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  1. Yes top blokes was speaking too them both just the other day about his terriers when he got caught NS came down and took most back with him and they were all sorts atb
  2. Yes mate I was working with SH when he had a load there he said he had a mix bag there of Gould Nuttall breeding atb
  3. I believe it’s all ken Gould stuff peope bought stuff of Ken in late 70s in the valleys and that’s where nick came for his first dog Aden chapman the mans name and his son still as the same original stuff nick outcross Ed a few time too different blood he used a good friend of mines dog barney who was out of Nuttall stuff as he said in his book atb
  4. Plenty about mate you’ve got too talk too people around the contry there the same as any other terrier out there good and bad in everything the bitch I have here George’s blue would be her great grand sire she’s been line breed since 1983 atb
  5. He offered to show me the breeding that’s all no dramers if he don’t so be it atb
  6. That’s all I’ve ever used mine for mate over 25 yrs
  7. You said you’d put the bedlington hybrid breeding up as you should know I’ve had them for years I’m far from a school boy atb
  8. If your going too produce bedlington greyhounds they’ve got too be kc reg agreed and there’s loads out there with fire in there belly would easily kill a cat so why use a bedlington hybrid too produce lurchers still waiting on the breeding atb
  9. Shame mate that’s why the bedlington terrier and bedlington lurchers are fuked his bed dies are crossed with Lakeland if he’s had them off AT waiting too see what’s in the breeding atb
  10. Yes I know AT he had Nicky newburns breeding too start with then crossed With lots of different pieces yes but the breeding up it would be interesting read atb
  11. Great too see people breeding good ins keep up the good work atb
  12. These fans are a joke now when we go abroad playing away games we always blame the opposition now because of Covid rules I wouldn’t think there’s many Italians in that riot happening there shocking behaved Leicester squares getting smashed atb
  13. Are these player playing on ice why are they falling over
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