carrots mushrooms spuds bit of cheese , sachet of powder, cheating a bit but it thickens and adds a bit of flavour to it..
  8. Balaur

    Veg & Meat Boxes

    I agree live to your means , but we are in a place where we need decent grub for developing kids . Don't get me wrong they get plenty of junk and rubbish but also important to get the good stuff into them too. Tbh if I didn't eat chicken again I'd be just fine but it's a household favourite, I could live on beef pork and lamb quite happily lol.
  9. Maybe let her carry a bunny for a while if she will, at least she'll get a bit of satisfaction from it maybe rather than having it taken off her. Might just be a phase, give plenty of praise whilst she's holding the bunny, might get some more productive answers shortly atb Joe
  10. Balaur

    Veg & Meat Boxes

    I'm spending about a tenner on a chicken atm, seems a different bird to the cheap ones, and after seeing the tests on fast grown birds with very little of the good stuff showing up, it's mostly for soups for my son at the mo but plenty of meat to pull off for sarnies etc. Tenner is fair,
  11. Balaur

    Veg & Meat Boxes

    Roe loin £30 online lol...
  12. You'd be surprised some shoots have sparse areas on the place where it's have at it. You could have the dogs on a long line or leash where you're around large numbers of birds or near the end of a drive. The keeper might also put you on boundaries to bring hedges and alike into the drive, worth getting yourself along, maybe go on your own once or twice see what you think, most shoots have a dog that runs on and decks a drive up on a regular basis lol, enjoy...
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