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  1. Phill-W68

    applying for fac

    Can I just ask, my other half her son has had a fair few run ins with the police over the years,he's calmed down now and doesnt live at home anymore, would that by any chance put the mockers on me going down the fac route?,if or when i apply, luckily I've been a good boy all my life haha...
  2. Phill-W68

    A modest bag but how enjoyable with the 97K.

    Another one for the pot ,nice shooting...
  3. Phill-W68

    Just the one

    Cheers guys, I,ll double check next time tho, i,d probably turn round and go home if it happened again,but good news the rfd has got our new hw110,s in now so hopefully pick them up in the next couple of days get that sorted....
  4. Phill-W68

    Just the one

    Went to the perm last night just after dark for a walk round not been for a few weeks, got there and realised i hadn't put the nv rangefinder back in the bag after a gunbag clean out, so i thought id give it a try ,so after checking my zero on a step by step marked post at 35yds it was good but 3 or 4 misses later this distance estimation in the dark is bloody hard..Well it was for me but this one was not so lucky guessed range was 40 yds didn't want to chance getting closer as id already scared if off once and had to follow so took it off the promo sticks at a guessed 40yds and down it went,after that I called it a night...
  5. Phill-W68

    A few longtails

    Nice bot shooting mate...
  6. Phill-W68

    New gun

    Not sure if they cleaned the barrel, the shop called me today and said they'd chronod them with 8.4 pellets, I'd assume they would use a decent pellet but who knows...
  7. Phill-W68

    New gun

    Apparently those two hw110s didn't come direct from hull cartridge as been promised by my rfd, they came from range-right????, Not sure quite what happened but I sent hull cartridge a msg explaining that I wasn't happy with the service,i got a reply saying the two guns at my rfd didn't come direct from them, and they have been in touch with my rfd and now they have ordered two direct from hull cartridge.....
  8. Phill-W68

    New gun

    All I will say at the moment is I think someo as had a b********g off a certain company...
  9. Phill-W68

    New gun

    Well since the phonecall i had with the shop from where I ordered them,theres been a problem so I'm just trying to sort it out...
  10. Phill-W68

    New gun

    Not picked the guns up yet,I use jsb heavies in my hw100kt and I get 11.5 that's using a skan chrono, my local gunsmith tested them for me it was my local rfd that tested them.
  11. Phill-W68

    New gun

    Well bit of a dilemna now, when we ordered the hw110,s in 177, we asked would they be chronod before being shipped to our local rfd,and our rfd said he,ll contact hull cartridge and our rfd said TOM from hull cartridge guaranteed that the two rifles will be chronod and only sent if over 11ft/lb,so got a call today from rfd saying guns are in ,he's checked them both one is 10.83 other is 10.89 with 8.44gr pellets..now their not a mile off but not whats on the box as in 11ft/lb... If you know what I mean..now am I being picky or do I refuse them,my mate said he's refusing his anyway and i think hull cartridge is gonna get a blasting off him.....??
  12. Phill-W68

    A bit blustery

    Nice shooting mate..
  13. Phill-W68

    Basc air rifle member insurance

    BASC for me, airgun only at the moment, but contemplating going fac!.
  14. Phill-W68

    Back to the woods

    That top picture goes to show the camo stock works very well blends in great with it's background, and how much the action stands out...
  15. Phill-W68

    What do people value perms at

    A trade off is not a friend/mate in my books,sneaky trick to even try, seems like a sly dog to me, I would stay well clear,pick up a 2nd hand combo to get out there keep the landowner happy and fcuk your so called mate,as others have said why can't he get out their getting his own perms....Good luck with whichever road you take bud...