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  1. Phill-W68

    Out again

    Some nice shooting their...
  2. Phill-W68

    FT scope

    thanks for the advice.....
  3. Phill-W68

    FT scope

    Yes Mark, hft Shooters maximum is 45yds but FT targets go out to 55yds and they use the bigger mag scopes to rangefind more precisely, that's why I was asking if the 30mag viper pro was good enough to recognise the different distances a couple of yards apart, last time I shot FT was a fair few years ago with a AIR ARMS PRO-TARGET with a 10-50x60 scope on top and that scope went in and out of focus at every yard or two at most, very precise but it was a huge scope.. and I like the idea of the rangefinding with the scope aswell, once its been setup...
  4. Bit of help if anybody can... I'm toying with the idea of shooting a bit of FT in the near future as well as pest control using my hw100 .177 now I was looking at the MTC VIPER PRO 5-30X50...would that scope be good enough to range the difference say between 50yds and say 53yd if it was set on 30mag? or is it OK with 5yard Increments..... Cheers
  5. Phill-W68

    Another couple of hours before dark

    I have zeroed the bsa at 30yds with the mtc viper connect on 10x mag, 34yds is 1mildot holdover and 39yds is 2mildot holdover or as close as can be, I wouldnt take a shot past 40yds as I hav,nt done any testing further than that, and 25yds is 1mildot hold under, now because of the loopy trajectory I try my hardest to get the quarry to the exact distance as my aim points... Rather than guessing aim points between those specific ranges... If that makes sense
  6. Phill-W68

    .25 at sub 12

    Take my hat off to you pal, that taken time and patience, I have a bsa r10se in .25cal sub 12, and anything over 26gr in pellet weight and they spread like a shotgun even over 19yds which I have in the garden so I stick to AA FIELD, seems to like them runs about 11.6ft/lbs with them.. Not done a downrange chrony reading which I should try.
  7. Phill-W68

    Another couple of hours before dark

    Honestly I could,nt say... But it makes me feel better
  8. Phill-W68

    Another trip to the salad farm

    Couple of nice meals there mate... Top shooting
  9. Phill-W68

    Another couple of hours before dark

    Haha, cheers pal, £15 made from a guy called Stuart dauby I think his name is, off, got his name off FARCYBOOK off a air gunners UK.. Ordered it and it was on the doorstep in two-days.... The r10se in the pic is .25cal sub 12 so not really ideal for hft so it's the rangefinder for every shot the trajectory is a bummer... Haha..
  10. Mrs wanted to catch up with her soaps so I was off haha... Just the one again missed two 40yarders bloody .25 cal hehe but ended up lying in wait 30yds from the hedge line and these bloody weird sheep came toddling past, they just looked at me in Disgust as if to say WTF haha...
  11. Phill-W68

    Primo trigger sticks

    This looks about the best idea, thx mark
  12. Phill-W68

    Primo trigger sticks

    I took the rubber foot off the outer leg yesterday to have a look but the inner leg is only an Inch or two smaller than the outer so I couldnt do it anyway.... I'm only 5'6" so I'm only likkle... ...
  13. Phill-W68

    Dinner hour

    Looks like you've got your dinner aswell.. ☺
  14. Phill-W68

    Primo trigger sticks

    My standing shots on sticks are not so good.. OK... Crap.. Haha
  15. Phill-W68


    From the front or back...