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  1. Will keep you posted, thanks for the advice...
  2. Will do pal, things Will buck up for you mate
  3. Looking like June at the earliest before I can apply, just looked it up on their website....wishing the time away now haha..
  4. Cheers, didnt fancy sending it off with the wrong input on the form..
  5. I've just been looking through the application form for my FAC , as im going for FAC AIR, it mentions nothing about calibre or silencers and how many pellets/slugs i can stock, im assuming with it being pellet or slug then limits are endless I assume (I may be wrong) ,do I have to put a specific calibre down and cannot find anywhere to put down for a silencer either on the form, or do I put this down in the blank page for Xtra info...
  6. Best way fella is to get out knocking on doors as mentioned above, thats how 99%of us have had to get ours, just prepare for a lot of knockbacks...
  7. Thankyou all for the advice and comments guys, much appreciated
  8. Thanks for all the advice guys, appreciated, when i find a place i will check and ask just incase there is some kind of clause about it...
  9. Bit of advice if possible, im thinking of renting my own place (problems at home) Anyway I have 2 airguns with all the bumf that comes with them,.scopes torches, cases boxes etc, now as im renting im not sure I can take airguns into a rented house,.is there anywhere where I can put them in storage inside the locked gunsafe?, im a bit dubious as there's nearly £3000-£3500 worth i total..anybideas would be greatly appreciated... tia...
  10. Thats a ballsy rat, thank fek its dead ,wouldnt want to meet that in a dark alley
  11. Certainly putting a dent in the rat population there fella..
  12. Nice going ,few less to worry about
  13. Nice shooting bud, I have a garden perm with rabbits and squirrels and she won't let me near the place with this lockdown,.not been there for a couple of months now, hopefully that will hang soon.
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