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  1. Thanks coco I was late replying đź‘Ť

  2. coco

    Beddy whippet breeders

    As I’ve stated before how will you know if it’s an f1 because most bedlington terriers that work as a cross in them to start atb
  3. Hi mate that would be spencer from crosshands west wales there’s bull and deerhound in them you don’t get 26inch Beddys greys atb

    1. Flacko


      coco cheers mate atb Flacko 

  4. coco

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Cross keys nowhere near camathern mate the one is in Gwent the other west wales atb
  5. The statement is there are people working bedlington crosses to ground but that type of terrier would be no good for lurchers breeding because of the outcross it’s not rocket science people have used bedlington hybrids for earth work for years atb
  6. There are plenty of people working bedlington hybrids below ground the same as people prefer border x Lakeland border x Russel bull x Russell’s there all crossed for a reason size coat game ness but a bedlington x greyhound must be a pure bedlington x pure greyhound otherwise in your future breeding programme the offspring will get smaller because of the outcross blood on the bedlington atb dai
  7. If you think Rambo was a good dog then you should be happy with your lurchers atb
  8. There we go then Rambo stuff
  9. If you don’t me asking what’s the kc kennel club name of your bedlington stud mate atb
  10. The only things lads I’ve had Beddys crosses for years lurchers plus terrier crosses if your looking for a real genuine f1 then the Beddys as to be a kc dog and there’s not many would work a kc dog to teeth after paying stupid money for him a standard kc dog should only stand at 15tts any bigger there’s a cross in his history there’s loads of working crosses out there and could be good studs but in there history make up there could be whippet border or Lakeland or fell there the most common outcross for the working Bedlington so be on your guard they may look bedlington but are they the real deal atb
  11. coco

    Six Nations 2019 fixture list

    And obviously your not a rugby man too come to wales and look how many schools play rugby there would be an handful sad but very true the money and the import of players have ruined the game like it as your football team England have the largest pool of rugby players in the world and fund it too the max that’s why when the World Cup time comes and you loose coach is sacked because the expection by the rugby board demands more you fund English professional women’s rugby more than wales and Scotland and that’s my point you think you’d be able find at least 30 quality English based players than goin out and getting foreigners any more questions I’ll gladly answer but rugby’s not played as much as you think it is in wales especially north wales lol that’s why we only have 4 teams so punching above our weight that’s all we can do atb
  12. coco

    Six Nations 2019 fixture list

    Yes as I’ve stated in a small population of player we’ve got to do it 4 pro rugby teams that’s all we have atb
  13. coco

    Six Nations 2019 fixture list

    the Way you talking mate I don’t think your much of a rugby man player ex player or coach it’s a known fact that every other team in the world are not half funded like the england rfu so when any country beats you in a massive achievement you should be the best in the world by a long mile but as stated take the Tongan New Zealander’s South Africans out of your squads then you’d be an average team there plucking boys out of overseas academies to get them ready to play for England it’s sad really but that’s what money does to sport welsh rugby’s on its arse it’s been that way in a long while but yet again we will probably punch way above our weight we’ll see in November if you can win the World Cup to satisfy your power brokers atb
  14. coco

    Six Nations 2019 fixture list

    It’s sad when a big country with all the resources and money’s come down to poaching players through residency I bet you could do that with your footie rugby league and your cricket lol poor old billy Beaumont ledgend of English it must be killing him to see a Tongan in his sons place atb
  15. coco

    Six Nations 2019 fixture list

    Lads your missing the point you’ve brought these lads over put them in schools purposely to play rugby for England it’s a bloody known fact the vinapola brothers where playing there kids rugby in wales intill the English rugby unions offered them schooling in a private school called millfield school only if they signed up to play rugby for England lol atb not anti English at all why cheat when you have the population and rugby resources you have bloody Yorkshire’s bigger than wales ffs