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  1. Dunno about that, whippets are great dogs but there coats are less then good in my opinion. I've never owned one but my uncle has had a fair few and they always get cut! I think a patterdale x would be very good, surely someone with even a small bitsa lurcher could produce some good little dog.
  2. Gonna be a big girl! Atb
  3. Gonna say, they look cheap compared to some I've seen!
  4. She's a little cracker, I would have chosen her out of that litter
  5. They were belters, I liked that little black and tan bitch, hows she getting on? Cheers
  6. what a stunning photo, looks like heaven on earth!
  7. Is that one of the pups you bred recently, coming on fast if it is! Well done
  8. jpt

    Out Today

    Nice pack there mate
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