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  1. Phill-W68

    A couple of hours this morning

    Nice shooting bud....
  2. Phill-W68

    Hw100 177

    Why don't you take it back to where you bought it if its only 4months old,? It's under warranty for 12month!!
  3. Phill-W68

    what no camo

    Your joking, I sent them 11days ago, I,ll pop into the post office see what they say...
  4. Phill-W68

    what no camo

    Don't seem to see many of the silver impacts about makes a change, nice shooting by the way.... Have you tried those H&N HORNETS Yet???
  5. Nice going you two, few less to worry about...
  6. Phill-W68

    new perm or perms

    Always good to get new perms, getting my first this time last year was a buzz, but like yours, the rabbits have diminished which is what the owner wanted (he wants them all gone tbh), but leaves me with not a lot to shoot, I get the odd couple now and again,, but landowners in Cheshire are mean (haha), getting permission is rarer than hens teeth...
  7. Doesn't sound good,.isnt it under warranty? A lot of money for a faulty product...
  8. Phill-W68

    new perm or perms

    Great news guys, lucky sods haha, get that bloody impact christened tonight
  9. Phill-W68


    Just remember to take the action out of the stock before any drilling...
  10. Let us know how it goes, was this a one off problem or an occurring one?, is it sub 12 or fac?
  11. What's wrong with it???
  12. Phill-W68

    After dark stroll

    Well my plan was to finish work, put the gear in the car get up to the perm, get the last couple of hours before dark in the woods see what corvids, woodies and squirrels were about, then a stroll round the fields once dark.... Well I did,nt even leave the house till it was pitch black so part 1 was a washout before it begun, so with a fresh set of batteries in the photon off I went, overcast, dry with a breeze perfect conditions, two shots at my zero 35yds, happy... First field seen two bunnies, lazed at 75yds,so crept in slow got to 40yds and dropped the primos sticks on the grass, bunnies went high-tailing as fast as lightning never to be seen again, next field seen one at 45yds, walked in a bit closer knocked the first one over but it needed a 2nd shot was,nt happy, in the bag he went and I carried on, last field seen two but way to far out, thought not even attempting to stalk that far (lazy), then one popped out of the hedges 35yds away So I felt obliged,number two in the bag, had another quick walk round but nothing doing so came home.......
  13. Phill-W68


    Nice little outing there mate,. Put a few more ferals away... Very nice
  14. Phill-W68

    Just simple targets

    I, d just take a full tin of pellets and when the tin was empty then time to fill even tho there is still 100 odd shots left....
  15. Phill-W68

    Just simple targets

    Very kind of you young man, but I think your right haha, it would be worth a trip up with a tin of pellets to try it haha, did you sort a sli g out for it?