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    My Winchester SX3 shotgun, CZ .22 Rimfire, HW100s, and my dads refurbished 1977 HW35 air rifle, and generally the outdoor life. Also enjoy the occasional spot of sea and freshwater fishing. And of course, My wife and 3 grown up kids

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  1. mjr88


    Thanks Jimmy. This was the first and only stock refurb I have ever done on a rifle. I am however thinking of doing my CZ .22 Rimfire next, as that has also picked up quite a few digs and scratches over the years, John
  2. mjr88


    Gun looks great Jimmy. It was definitely worth all the hard work. It reminds me when I did a refurb on my fathers 1977 HW35 a few years ago. When I took possession of the rifle It was a bit tatty, so I stripped off the old varnish and wood stain and finished off the job with boiled linseed oil and finishing wax. I didn't do any polishing like you did but I think the finished result Isn't that bad. Here's a couple of photo's of before and after the refurb should you all be Interested. Atb, John
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  4. Hi all I was just wondering If the guy who Is behind the Wonky Donky kits (Dave Price) and his superb home tuning Is still around and working. I can't seem to find any Info on how to contact him. I read somewhere that a few years ago he wasn't very well and stopped work for a while and was just wondering If he Is now up and running again, Atb, John
  5. mjr88

    HW99s Imp / Opinions Please

    Thanks bud, appreciate that
  6. mjr88

    HW99s Imp / Opinions Please

    Thanks for the offer bud, I might take you up on that offer sometime Could you tell me though who I could use to transport the rifle should I ever decide to post It off somewhere. I have recently phoned a couple of transport companies to Inquire about how much It would cost to send, and they all said the same thing that they don't touch anything gun related. I also read somewhere that when you post off an air rifle you have to separate the stock from the action, Is this true, John
  7. mjr88

    HW99s Imp / Opinions Please

    Thanks for all the replies and advice lads. Unfortunately though I am not handy at all with this kind of thing, or any other kind of DIY for that matter. My wife even has to put together any flat pack furniture that we buy. In fact, I can't even understand the Instructions most of the time Anyway, I have not decided yet what I'm going to do about the HW99s, but when I do I'll let you all know, Atb, John
  8. mjr88

    HW99s Imp / Opinions Please

    Thanks for the swift reply Rez. I actually phoned up the shop yesterday to Inquire about what's what. They said that I need to add £120 on to the price of any rifle to have the Tuning carried out. And as for the waiting list, I couldn't believe It to be honest, about 5 months I just fancy a low recoil springer that doesn't weigh a ton and won't cost the earth either, and this rifle certainly seems to fit the bill. Atb, John
  9. Hi all I was just wondering If any of you guys have any experience or knowledge regarding the HW99s Imp. This Is the rifle that Is especially tuned by Tony at Sandwell Field Sports, West Bromwich. I am thinking of buying one after watching many good videos regarding accuracy and overall rifle Improvement once the tuning has been carried out, Atb John
  10. mjr88

    What bird Is this ???

    Your probably right about that bud. A couple of months ago while I was out, the wife said that she heard a bang on the downstairs bedroom window, and when she looked, she said that there was a bird that looked just like the one above, sitting on the outside bench looking stunned and after a couple of minutes It flew off, John
  11. mjr88

    What bird Is this ???

    Yes, on the east norfolk coast
  12. Hi all Earlier this morning I looked out the bedroom window and saw a Hawk or something like that on the grass with a blackbird In It's claws (much to the wifes horror) I was just wondering If somebody could tell me exactly what bird this Is. I managed to take a couple of photos through the bedroom window with my mobile phone, although the quality of the photo's through the glass Isn't that great, Thanks lads, John
  13. mjr88

    Is this rabbit activity?

    Thanks for all the replies and Info lads, greatly appreciated, John
  14. Hi all Earlier today I went for a wander around one of the fields that Is part of my new shooting permission. This permission Is only for use with my HW100 air rifle due to livestock reasons. As for the recon, I didn't really see much around except for some digging/scraping activity In one of the edges of the field. My first obvious thought was rabbit, but then I realised that I couldn't see any rabbit droppings around the area of the recently dug earth. So I was just wondering If you guys could give me your thoughts on whether you think that this Is rabbit activity or maybe something else. There was the odd area around the field that showed rabbit droppings but as already mentioned, not near the recently dug earth. Here are the photo's that I took earlier of the above mentioned activity, John
  15. Thanks for the replies lads