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  1. Agree mate all dogs are 5 generations of becoming a different looking breed only DNA will you truly know what’s in them I’ve always called mine bedlington fells because that’s what’s in them truth should always be there atb
  2. Thank you as stated when this lad pm me his details we will have a day out and I’m sure he can judge for himself if the dogs work no big debate as for lads they’ve never even seen a good one probably they go out with lads that got same type of terriers in there yard so they can go back and forth with a breeding programme and as for sticking any black dog over a beddy and call them working bedlingtons I’m sure if you done the research on your so called black dogs I’m sure years back there would beddy lake border blood in them i know plenty of digging lads and pro terriermen will tell you who re
  3. Great I will be more than happy too take you out think you will really enjoy the day as you know I hunt the welsh mountains plenty of walking and fresh air and hopefully a result cheers send your details ring you tmoz
  4. No not at all I’m inviting you too see one work that’s all no cat fight what so ever pass over your details and we will enjoy a day next season atb
  5. Yes agree and still got the same line here today so they can’t be that bad can they yes we all got different standards probably you’ve got a lot higher than mine the variation of breed you got running in you yard do some research in Belfast because Swansea jack was there for 2 season there was a litter bred there if there’s none there they were shit and in the grave yard atb
  6. Look mate if your not far from the valleys have day out next season simple as that bring your dogs and we’ll go from there send me a pm with your details and sort a day out
  7. Lol never been one too argue about dogs there not machines and always let you down in the big occasion as I’ve stated I’ve not piped up on here before about bedlingtons as now you can see they keep lads them self’s too the self but always remember if your happy what you got in you yard you don’t need too go shopping elsewhere so that’s me done on the matter just look at the thread we produced in 2005 atb
  8. Just enjoy your dogs lads work them as you please go on the Swansea jack forum we’ve done enjoyed over the years and probably a few years yet good hunting atb
  9. Yes you sound your into all sorts what’s the saying jack of all trades master of none get the dogs too do everything your desire probably you’d get rid of half your dogs enjoy
  10. Hi Feynman by the sound of your post you’ve nothing in your yard worth breeding out of and looks like you go out buying or waiting for others too breed for you if your such a big digging man as you portray I’m sure your.in a circle of good terriermen whom can provide you with the top terrier you desire atb
  11. You don’t see me moaning about gene pools or working bedlingtons mine and plenty others work so I don’t know what all the fuss is about as for Swansea jack he was like me just another link in the chain who had the same line yes there’s plenty of beddies in the grave yard same as other breeds so enjoy what you got and breed out of the dogs what you’ve got in your kennels and if your sourcing another line or breed obviously you’ve got shit in your yard I’m no digging man never have been too old in the tooth too start but Charlie’s been run in the dogs I’ve had here for ni on 30 yrs will do it en
  12. I work mine got nowt too hide I’m sure there’s people from Wales would know of me but as I said there’s a shame your the other side of the water
  13. There mite be 2 but my mate as but his bitch too the same sire as I’ve used so there could be a few spare atb
  14. Cheers yes she had 8 sadly only 5 left but all doing well fingers x
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