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  1. Hi mate would this bitch I have here be out of that bitch called Rosie atb 

    1. Foxpack 2

      Foxpack 2

      Properly from way back mate 

    2. coco


      It will be interesting to find out what’s actually in here I was told the mother of this bitch here was a pointer x greyhound x wheatonxgreyhound but I guess that’s not the full picture her brother billy as up there big white dog suppose to be some dog on the fell  that’s why I’d like to talk to billy before breeding thanks for helping dai my nbr 07794634513

    3. Foxpack 2

      Foxpack 2

      Maybe is all correct mate ,but years ago coco did breed a Pointer x grey to a bull x ,but as I say I don't really no what Billy has on these days ,as I don't know him that well ,but I'll try get you a number pal no probs 

  2. coco

    Ireland beat the all blacks

    AB are still the best team in the world the strength in depth they have is huge we’re talking about Ireland having a purple patch here there good at this moment in time but things change quickly but in AB history it ain’t changed in 100 yrs we can all dream that us Wales Ireland Scotland England will beat them one day great but regular mmmmm I don’t think so they have a different mental edge to there game Ireland knew they were going to be in bits after this game that’s why they’ve opted for America this week I wouldn’t fancy there chances this week if they were to play SA australia or England this weekend atb
  3. coco

    Ireland beat the all blacks

    The all blacks have had a long season what if Ireland played in the six nations then fly them straight over to play New Zealand South Africa and Australia I wounder how they would cope with that amount of rugby answer no chance
  4. Well done RT yes the bedlingtons hybrid will hold its own with most terriers but only if it’s bred from working stock the stock that wants to go to ground not just hunting types good pics lads
  5. Well done top I’ve loads here but just don’t know how to put them on but I’m sure they’ve seen enuf atb
  6. Yes there are a few around that still keep them goin and have some real good terriers around them but like you say kc bedlingtons workwise are a thing of the past atb
  7. Yes sadly if they were about there just a throw back in time but most pure bred terriers are going the same way and anyway why would you pay 300/400 quid for a terrier going down bloody holes the kc brigade ruined the bedlingtonterrier in the 70s atb
  8. I’ve loads here mate but have no computer to download them atb
  9. Go onto working bedlingtons 2005 there’s loads on there mate me and a mate done hunt service with a few good uns atb
  10. I call them bedlingtons /fells and there’s no getting away from it the fell /border/Lakeland just makes them an allround better terrier for earth work and that’s what I keep them for yes a kc reg will bush and hunt all day but sadly most will not enter the ground the drive as been bred out of them for the show ring and it’s happend for most other terrier breeds atb
  11. I’ve had the 3/4 Beddys 1/4 Lakeland for years I find there a good cross atb
  12. You’ve read it wrong mate
  13. Some cracking blood running through them pups shud make good earth working beddy crosses atb
  14. coco


    Work out doors walking fields everyday skin so soft is the best by far as the SAS told me at Hereford atb