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  1. Anyone have one of these and having problems with it freezing? , mines been sent back once and came back still doing the same thing, I'm loving the 4k pro when it's working, just wondered if it's a common fault or I'm just unlucky, so its either send it back and get it changed for a new one or refund and get the pard 008 lrf I think it is...
  2. Thankyou Phill.. I have sorted it now went for the pard nv019 instead, much appreciate the Info tho...all the best...
  3. If you put a point on those carrots you could use it as a bipod...
  4. Hi... it feels lighter in my opinion and its quieter too, (believe it or not lol), I love mine, takes a bit of time to get used to the magazine system as it's different to the hw100, I get 105-110 shots off a full 200 fill but mine is just low of about 10.8fpe using jsb heavies, I was gonna a get it tuned to around 11.5 but to be honest I'm leaving it for now...hope that helps
  5. Can I recharge 18650 flat top batteries with a normal 18650 charger or is there a specific 18650 flat top charger I need...
  6. Mark, how good are the double yokel rests, i use the gen2 with single Y rest
  7. He couldnt see them...leaf suit must of worked...
  8. Keep you fit all that walking haha, sounds like you enjoyed it...nice bag for the pot too
  9. Nope, he was eating his nuts haha
  10. Yep, maybe a slow-mo test watching the pellet fly would sort the curiosity out....
  11. Looking at the pic of the flattened hades looks like some of them have hit side on looking at the way theyve flattened as if their turning sideways in midair...compared to the jsb...
  12. Purchased the MTC viper pro 5-30x50 last september, about 4 weeks ago the illuminated reticle wouldnt work so after trying 3 different batteries.it still wouldnt turn on, so after a phone call and email with purchase details Ito MTC i sent it back under warranty, and they sent me a brand new one which I got today...so a big thankyou to MTC and katie who dealt with the enquiry...and kept me informed throughout...
  13. Bloody ell dont know how you lads do it,went out last night and got 2 before the sky cleared with a full moon and shone me up like a beacon and I was happy with two..nice shooting guys...
  14. Just wondering, the rangefinders I have owned all show a vertical beam/flash at night when rangefinding, is there anyway I can change that beam/flash so it shows up horizontally rather than vertically, without turning rangefinder sideways, I've had a couple of times when trying to laze a rabbit on other side of fence when the laser catches the post or top of fence and gives a false reading....
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