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  1. coco


    Yes I’ve got one here totally different animal but hopping the collie influence grows up lol
  2. coco


    As I’ve said like us all we’ve all been around the block many of times and seen loads of different types of lurchers doing there day/night time jobs we’ve all made mistakes in buying or having a mutt off a friend so my advice go out with the people your buying or having a pup off and then decide or take your chance on that mutt otherwise it’s like buying a lottery ticket you win some loose loads atb
  3. coco


    As stated mate good and bad in all lurchers types
  4. coco


    Lol yes there’s some good lads who still got the same line that I had so there wouldn’t be a problem I have a good dog pointer x and bitch here at the moment tho so I’ll crack on with them but as wales 1234 said the collie influence as come through on these dogs and I don’t think I’ve got the patience neither as the dog lol time will tell atb
  5. coco


    Got no idea how to do that sorry but I’ve a brother to wales 1234 bitch and same collie sly and jumpy at 2yrs old the slowerst lurchers I’ve had to mature but I’ve always had Beddys bull greys atb
  6. coco


    There’s good and bad in every breed of lurchers it’s about having some luck
  7. Thanks coco I was late replying 👍

  8. coco

    Beddy whippet breeders

    As I’ve stated before how will you know if it’s an f1 because most bedlington terriers that work as a cross in them to start atb
  9. Hi mate that would be spencer from crosshands west wales there’s bull and deerhound in them you don’t get 26inch Beddys greys atb

    1. Flacko


      coco cheers mate atb Flacko 

  10. coco

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Cross keys nowhere near camathern mate the one is in Gwent the other west wales atb
  11. The statement is there are people working bedlington crosses to ground but that type of terrier would be no good for lurchers breeding because of the outcross it’s not rocket science people have used bedlington hybrids for earth work for years atb
  12. There are plenty of people working bedlington hybrids below ground the same as people prefer border x Lakeland border x Russel bull x Russell’s there all crossed for a reason size coat game ness but a bedlington x greyhound must be a pure bedlington x pure greyhound otherwise in your future breeding programme the offspring will get smaller because of the outcross blood on the bedlington atb dai
  13. If you think Rambo was a good dog then you should be happy with your lurchers atb
  14. There we go then Rambo stuff
  15. If you don’t me asking what’s the kc kennel club name of your bedlington stud mate atb