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  1. Yes, but he's fine with me and mine yeh i had a kelpie x collie x grey bitch, was fine with me , but would bite anybody else , in fact she went for my wife and son one day, and she wouldn't have any other dog by her, she was very dangerous animal, she was 23 in and strong with it . i had to get rid of her could never trust her shame really was good in the day/night , but she was just a nutter . Mines fine with the family, but he's latched on a few times to the unsuspecting
  2. I've got a £5 coin some silly b*****d offered me £20 for it
  3. Me thinks someone has two accounts
  4. f**k that I cry like a girl if the ferret latches on
  5. I wouldn't put a warning sign up about a dog, if they can't see or hear the f***ing thing there's something wrong
  6. albert64


    I thought they were shite
  7. If I leave my nets in the back of the van until I go out next time they will be tangled sliding around. They also tangle around the rabbit...I know you only use trad nets. If a net is hanked up please tell me how it can tangle? Each loop on the pin is set in sequence then they are tied in place. True it is possible for the loops to pass through each other but because the loop is anchored in place at the root of the loop they will just pull out. Unless of course it is hanked wrongly. To be pedantic they do not tangle a rabbit they enmesh it TC Rabbits are only enmeshed if you have that in your vocabulary I do not mine are tangled2 x 50yds and 2 gate nets sliding around the van floor for days become tangled tangle verb [ I or T ] UK ​ /ˈtæŋ.ɡəl/ US ​ /ˈtæŋ.ɡəl/ informal ​ to become or form, or to make something into, an untidy mass Well young grasshopper that's another lesson the old master has taught you "Enmeshed" don't forget not tangled "enmeshed" What I suggest you do is watch his video of running a net out And strive to do it as well, Forgive me if you think I'm being pedantic or patronising Albert
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