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  1. Sweet as a nut then, is it still factory set or has it been tinkered/tuned ?
  2. makes a change to get a good mixed bag
  3. Couple more pics, the rifle does shoot ok ,but the safety seems loose...




    1. johnbaz


      Hi Phil

      That's a modified Webley Mk1, The barrel release latch on top looks to have been repaired/modified and the steel buttplate is missing otherwise it looks fine!!

      Here's mine, They're quite small compared with the later Mk2 Service rifle! 👍





      There were only 1,500 made, Around the first 500 had the info done by acid etching, Webley found out quite sharpish that the etching wore away rather quickly so after around the 500th gun, They started stamping in the info!


      The barrel release latch on mine is just flat on the top!


      John 🙂

    2. Phill-W68


      I did send you some more pics of it, any idea what it is worth?, thx

  4. Hi John, here is a few more pics of the old webley mk1,the inlaw wants  to sell it as it is, any idea what its worth and any idea of a buyer..cheers






    1. Dervburner


      What sort of power do these mk1’s and mk2’s usually put out John? 

    2. Phill-W68


      Any idea what it is worth john?

  5. Another load done and dusted pal, nice work keep it up
  6. Get some pics up,.im intrigued
  7. Phill, I'm guessing your not a keen daystate fan!
  8. Never owned a thermal spotter, i wouldn't mind one but even at £1300-£1400 its too much for me unfortunately especially atm, but those pictures look very clear to me, were they taken in the daytime or nighttime?
  9. What ranges were they taken at
  10. I'm sure Mr Manning mentioned something about a plenum in his video,
  11. Money money money Everyone company wants to be top man
  12. I'm blind I'm blinded by the light , got my eyes on the fx impact fac .25 or 30cal but gotta save the pennies and apply for fac but won't be this year i don't think
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