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  1. Nice looking dogs the wheaten terriers but I have never seen one in the flesh, unfortunately. I saw a clip on youtube a while back with them on during the 1920's (ish, I think)! They certainly have a characterful reputation by all accounts from what I've read, hopefully see some one day.... Have you got any more info on what they are like, do they think they are the boss (of everything)?
  2. Good luck on your travels Andrew, I've seen your video s on YouTube before! Keep us posted with how you get on...
  3. jpt

    Next gen

    What x are they mate? Best of luck with them
  4. jpt


    Thanks for the tips!
  5. jpt


    Food for thought.... The other thing I like to do is onion rings at the same time as the chips because I find it flavours the oil nicely. Chips are the best!
  6. jpt


    Where do you get beef dripping from, I have had chips fryed in it from a chippy, they were good to be fair!
  7. jpt


    What's beer dripping like, never tried it? Do you like crispy chips? I'm telling you now you are missing out if you fry straight from peeling!
  8. How does everyone do there chips? I personally like to peel, chip, soak/ rinse to get rid of starch then par boil. Next I drain then refrigerate for an hour if possible. Get the oil hot (lard is shite and stinks, end of) then fry for 5 minutes. Lift out and rest for a few minutes then back in until golden brown!
  9. jpt

    2020 season

    Nice dog, how would he work in comparison with a terrier for general mooching, flushing for lurchers? Do you ever have pups that might be similar to him?
  10. jpt

    2020 season

    What's in his breeding, hes another cracking looking dog! Wish I'd been out today but I've been stuck inside painting,looks like nice ground. All the best
  11. They all look mint but this ones my favourite! Lucky lads getting them rascals.... all the best with them
  12. Do you have any plans for breeding any pups in the near future, if so keep me posted.
  13. How did you get on with the ferrets today, any digging needed to be done? I've always found they like to kill early season when you just start up again, eager I guess! Looks like a nice spot to work in a bit of wooded cover. Did the lurcher mark up well?
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