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  1. Thats a ballsy rat, thank fek its dead ,wouldnt want to meet that in a dark alley
  2. Certainly putting a dent in the rat population there fella..
  3. Nice going ,few less to worry about
  4. Nice shooting bud, I have a garden perm with rabbits and squirrels and she won't let me near the place with this lockdown,.not been there for a couple of months now, hopefully that will hang soon.
  5. Whats your reason for selling it?
  6. Sweet as a nut then, is it still factory set or has it been tinkered/tuned ?
  7. makes a change to get a good mixed bag
  8. Couple more pics, the rifle does shoot ok ,but the safety seems loose...




    1. johnbaz


      Hi Phil

      That's a modified Webley Mk1, The barrel release latch on top looks to have been repaired/modified and the steel buttplate is missing otherwise it looks fine!!

      Here's mine, They're quite small compared with the later Mk2 Service rifle! 👍





      There were only 1,500 made, Around the first 500 had the info done by acid etching, Webley found out quite sharpish that the etching wore away rather quickly so after around the 500th gun, They started stamping in the info!


      The barrel release latch on mine is just flat on the top!


      John 🙂

    2. Phill-W68


      I did send you some more pics of it, any idea what it is worth?, thx

  9. Hi John, here is a few more pics of the old webley mk1,the inlaw wants  to sell it as it is, any idea what its worth and any idea of a buyer..cheers






    1. Dervburner


      What sort of power do these mk1’s and mk2’s usually put out John? 

    2. Phill-W68


      Any idea what it is worth john?

    3. johnbaz


      Hi Derv

      I'm not too sure, Never chrono'd mine but at a guess i'd say slightly less than 6ft lbs!

      Phill, Having looked at the pics again, It's in a very poor condition, The stock has been repaired with pine rather than walnut, I'm not sure what they did with the barrel latch and the whole lot would need polishing deeply to get rid of the pitting for reblueing, Also, I think the safety catch in non original ☹️

      I'd hazard a guess at £150, I saw two rough ones go for £600 but the stocks were in good condition and they would have both not taken much prepping for a reblue 👍

  10. Another load done and dusted pal, nice work keep it up
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