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  1. Nobody seems to have any patience anymore, see it in every aspect of life nowadays. Baffling to say the least! Theres alot to be said for taking your time and choosing the right hole to start off any career, you only pop your cherry once!
  2. I hope you get everything sorted out mate, not nice when you find something like that. Good on you for taking that attitude and you are absolutely right in my opinion. You can e take it wit the lad! All the best
  3. Great picture that mate, heart pumping stuff!
  4. Nice production! Nice looking dog that mate, good mix of game, some tasty meals from that lot I bet?
  5. They look a smart sort mate, always liked the Jack russell s
  6. Did you find homes for your pups?
  7. They are top young uns
  8. I like your work ethic mate, keep us posted!
  9. Nice one mate, Bet that was fun!
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