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  1. Hi guys. I've been Interested In buying an FX Streamline for some time now but I have a question that I'm hoping that somebody can answer for me. Basically, I seem to remember reading somewhere that the Streamlines buddy bottle Is fixed and cannot be removed. Is this true? If It Is true, has the bottle got a recomnended life span? If It has, what happens when the Streamlines buddy bottles reaches It's recommended life span and can't be used any more for safety reasons? You can't simply unscrew It and replace It with a new one. I'm quite new to pcp shooting but I know that the recommended usable life span on my HW100 bottle Is 10 years. Hence my query on the FX Streamline
  2. Hi guys. After recently selling my rimfire, I now have a vertually brand new and unused Vortex 3-12x42 HP scope left over. And I'm just checking If you guys think that this scope would be suitable to use on a legal limit air rifle. Due to the fact that the parallax Is set from 30 yards to Infinity. Opinions please lads : https://vortexoptics.com/diamondback-hp-3-12x42.html?vortex_reticle=978
  3. WTF. Can you explain that further please. Where did this source of Info come from? So are you saying that If a person doesn't have an FAC or a Shotgun certificate then they have to pay £100 per airgun? Surely not. I've got 5 airguns and there's no way I'd pay £500 that's for sure
  4. Hi guys. I was just wondering what the procedure Is to surrender a shotgun and fac certificate. Is there a certain form that needs to be downloaded from the firearms department data base? Cheers lads.
  5. Thanks for the update guys. I was just curious how long this donate thing has been going. A few years ago I purchased an NS50 from somebody off this forum. And I have never subscribed
  6. Hi all. I don't know If this just affects me but, I have just gone on the Buy, Sell or Swap forum and cannot see any way to add a post or reply to a post on any of the forums under this catagory. The green link that you usually click on that allows a post to be posted or to be replied to Is not visable. Does anybody else have this problem? All the other forums on the site seem to be unaffected, John
  7. Good shooting mate and a great gun. (just like mine) Just curious though, what scope Is that mounted on your HW100?
  8. Thanks for the replys and Info lads
  9. Hi all I am thinking of replacing my standard HW100s cylinder for the A & M version for the extra shot count. But as I have no experience with after market bottles, I was just wondering If any of you guys could tell me how many more shots you actually get with the A & M full size cylinder when fitted to a legal limit rifle. Also, are these A & M cylinders good quality, reliable, and basically worth the extra money, John http://www.amcustomgunsmiths.com/Home.aspx
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