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  1. Purchased the MTC viper pro 5-30x50 last september, about 4 weeks ago the illuminated reticle wouldnt work so after trying 3 different batteries.it still wouldnt turn on, so after a phone call and email with purchase details Ito MTC i sent it back under warranty, and they sent me a brand new one which I got today...so a big thankyou to MTC and katie who dealt with the enquiry...and kept me informed throughout...
  2. Phill-W68

    Out last night

    Bloody ell dont know how you lads do it,went out last night and got 2 before the sky cleared with a full moon and shone me up like a beacon and I was happy with two..nice shooting guys...
  3. Just wondering, the rangefinders I have owned all show a vertical beam/flash at night when rangefinding, is there anyway I can change that beam/flash so it shows up horizontally rather than vertically, without turning rangefinder sideways, I've had a couple of times when trying to laze a rabbit on other side of fence when the laser catches the post or top of fence and gives a false reading....
  4. Phill-W68

    Leaf suit

    It must be my nobbly knees you can see...
  5. Phill-W68

    Recurve Bow&Equipment

    No worries.mate...
  6. Phill-W68

    The wife takes a few bunnies out

    Very nice, took the rifle.just in case haha...I like it
  7. Phill-W68

    Got out again this morning

    Looks nice and flat their mate,.nice for ambushing those bunnies...
  8. Phill-W68

    A few hours out

    Geez,what end of the country are you from, cant find anywhere near close to that amount in a months shooting nevermind a night...crazy bashful...well done guys...
  9. Phill-W68

    Long range work again but with a HW 97K .177.

    Keep us posted with the 22crown and hades BM...
  10. Phill-W68

    Leaf suit

    Just trying this leaf suit out in the garden for fun, doesnt look too bad ....
  11. Phill-W68

    Recurve Bow&Equipment

    Not being funny mate but that's a recurve bow not a compound bow....
  12. Phill-W68

    Tree rats

    ATN is a great bit of kit so far, easy to use very clear sight picture through the day,night time still playing around with the IR unit,when I got the scope no batteries provided with the supplied IR unit so i used it with a couple of older used batteries but the y weren't too good so got new batteries for it plus got other better ir units if needed, i got the atn 1000 rangefinder too and that works great when inputted the ballistic data ..just one click and reticle adjusts to range, yes phill...loving it, bit on the heavy side but feels solid... the hw110 is doing me proud seems a lot quieter than the hw100,sussed the mag fitting out now, was a bit fiddly to start with...hopefully out again tonight after dark for a few hours if the weather stays dry....
  13. Phill-W68

    Returning the invite

    Nice gesture and a great bag of bunnies.....
  14. Phill-W68

    Tree rats

    Different permission from the rabbits for a couple of hours yesterday after the tree rats...got these two walking round the wood, I've got a feeder already set up for winter but leaving it for now just filling it when I go...usually once a week, owner wants the rabbits gone aswell as their digging up his lawns.....
  15. Phill-W68

    PRO BOSS archery targets

    View Advert PRO BOSS archery targets As above 2 for sale, 1st...130cm X 130cm x 22cm, with 36cm rechangeable durafoam centre with homemade stand..£80 collected... 2nd 100cm x 100cm x 22cm with 20cm rechangeable durafoam centre...£50 collected. Advertiser Phill-W68 Date 12/09/19 Price £123.45 Category Miscellaneous