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  1. roe-buck

    Ruger M77 Mk 11 308

    Yes apologies, I didn't see that.Thanks
  2. roe-buck

    Ruger M77 Mk 11 308

    Yes apologies, I didn't see that.Thanks
  3. roe-buck

    Ruger M77 Mk 11 308

    Thanks for reply?
  4. roe-buck

    Ruger M77 Mk 11 308

    How old is it please?Approx round count etc?
  5. roe-buck

    Beretta Silver Pigeon 2

    Where in Pembs?
  6. Interesting, did do some Whitetail hunting in Nova Scotia using apples for bait.A fricking huge Black Bear ate a load of them!
  7. roe-buck

    Drinks Chiller

    Ha shame too far.
  8. roe-buck

    Dsc1 Manual

    Here ye are! https://dmq.org.uk/download.htm
  9. roe-buck

    Dsc1 Manual

    All the current questions can be downloaded free from the DMQ website.
  10. roe-buck

    Fao Roe Buck

    Apparently your inbox is full you need to delete some messages.
  11. roe-buck

    Cz 511 Semi Auto 22 Lr

    Still available?
  12. roe-buck

    Baikal 12 Gauge

    Any better pics?
  13. roe-buck

    Cz 511 Semi 22Lr

    Had one for years good vehicle gun for bunny bashing.Have to be honest,my little bolt action Anshutz carbine p--sed on it for accuracy.100 yd+ bunnies were so easy with that little beauty!
  14. roe-buck

    2 X Aya 25's Side By Sides

    What are the chokes for each barrel please?